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FIFA Soccer 2004 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

These are the fifteen leagues. In addition to these there are other divisions, for example the FA league has the Premier League, and divisions one, two, and three
Following the licensing and logo screens there's a sequence in which the three footballers on the cover run around a football stadium illuminated by spotlights on helicopters
The game's title screen
After selecting a league and a team the player gets through to the main menu. The stars indicate features new to this game.
This is the game's new My FIFA option. The Hall of Kits option is locked at the start of the game.
These are the game options. All the options with a star are new options for this game
This is screen is shown while the practice session loads
The start of the career mode. This is where the player selects their league. Note this shows lower divisions for four of the leagues represented
The career mode depends upon 'Prestige' which is earned by achieving targets like this.
Prestige points can be spent on training. Training can be spent on individual player training or team training
These are the in game controls featuring the camera controls.
These are the half time match stats. In career mode the player can choose to have both teams played by the computer, that's the only reason Darlington are in the lead.
This is from the tutorial which shows the game's new 'off the ball' feature and allows the player on the ball to play the ball into space for another player to run onto
An in-game shot from one of the tutorials
From the FIFA Online menu, the player selects their account id and server to play with their friends.

Windows version

Nakata scored a goal
Corner from the left
FIFA replay function
What a bad foul