FIFA 15: Ultimate Team Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen (Dutch version)
This is the new season of the game. Choose a pack for any of the four competitions to receive a starting team (Dutch version).
Main menu (Dutch version)
My starting team (Dutch version)
A throw-in
The closest zoom level shows the player's graphical details.
With a bit of a curve to the right, this free kick might just go in.
Preparing a goal kick (Dutch version).
Some team statistics (Dutch version)
My best and worst players (Dutch version)
The content of a new player pack (Dutch version)
The main transfers screen (Dutch version)
The main club screen (Dutch version)
Reach objectives to unlock additional player packs (Dutch version).
The in-game store (Dutch version)
You can buy packs directly with coins or FIFA points (Dutch version).
In-app purchases for FIFA points (Dutch version)
I'm changing my squad formation (Dutch version).
Details information about a single player (Dutch version)
Club items you can unlock (Dutch version).
Single-use items (Dutch version)
Match-up screen against a Belgian club (Dutch version)
Preparing a shot.
A substitution (Dutch version)
A corner (Dutch version)
Game results (Dutch version)
Icons show quickly if the new players are worthwhile. If not, you can sell them right away (Dutch version).
Zoomed out view
A header
Goal celebration
Earn 500 coins in the starter cup (Dutch version)
View of all the players I have available (Dutch version)
Kick-off with the three buttons in the bottom right corner when using casual controls (Dutch version).