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    Great players have a great first touch. Think quickly and act fast and your first touch can undo the smartest defence. One touch technology means one flick of the control stick can win a game. All new fluid player kinetic system makes the game more realistic than ever; every button press is directly mirrored on the pitch, and accurately recreates the speed and vision of the world’s greatest players. More leagues, more stadiums and more players than ever,FIFA Football 2005 is the total football experience.

    • Master the First Touch: The fluid player kinetic system accurately reflects the first touch of every player by directly translating their speed and vision to button presses on your controller.
    • First Touch Control: Immediately knock, trap or flick incoming passes into space with a flick of the wrist. Simply push the right stick to try and beat your marker or find that extra yard of space.
    • Added Game play Depth: Off the Ball™ Control is better than ever. Command team mates to tackle, jostle for space or send them on runs as you control the pitch.
    • The Absolute Broadcast: New in-game camera angles, smooth and continuous replay cut sequences and improved contrast and lighting for players and stadiums. Wrinkle patterns, fonts and colouring on player kits, make it feel like a real television broadcast.
    • Enter the Creation Zone: Live your dreams on the world’s biggest stage in the new Creation Zone. Customise players using the most advanced modelling system ever or set yourself fresh challenges by creating new tournaments.
    • Deeper Career Mode: Career Mode tests your skills both on and off the pitch. Make the decisions behind the scenes to take your team from nobodies to cup winners in 15 years.
    • Immersive Environments: Authentic crowd chants, officially licensed stadiums of all sizes and all weather conditions, FIFA Football 2005 guarantees total football realism.
    • Football’s Ultimate Line-Up: 18 leagues – including official English, German, French and Spanish licenses – as well as 38 national teams and 15,000 players are available for selection. From Europe’s super leagues to up-and-coming lower division teams.
    • EA SPORTS Online: Take your game online and challenge the world with Xbox Live. Meet, greet and chat, then set up a tournament or play FIFA Football 2005 head-to-head.

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Nokia N-Gage website:
    The champion of all soccer games is back on the N-Gage by popular demand! Take control of the ball, your favourite team and the best players of the world's most popular sport!

    FIFA Soccer 2005 is the the only complete and authentic soccer experience, new and improved. Play single games against your friend over the Bluetooth connection or beat the improved artificial intelligence. Challenge mode allows you to replay and change the score of some of the greatest games in the history of soccer. The true challenge however lies in evolving and leading your team to victory after victory in the compelling Career mode.

    The next level of mobile soccer gaming is here with new levels of realism and fun! FIFA Soccer 2005 will have you playing for hours and hours.

    • Battle against teams from all of the major leagues around the world, or against the national team of any country of your choice.
    • More than 350 official licenses, including 20 international leagues and 10,000 real life players.
    • Licensed chants bring the game to life!
    • Customize the opposing team to match your own ability
    • All new Challenge and Career modes
    • Improved player control, animations and artificial intelligence
    • Two player head to head gaming via the wireless Bluetooth technology

    N-Gage Exclusive Features

    • Up to 4 player head-to-head and cooperative gaming via Bluetooth wireless technology
    • Unlock classic historical football scenarios at the N-Gage Arena
    • Post highlights of your most memorable goals for the world to see at the Arena!

    Contributed by karttu (4739) on Feb 01, 2006. (UK):
    For true soccer fans who demand official licenses, in-depth game modes, and true-to-life gameplay, FIFA Soccer 2005 is the most complete and authentic soccer experience. The action is deep with advanced levels of player detail and responsiveness.

    FIFA Soccer 2005 on Gizmondo lets you go head-to-head with your friends using wireless Bluetooth technology. No more wires & cables - just pure multiplayer bliss! With immersive atmospheres, benchmark presentation, total authenticity, and industry-leading gameplay.

    Get ready for intense action on the field with FIFA 2005. This game offers an all-new animation system that reacts to every button press with authentic responsiveness, directly translating to the speed and vision of the world's greatest players. FIFA Soccer 2005 is the true authority in soccer gaming.

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Advertisement in PC Games, December 2004 (German):


    Fernando Morientes

    Was macht einen großen Spieler aus?
    Auf dem Platz geht's nicht um Image,
    ein gutes Geschäft oder gutes aussehen.
    Es geht ums Spiel.
    Es geht um die perfekte Ballbehandlung!

    Mit der First-Touch Steuerung lassen sich großartige Spieler von guten Spielern unterscheiden. Das brandneue System flüssiger Spielerbewegungen von FIFA Football 2005 gibt die Ballbehandlung eines jeden Spielers auf Knopfdruck genauestens wieder. Es werden atemberaubende Sequenzen mit perfektem Spielfluss erzeugt.

    Stell deine Fähigkeiten unter Beweis, indem du es mit FIFA-Spielern aus der ganzen Welt aufnimmst. Spiel FIFA 2005 online auf PC, Xbox® und PlayStation®2. Kommuniziere über EA Messager und trage dann dein Spiel aus.

    Die größere Tiefe des Karriere-Modus von FIFA Football 2005 führt dich durch 15 Spielzeiten im Kampf um Pokale und Trophäen. Wähle Team und Taktik, kaufe und verkaufe Spieler, um deine Mannschaft zu verstärken, und gewinne dein Spiel, wenn es drauf ankommt.


    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Mar 20, 2005. - PlayStation 2:

    When the pressure's on, tables can be turned in the blink of an eyelid. At the right moment, a beautifully timed first touch can create an opportunity that changes the course of a match. In FIFA 2005, a dynamic new First Touch system joins a host of other enhancements, both online and off, that make it the most comprehensive soccer simulation to date.


    Offering unparalleled numbers of international leagues and teams, graphics so beautiful they bring a tear to the eye and sublime online play, FIFA 2005 continues the amazing legacy of the world's best selling football franchise.

    At the top of the (suitably long) list of improvements and additions to this year's offering is the new First Touch system. Bringing more immediacy and control than ever to the beautiful game, this lets you knock, trap or flick an incoming pass with a precise jab of the right analog stick.

    Combined with improved Off the Ball control, which lets you call in tackles, initiate runs and vie for space, it's a system that reflects the subtler nuances of the game more accurately than ever. And it's not just the gameplay that's more fluid; new animations and broadcast-style presentation ensure that everything flows visually.

    Once you've mastered the perfect run into space and First Touch pass, you'll want to go and show off your skills online and, with the Advanced Matchmaking system, it's never been quicker or easier to chat, set up tournaments and find your perfect opponent.


  • New First Touch passing system puts the speed and vision of top players directly in your hands

  • Incredibly realistic graphics and TV-syle presentation

  • Online - Play Now option puts you straight into the action

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