FIFA Soccer 96 Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

This picture is taken from the fancy FMV intro video
The players run onto the glossy SVGA pitch
Shearer and Sheringham about to kick off a game for England
This is FIFA96's VGA mode
In-game controller selection: move each controller in the direction of the desired team

Genesis version

Nice intro with the title flowing in front of your eyes
Title screen
Main menu
Options - and quite a lot of them, compared to earlier soccer simulations
Creating a player. Pity, no faces! :)
Creating a team
Playing a world championship
Choosing your strategy
Selecting players to start the game
Starting the game
Goal kick
Foul! The referee is there

SEGA 32X version

Title screen
Main menu
The players take to the field.
The ball went out of bounds.
The ball is being thrown back in.
Half time
The after-game menu.

SNES version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Game Options
Setting up a friendly
Coverage affects how far players move away from their positions
Setting tactics
For the first time, real names
Kick off
And the dutch scores!
The SNES version feature a pass/shoot strength indicator
The goalie just made a save
Replay controls allow to follow the action
A throw in
Taking a penalty. That's a weird animation there
If the German or the Italian league aren't hardcore enough, try Malaysia...
Choosing teams
The lack of stripes means teams like Inter and Milan have "incomplete" kits