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Withdrew of all copies of the Atari ST version after release

Shortly after release Gremlin had to withdrew all copies of the Atari ST version because of serious bugs: the copy protection prevented the game from saving to disk, which was undetected in quality control. Beside this and other bug fixes also a Quick-Start Guide to bring you to the first mission was added.

Contributed by Jo ST (24067) on May 23, 2014. -- edit trivia

Inspiration of Elite

The game's inspiration was an improvement of Elite, what programmer Paul Blythe told The One:
"I love Braben and Bell's Elite. I played it and played it and thought it was brilliant, but there was always a feeling that it could have been taken further - although maybe not within the constraints of 8-bit." (Source: The One, issue #1, 1988/10).

Galaxy size

The galaxy is quite huge. According to the programmer, it would take 65,000,000 real time hours at maximum speed to fly from one side to the other.

Atari ST update

After the original Atari ST release, there were quite some criticisms on the gameplay and reception partly was not very well (i.e. The Games Machine 44%). The major point criticised was the slow pace at moving through space because of the instant stopping of fast travel as soon as a ship appeared in range, which happens very often. This problem was solved in the later Amiga conversion. Gremlin offered an upgrade for the Atari ST version for £1, which contained the changes to gameplay made in the Amiga version.

Contributed by Jo ST (24067) on May 04, 2014. -- edit trivia