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Fighting Force Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

With names like Hawk, Mace, and Smasher, it's hard to decide who's deadliest....
Take that, cop car! Although a good guy, you can pretty much beat on everything, including this poor squad car.
Classic beat'em'up gameplay. One against many...except their stupid and usually follow Hollywood bad guy rules about attacking one at a time.
Not only does this game teach that violence is the way to resolve issues, but that Cola (especially when beaten out of a vending machine) will heal you of gunshot wounds.! The brute force character about to demonstrate how he got his name.
Haven't I seen you before? Like in many beat'em'ups, the hordes of bad-guys often look the same.
Start seeing motorcycles...otherwise you may get run over by them...
(Level 1) The characters getting 'delivered' to the location
Hawk doing a slide attack, which is standard for all character
The flying kick is also available to all character
Beating up this car not only provides Hawk with tires to throw at enemies, but also this bazooka
I've just shot down the gate, and the guys inside think it's a good idea to charge at me.
No, I'm not inviting him to dance.
That has to hurt
Drinking a can of Cola to restore health
Elevator fight.
At the end of level 1, I reached the big boss, but he escaped to the helicopter
... and left me to deal with his henchwomen who badly need a manicure
Stage clear. For every 50,000 points you are awarded with 1 continue.
Level 2: Out on the street again
One should keep in mind that enemy can pick up and throw things too
Take cover before this helicopter hurts you
A trailer blocks the street
Then the driver jumps out to fight you, one on one, of course.
20 seconds later, his axe became mine
Finishing off the boss with a rather brutal suplex
Choosing the next level. Note the mooks standing harmlessly in the background
Playing the mall level with Mace. Destroy the hot dog stand to get ... guess what, hot dog !
Subway level. Solving a small "puzzle" at the beginning to get through the barrier
Facing a cyborg-like boss
Alana, the character with the most boring name, on the way to the Naval base
Posing as a delivery woman may work, if you're not dressed like that.
Crates contain various items, like health or weapon
Or explosives. I just threw a dynamite at the group, but none seemed to notice
Entering the naval base