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    A PlayStation optimised version of possibly the most successful soccer series of all time.

    All the expected options are here, from Cup and League creation games to one-off friendlies. Every league and national team operates under FIFA's considerable governing body - that's over 300 teams, all rated accurately according to ability.

    The game engine has been completely overhauled to make maximum use of PlayStation technology and it shows - from the impressive Virtual Stadium, to the 7 viewing angles, to John Motson's commentary. The sprites are all motion captured and animated over, so spectacular moves are exaggerated to great effect.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Oct 04, 2004.

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    FIFA Soccer 96 takes you out of your chair, onto the field, and into the action. Get ready to devastate your opponent with mind-boggling fakes, blistering breakaways, and precision passing. Perfect those heart-stopping one-timers and game-clenching penalty kicks in the all-new Practice Mode. Authentic play-by-play and high-res gameplay complete the experience. It doesn't get better than this!!!

    Contributed by Ola Nymo Trulsen (68) on Nov 25, 1999.