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Figure: Ubawareta Hōkago PC-98 Groovy title screen - begins as an image on TV


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An oligarch named Takanashi has built a prestigious girl's high school, known as the Hanatsuki High. Mishima, a young man who has recently graduated high school, is approached by Isao, representative of the Hanatsuki High and his former schoolmate, with a part-time teaching job offer. Despite his dislike to certain school policies Mishima agrees - first, because he is broke, and second, because the perspective to teach the pretty daughters of the wealthiest people in Japan doesn't seem all that unpleasant...

Figure: Ubawareta Hōkago is mostly composed of text descriptions and dialogues accompanied by pictures. The game advances automatically, occasionally pausing to prompt the player to make a decision, which can be a choice of a location to visit, a dialogue choice, or an action choice. The game features a branching story-line with several endings.

Contributed by Unicorn Lynx (181446) on Mar 30, 2010. [revised by : Unicorn Lynx (181446)].