Final Fantasy Chronicles Screenshots (PlayStation)

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Chrono Trigger, Title Screen
Chrono Trigger, Main Menu
Chrono Trigger, Extras Menu
Chrono Trigger, Ayla and Her Dactyl
Chrono Trigger, It's Time to Wake Up, Chrono
Chrono Trigger, Part of the World Map
Chrono Trigger, Standing in the Church
Chrono Trigger: Crono, Ayla, and Frog in one of the game's advanced dungeons. Save point is nearby
Chrono Trigger: Fighting some mean machines! Note the seamless backgrounds
Chrono Trigger: Here you can manage your party
Chrono Trigger: Status screen. Look, I have so many weapons!
Chrono Trigger: Dramatic battle against two giant freaks on a moving platform. I choose my Tech
Chrono Trigger: Mysterious foggy cave with a time warp...
Chrono Trigger: This is what happens when you travel through time...
Chrono Trigger: You'll gain access to this mysterious location eventually - it will act as a "time hub" from where you'll be able to travel to different epochs
Chrono Trigger: A monster village in one of the different timelines
Chrono Trigger: Fighting some mid-level guys in a rocky cave
Chrono Trigger: Landed on a desolate island during the Dark Times...
Chrono Trigger: Cheerful fields, and techs that eliminate all enemies at once!
Chrono Trigger: Prehistoric era, world map
Chrono Trigger: Prehistoric village
Chrono Trigger: The grim post-apocalyptic future...
Chrono Trigger: Futuristic dungeon. Activating a console
Chrono Trigger: You've traveled way too far into the past...
Chrono Trigger: This is Epoch, your time-traveling ship!
Chrono Trigger: Frog, Robo, and Luca attack enemies in futuristic sewers
Chrono Trigger: Post-apocalyptic apartment - desolate and spooky...
Chrono Trigger: Flying in your Epoch over the Middle Ages!
Chrono Trigger: A typical medieval house - or so the game tells you
Chrono Trigger: Lovely scene near a bridge
Chrono Trigger: Medieval castle with kings and all that stuff
Chrono Trigger: Black Omen dungeon
Chrono Trigger: Bestiary menu in the extras
Final Fantasy IV: Title screen
Final Fantasy IV: The rather short new CG intro
Final Fantasy IV: The "old" in-game intro. Cecil on his ship
Final Fantasy IV: Early battle with Cecil as the Dark Knight - he'll lose all those powers very soon...
Final Fantasy IV: A typical castle. They all look pretty much alike
Final Fantasy IV: That's right, she LOVES him! Did she say that in the censored Nintendo version?..
Final Fantasy IV: And so the real journey begins...
Final Fantasy IV: General menu, fairly high-level full party
Final Fantasy IV: Battle on lunar surface. Pretty cool effects!
Final Fantasy IV: Mysterious palace - I wonder if we can proceed?..
Final Fantasy IV: Yo, check out my brand new SPACESHIP!..
Final Fantasy IV: Flying over the world map, exploring with different vehicles!
Final Fantasy IV: World map battle against mid-level foes. Opening the White Magic menu
Final Fantasy IV: No Final Fantasy game is complete without a chocobo forest!..
Final Fantasy IV: High-level monster in a lunar dungeon
Final Fantasy IV: Leviathan summon! Nice-looking tsunami attack
Final Fantasy IV: Odin summon. He just slashes those guys with his sword. I like this cat-like recurrent Final Fantasy monster!..
Final Fantasy IV: A dungeon with hanging bridges
Final Fantasy IV: Fighting butterflies in a desert. Kain can't decide whether he should jump or not
Final Fantasy IV: Bahamut summon - MegaFire!
Final Fantasy IV: Crossing a bridge in a mountain area
Final Fantasy IV: One of the game's last dungeons
Final Fantasy IV: Zombies ambush you on a lake shore!
Final Fantasy IV: A DAUGHTER?!.. Look man, I don't know what's wrong with your eyes, but last time I checked I was definitely male... and heterosexual!..
Final Fantasy IV: You want to SMOKE?.. ... Okay... I suppose you can do that. Especially on the sea shore...
Final Fantasy IV: This dungeon is so misty that it even got the name Mist Dungeon
Final Fantasy IV: Dwarven castle in the underground world
Final Fantasy IV: Stealing things from innocent imps on the underground world map
Final Fantasy IV: Exploring the underground world map on foot. Hmm, what is this tower?..
Final Fantasy IV: Treacherous "bio" dungeon with secret passages
You'll even get to explore the Moon!..
Final Fantasy IV: Ooookay... anything else you want to tell me?..
Final Fantasy IV: Rydia casts Meteo, the most powerful Black Magic spell! Note that Kain has become a toad...
Final Fantasy IV: Casting Ice3 and enjoying it
Final Fantasy IV: Typical village. Or is it? Wait... look at the inhabitants!..