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Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Establishing the brand, first and foremost.
Waking up the orcs...
Start menu
Interface explanation
Gamebook premise, explained!
Character generation
Shake it like a Polaroid picture!
I have to provide the random seed, but helpfully it can do the simple arithmetic for me.
You only get one, so don't mess it up!
And here we go!
A classic opening illustration...
... jazzed up for the digital age!
Also, there is some opening text accompanying it.
Potential choices indicated in the text with icons.
I will vanquish my foe!
Unless he vanquishes me first!
The confetti is a nice touch.
Stat amendment on-the-fly.
What, battling /multiple/ opponents? That got me so excited I accidentally revealed the interface.
Inventory adjusts on the fly also.
Let's have a look at my marvelous stats...
And the inventory, bask in its glow
Apparently Charon is suffering from the economic slowdown also
Random wandering monster table in the maze.
Get me out of here!