Fatal Fury 2 Screenshots

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Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Before fight
Fist in face
Hit the ground!
Ninja's move
Strong attack - Mai has trouble
Fan in balls
Flame wears
Mai won!
Winner's speech
Spinning kick
Attack from further plan
Cheng is fat, but he can kick
Powers clash
Mirror match
Overwhelming impact
Wrestling move
World map
break-ribs hug

Game Boy version

Title Screen.
Player Select.
Next fight.
Let's fight.
Hit to the head.
Kicking your opponent.
Knocked you down.
You lost.

Genesis version

Short text intro
Title screen
Main menu
Italy, what a view! Bella Italia! Que peccato que la gente e cosi crudele...
You lost!
Another Italian landscape
Whatever you say...
Fighting in Australia!
Survival mode
Battle in an American canyon
Thailand. Buddhist monks are watching
Japan! Kore wa Nippon da to omou... Omoshiroi ne!
Another Japanese stage, this time with a tiger
Where the hell are you?!
Jumping in Germany
Wo ai ni, wo yao wen ni! Xianzai!!.. - Hey, calm down, he just needs a kiss
Sorry, I think I lost my hair pin
Spanish battle! Matadores atacan! Si senor, eso se llama Espana!
And fight!
Good hit
Old master

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Select your difficulty level and fight on!
"How To Play" screen: learn the basic commands here.
Selecting a fighter: a new cast of characters is available now!
The option to choose the 1st enemy returns from the previous game.
VS Screen.
Here is a scene from the intro, with a smiling Joe Higashi against a beautiful sunrise and a beautiful ocean view. He certainly looks confident...
Mai Shiranui! Why are you hurting Andy Bogard? Don't you love him?
Fighting inside a Japanese dojo, Andy Bogard throws Jubei Yamada, who certainly looks caught off guard...
Joe Higashi and Kim Kaphwan fighting in Korea at night. Notice the small cameo by a motorcycle-riding Tung Fu Rue in the background.
Big Bear takes an undesirable Bruce Lee-esque flying kick in the face from Terry Bogard.
Cheng Sinzan takes an unseen blow from Joe Higashi.
Mai Shiranui crouches down to avoid taking an undesirable kick in the face from Kim Kaphwan.
Another case of the "unseen blow": Big Bear takes one from Cheng Sinzan.
Terry Bogard attempts to hit Jubei Yamada with a Power Wave, but the move does not connect, as Yamada avoids it in the nick of time.
Time is crucial. Will Joe Higashi be able to avoid getting hit by Terry Bogard's Burn Knuckle, or will he fall victim to its great power?

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Intro featuring Andy Bogard
Demonstration (Jubei Yamada's stage)
Main menu
Option screen
Player select
Off to Australia!
Big Bear's stage
A guy on a moped watches as Kim Kaphwan is knocked down on his own stage
Terry wins!
Lost on Joe Higashi's stage
Cheng Sinzan's stage
Andy Bogard breaks some barrels in his stage
Mai Shiranui kicking a fat guy
Terry Bogard's stage is set on a train car quickly moving along the tracks past Mount Rushmore

SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Options menu
Select your fighter (out of 8 available) and your first competitor
Brotherly Love: Andy Bogard vs. Terry Bogard in the canals of Venice
Jubei Yamada jumps from the background, through a dressing screen, to the foreground. An example of the pseudo 3D gameplay.
Fighting on a train. There's some famous scenery in the background. Again, also notice how Joe Higashi moves from one plane to another
Martial arts battle: Joe Higashi vs. Kim Kaphwan
The Hong Kong stage: Cheng Sinzan vs. Terry Bogard
Andy Bogard uses his special uppercut against Mai Shiranui
Joe Higashi plants his knee in Big Bear's face
Korea: Kim Kaphwan vs. Mai Shiranui
Bonus Stage: destroy as many stone pillars as possible in 30 seconds
Mai Shiranui vs. first boss Billy Kane in front of the Tower Bridge
Cheng throws second boss Axel Hawk
2nd round: Axel Hawk electrocuted on the interactive background. Also note how the the time of the day has changed from the previous screenshot
Third boss Lawrence B. vs. Jubei in Barcelona. Note Gaudi's Sacrada Familia in the background
Big Bear grabs end boss Wolfgang Krauser
Wolfgang Krauser with a reference to Geese Howard, the end boss of the first Fatal Fury game

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Funny difficulty level selection screen... :)
Player select. Only one girl?.. :)
Match-up: Mai vs. Terry
Mai spins around to deliver a kick... looks good :)
Oh, no! And look at him, such stupid victory dance!..
When the night falls on the canyon, the revenge comes! Even his hat falls down :)
The winner!..
Mai is ready to fight the giant Big Bear from Australia...
...despite the gay overtones in his clothes and his choice of nickname, Big Bear appears to like Mai... well, this looks like hugging to me, at least :)
Dramatic battle in Japan, against a sly old master
The master has destroyed the paintings!..
Hey, I can't see anything, there is a tiger blocking the screen! :)
Battle in China. You won't trick me with your ape-like moves, sir!..
Ahh, finally Italy... A wonderful place to... err... beat each other?..
Mai and Kim perform complex acrobatic moves at Mai's home scenery
Mai tries to predict the opponent's move. Note the background changes as the screen scrolls
Have YOU joined the Thailand Fighters Association (TM)?!..
Is this even a match-up?...
...surprisingly, it is! Kim here throws Big Bear at the bike!..
Uh-oh... I knew Big Bear was gay, after all
Mai Shiranui vs. Mai Shiranui! Existential battle in stylish magenta
Mai is victorious; Big Bear is ashamed :)
It's night in Korea. Mai swiftly avoids Kim's treacherous kick
Mai defeats Andy. I bet he would like some ice CREEM now :)
Bonus stage. Destroy these stone pillars as fast as possible
New challenger appears!..

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