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Final Blow Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Choosing fighters.
Round 1.
Good punch.
Defences up.
Getting punched.
Take that.
Knocked down.
Lost the fight.
Revenge is mine.
Good win.

Atari ST version

Main menu
Select your boxer
Another of the available fighters
Pre-fight screen
The view pans down towards the players and referee
The action starts
Already forcing him towards the side
Near the end of the round
Round 3
Down he goes
And that's victory
Fight 2
Cornered him, but still losing on strength
Continue required
League table
Videogame fighters/boxers are always from Detroit
Looks like a victory her

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Select your boxer
Practice match
League - Detroit Kid vs Kid Steve
Hit with a low punch

FM Towns version

You are greeted by this screen when you fire up the game
Title screen
Main menu
Options screen
Statistics of Detroit Kid
Dynamite Joe's stats
Boxer selection
The Towns version is graphically identical to the arcade original, but runs at a lower horizontal resolution of 256 (versus 320 in the arcade) so the sides are cut off
Opponent is down for the count
The South American eagle - Fernando Gomez won
King Jason is down for the 3rd and final time so the match is over
Thank you very MATCH for your playing!

Genesis version

Title screen
US Title Screen.
Choose the game mode
Fighter details
This guy's somewhat bulkier
Ready to go
Game start
Try to throw the key punches
In the thick of it
And out