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Cheat Code Central (Feb 24, 2006)
It's going to take some time to learn the ropes but there's a deep game with lots of replay value waiting for you when you become one with the control system.
87 (Apr 25, 2006)
Mit Fight Night Round 3 ist EA Sports ein ganz großer Wurf gelungen. Die Erweiterung des Schlagrepertoires, die noch stärkere Gewichtung der Ausdauer und die ohnehin gelungene Technik resultieren in einem äußerst gelungenen Sportspiel. Obwohl wir uns einen flexibleren Karrieremodus samt abwechslungsreicheren Trainingseinheiten gewünscht hätten, überzeugt der Titel dank ausgefeiltem Gameplay vollends. Wer den Vorgänger und keine XBox 360 besitzt, darf diese Runde gegebenenfalls mal überspringen, alle anderen schnüren die Boxhandschuhe. Das Spiel ist auch für PSP sehr zu empfehlen!
GameZone (Feb 22, 2006)
Some of the fights, especially early on in your career, are over with in less time than it takes to load the bout. But that aside, this is a title that is fun and addictive. Particularly enjoyable is the way you can manage your career up the ladder – even though your rival does not seem to progress at the same pacing. While Fight Night Round 3 is not a perfect fight, it does present a nice jab combo in the entertainment department and is a worthy contender for the attention of handheld fight fans.
Softpedia (Nov 15, 2006)
Any phrase I could say about this game might sound like a punch line. And what a hit this game is! It has all the ingredients to make a perfect boxing simulator and a fun game to play, with fluid gameplay and consistent action. It gets a bit frustrating sometimes, but that's boxing. It's a sport for men that are not afraid to get their faces smashed for 15 minutes of fame. No guts, no glory, that's what they say, but Fight Night Round 3 has them both and a little extra ketchup, KO flavor.
G4 TV: X-Play (May 22, 2006)
Nobody's stepping up to challenge Fight Night's reign as boxing game champion, and for good reason. While there could have been more to advance the series in its first trip to the Xbox 360, the violent visuals more than make it worth a few rounds for any fight fans. Coupled with the deep gameplay and control, Fight Night Round 3 would be undisputed champion no matter how many challengers it had. Let's just hope it trains harder before the next round.
PSX Extreme (Mar 10, 2006)
Pressed to sum up my thoughts on Fight Night: Round 3, I'd have to say that it strikes a good balance between substance and flash, and does an excellent job of capturing the thrill of the fight. The PS2 version is a bit more polished, but the portable go-anywhere nature of the PSP game makes it easy to tolerate that version's rough spots. If you like boxing, either version should make you very happy.
While purists will have no reason to take this over the Xbox 360 version, the PSP port makes a nice compliment to the casual boxing fans tastes. It's a nice throwback to the late Knockout Kings style of play, and if you're looking to beat down opponents with only a little strategy, this is a PSP game to grab immediately. With a few tweaks, Fight Night will find a die-hard following in the portable market.
Yes, it's a little hard to go back to button-based boxing, but this is a nice-looking port of a great game. Unfortunately, this is being docked points for its ridiculous scheme that forces you to play for online or give ESPN your email address.
Worth Playing (Jul 08, 2006)
The console versions of Fight Night Round 3 are masterpieces unto themselves. They feature wonderful, seamless control that requires no thumb displacement whatsoever. They feature graphics that are incredible no matter what generation platform they are on, to the point where you can disable the heads-up displays and take your cues from how your boxer looks and moves. They feature touches, attributes and details that make it the most technical and realistic boxing game on the market, without sacrificing any form of intuitiveness. Whether or not this status has been attained by default makes little difference.
75 (Apr 17, 2006)
Meanwhile everybody knows that the Fight Night series is an enormous hit on each console. In fact it is the ultimate boxing game. Fight Night 3 gets released on the Xbox 360, PS2 and in time on the PS3, but EA luckily didn’t forget the PSP owners. But the biggest question is and stays: "Is this game on PSP as good as on the current and next-gen consoles?”
Game Chronicles (Apr 12, 2006)
Fight Night Round 3 is an adequate port of an outstanding console game. Once again, we have a game that is brought down by the lack of a second analog stick, but what are you going to do? If you play games on the PSP you just have to learn and adapt and that is what EA is doing their best to do. While this game is a viable means to box on your PSP it is in no way a substitute for the console version. The painfully long load times and odd mix of Round 2 and Round 3 content hurt the overall presentation, but there is no denying that Fight Night Round 3 is still fun to play with some exclusive content that make it worth the purchase.
Video Game Talk (Mar 09, 2006)
When the bell rings to signal the end of the round, Fight Night: Round 3 undoubtedly goes to the corner to nurse some of its wounds. The AI is poor, the control set up is convoluted, and many parts of the aesthetics get annoying repetitive. Don't let all of that fool you though, this is an addictive game that is pretty hard to put down. It may not be anywhere near as strong as the console versions are, but if you're looking for a boxing game that you can take with you it doesn't get any better than this. Recommended
GamePro (US) (Feb 21, 2006)
Can the portable cousin of Fight Night Round 3 hang with the big boys, or does the PSP's limited capabilities leave it down for a 10 count? Come out immediately swinging, and you're in for a treat. But if you linger in the later rounds, then you'll be bruised by the PSP's limitations. Such is the life of a boxer on the PSP.
GameSpot (Feb 23, 2006)
EA Sports' boxing franchise makes its handheld debut with Fight Night Round 3 on the PSP. Rather than attempting to cram a full port of the PlayStation 2 version of the game onto the smaller format, EA Chicago has built an entirely different game, specific to the PSP. The incorporation of some of the better elements of the console versions of Round 2 and Round 3, along with the addition of some all-new features, makes the PSP version a competent boxing game that doesn't make too many sacrifices for the sake of portability. Unfortunately, the sacrifices that are made will be sorely obvious to fans of the series, and the resulting experience is somewhat disappointing.
IGN (Feb 27, 2006)
The interesting thing about the portable version of EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 is that it has a lot of features that the console version doesn't. This list of additional goodies isn't small either -- ranked boxer lists, cutman and trainer contracts, promoter box office takes, and detailed stat tracking are just a few of the bonuses that PSP players can enjoy that their console counterparts can't. In fact, at first glance, the smaller version of Fight Night Round 3 almost appears to be the best one of the bunch... that is, until you actually start playing it.
65 (Mar 14, 2006)
Mein erster Eindruck: »Hä? Round 2?«. Mein zweiter Eindruck: »Ach du Scheiße, was ist denn das für eine Steuerung??«. Mein dritter Eindruck (nach ca. zwei Spielstunden): »Blöde Gegner, aber immerhin haben sich meine Finger wieder entknotet.«. Mein Fazit: So viele schöne Ideen, so größtenteils für die Katz! Wenn ich an Fight Night denke, dann kommt mir als Erstes die fantastische Analogsteuerung in den Sinn, und die gibt es hier einfach nicht – wie auch? Das Ganze erweckt den Eindruck einer »Die Plattform braucht auch eine Version, basta!«-Entscheidung, wobei man den Entwicklern nicht mal einen Vorwurf machen kann. Im Gegenteil, in der PSP-Variante verstecken sich einige hervorragende Einfälle wie die Rival Challenges, die den ESPN Classics der Konsolenfassungen ins Gesicht lachen. Auch technisch ist Round 2 ½ beeindruckend, zwar in allem ein bisschen grober als die PS2-Fassung, aber für PSP-Verhältnisse spitze.
65 (Mar 20, 2006)
Malgré les premières impressions très positives, Fight Night : Round 3 perd rapidement de la vitesse pour stagner un tantinet au bout de quelques heures de jeu. Prenant et assez joli, il subit les foudres d'un gameplay mal pensé et surtout d'une I.A relativement paresseuse. Pour autant, ce n'est pas un mauvais titre, et pour peu que vous ayez l'envie furieuse d'incarner Mohamed Ali, vous passerez de nombreuses heures accroché au mode carrière ou tout simplement à la possibilité multijoueur du soft. Un crochet peut en cacher un autre.
Game Revolution (Mar 09, 2006)
We're always fascinated by the tweaks games undergo as they transition from the arena-rock consoles to the bleacher-seat handhelds, but Fight Night Round 3 is an especially curious case. Considering the inherent limitations of the PSP - namely, one analog stick - EA's PSP port is more underdog than overhyped. How would this pygmy pugilist fare in such a small ring?
GameSpy (Feb 24, 2006)
Fight Night, EA's fabled boxing franchise, has been releasing across virtually all platforms to rave reviews. The flagship Xbox 360 version has been touted as one of the first Xbox 360 games to truly feel next-gen, and the console versions are no slouches either. Naturally, as EA has done with most of their console releases over the last six months, the publisher has taken the action to the PSP. However, like many of the PSP ports of their console titles, this one feels like an anticlimactic second round KO. And you're betting on the guy who lost.