FIFA International Soccer Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Menu
Select Your Coin Side
Brazilian Gol
Select Your Team
Tournament - Game Menu
Select Your Strategy
Brazilian Gol Celebration
Electronic Display
Brazil Wins
Outsch !
The cup table
Player selection
Game stats
Scored a goal !
Intro I (CD-ROM version)
Intro II (CD-ROM version)
Intro III (CD-ROM version)

Game Boy version

Title screen
Title screen (Super Game Boy)
Main menu
Choose your controller and which team to control.
Welcome and you're watching EA Sports.
Game menu
Choose heads or tails.
You won the coin toss. Choose what side of the field you want.
Let the game begin!
The scoreboard shows a hula dancer animation.
This is who scored the goal.
World Champions! (SGB Enhanced)

Game Gear version

Title screen
Main menu
Team Select
Wow, I didn't know we were unpredictable!
Team Coverage
Team Strategy
Player selection
Game in progress
Nice save!
Goal! The electronic display goes crazy
Game stats
Playoffs standings
Control Setup
League Standings

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Team select
Division groupings
Controller setup
The game begins with a short commentary
Selecting sides
Kicking out the ball by the goaltender
Cup standings
Main in-game menu
Team Coverage
Team Strategy
Go Israel! Show those Chinese what real soccer is about!
Good work, goaltender!
Re-playing the goal
Goaltender kick
League Standings
Weather and conditions can be chosen

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Main menu
Options menu
Team selection screen
Before the match
Goalie's turn
You can overview the field before letting the ball fly.
Kick off
Someone gets fouled.
Sudden death mode after two halfs with same amount of goals for each team.
Corner kick
Goal animation
Someone has to win.

SEGA Master System version

EA Logo
Tiertex Logo
Title Screen
Main Menu
Team Select
On The Field
Blocked Goal Shot

SNES version

Title Screen
Main Options Screen
Kick Off
Victor/JVC logo screen exclusive to the Japanese version, replacing the EA Sports logo animation
Title screen for the Japanese version. Notice that the EA Sports logo is once again replaced by Victor/JVC's
Main menu from Japanese version. Notice that the EA Sports logo in the background has been changed to the FIFA logo
Pre-match screen from Japanese version. The EA and EA Sports logos have been changed to Victor and JVC's logo
Goal ;D