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Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Opening animation.
A bank loan is due!
Choosing the number of players.
Choosing a beast to represent a player.
Starting a new game.
Knife throwing.

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Opening story
A note from the bank of Dewey, Chetum & Howe.
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! (loading screen)
Select the number of players or practice.
Select what you will practice at.
The loading screen for the high dive.
Ready to dive.
Hey! What's the big idea!
Missed by THAT much!
The loading screen for juggling
Ready to juggle
I missed so they're giving the seal a fish
He tossed me a bomb
That's not good
Please insert the magnificent side 2
The loading screen for trapeze
She'd fly through the air with the greatest of ease, That daring young (wo)man on the flying trapeze
Soaring through the air
The loading screen for knife throwing
Ready for my first throw
A clown dropped a smoke bomb to make it hard for me to see
Oops! I hit the lady.
If you fail, she rolls away.
The loading screen for the tightrope
Ready for my walk
The loading screen for the human cannonball
I missed.
Hey! He plugged the hole!
Opening scene for one player game.
Now appearing! Player 1, level 1!
Now judging player 1
I worry about these judges.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Second title screen
From the intro: The situation looks grim
Loading screen
Main menu
Practice menu
Selecting a player
Loading screen for high diving
What a heroic pose
Hey! That's not nice
I'm about to miss the tub
The bad guy just threw in a bomb...
This is what happens when you play with bombs...
Insert Disk 4...
An embarrassing situation...
Player one, get ready for level one
The jury is a very professional and competent bunch
I got a little more than $200 for that event
Ready to swing in the trapeze
Oops, I missed
This is harder than it looks
This is tricky
Hey! It's not nice throwing bombs at people
I hit the girl instead of a balloon

Commodore 64 version

The Title Screen
The main menu
The intro for the High Dive
The diver gets ready to dive
The intro for the juggling
The juggling event

DOS version

The menu screen
High Diving
Here come the judges!
Player 1's turn.
Knife throwing.
The intro for the tightrope.
Fiendish Freddy wins this round.
The human cannonball.
I waited too long.
The end...

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen.
Title Screen
The storyline is summed up in this letter from the bank. You need to make this money by the end of the night.
Up to 5 players can play.
A comical intro from Fiendish Freddy.
The high diver in all his Victorianesque muscle man glory.
The banker tries to thwart the dive with a chair.
You land in the tub with a satisfying splash.
The Lay Back move.
Whoops you missed the unfairly small barrel.
Another daring move from the high diver.
Missed the cup by a clear foot.
The judges score you on your performance.
The second event is juggling what the Seal throws at you.
The banker throws bombs into the mix.
The trapeze act requires perfect timing.
Jumping through the ring of fire.
The Knife Throwing Event.
The meddling Banker never gives up.
Carefully balance you way along the High Wire.
Dodge the meddlesome Clown.
Making it across results in a twirling of the pole.
The second go requires you to deflect the pies thrown at you.
Cannon propelled high flying.
Hitting the trampoline gets you points.
After landing safely the Human Cannonball waves to the crowd.
Getting ready for the second go.
The trampoline is moved closer with each round.
The banker realises he's lost and tries to do a runner.
The banker is squashed by a seesaw launched fat man.