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A rich, highly replayable game that shows what difference a good story can make PlayStation M. Shaw (5)
This is an experiment done well. Really, really well. PlayStation saikofish (961)
Not perfect, but certainly a very fun game to play PlayStation Alkhanzel (3)
Impressive Strategy-Rpg Hybrid PlayStation Paolo Cumin (14)
The love child of Final Fantasy and Shakespear's Macbeth PlayStation Sam Tinianow (116)

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Platform Votes Score
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iPhone Awaiting 5 votes...
PlayStation 90 4.0
PlayStation 3 Awaiting 5 votes...
PSP 10 3.8
PS Vita Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 100 3.9

Critic Reviews

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PlayStationChicago Tribune (Jan 29, 1998)
Developed by Quest, the team responsible for the strategy classic Ogre Battle, Tactics is an amazing addition to Squaresoft's most cherished series.
PSPPocket Gamer UK (Oct 08, 2007)
A masterpiece of art and design. Its technicalities might take a little time to get to grips with but, once understood, this distinguished and exemplary video game demands to be savoured and adored.
PSPGame Shark (Nov 01, 2007)
At the end of the day I feel that Square Enix has created -- or recreated as the case may be -- one of the greatest Playstation games of all time. The difficulty is still high, the grinding it takes to survive is still an arduous task but the fun and magic of the original still remains intact. Tactical role-playing game players owe it to themselves to buy this game and play it.
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a great release for the PSP and nearly justifies the purchase of the Sony handheld by itself. As I've said before, if you played FFT for the PSone, then you know what this game is all about, except now it's portable, so you can play it when watching bad movies or when you're yobbing. It makes me glad I'm now the owner of a PSP.
PSPGameSpy (Oct 05, 2007)
The best strategy RPG on the PSP, and quite a few other systems as well.
95 (Nov 05, 2007)
FFT is the best strategy RPG on the PSP, and one of the best on any console, really. Its sublime mix of challenging and addictive gameplay, intricate plot, and mesmerizing cut scenes comes together to create one of the best gaming experiences you’ll have all year.
95 (Jul 06, 2010)
Juché au pinacle du tactical-RPG depuis ses débuts en 1997, Final Fantasy Tactics concentre le meilleur de ce qu'un jeu vidéo est susceptible d'offrir. Pourvu d'une histoire profonde et maîtrisée, d'un potentiel ludique insubmersible et d'une réalisation au charme puissant, ce titre exceptionnel entre immédiatement au panthéon des œuvres les plus marquantes jamais engendrées par le média vidéoludique. Une telle expérience, passablement austère et exigeante, nécessite cependant de s'y investir un tant soit peu ; ce qui apparaît d'autant plus délicat que tous les joueurs ne sont pas réceptifs à ce genre particulier et plus ou moins marginal – surtout en Europe – qu'est le jeu de rôle tactique. En dépit de quelques soucis de caméra et d'une absence totale d'exploration inscrite au cœur même du game design, les amateurs auront en revanche trouvé ici leur Saint-Graal.
Anyone who doesn’t think Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions isn’t worth owning just doesn’t like RPGs.
PSPGery Gry (Apr 07, 2008)
FFT: The War of the Lions to gra, która praktycznie pozbawiona jest jakichkolwiek błędów. Jeśli miałbym już na siłę takowe znaleźć, to omawianą wcześniej grafikę, ale wyłącznie pod warunkiem, że należycie do malkontentów, którzy szukają dziury w calym. Pozostałą resztę z pewnością na nowo urzeknie. To, czego mi jedynie brakuje w tej grze, to wyraźnie wyższy poziom trudności.
PSPGame Informer Magazine (Nov, 2007)
Be warned, it's not an easy game, but there are literally hundreds of hours of play in Tactics. Combine it's lengthy single-player experience with the new co-op and head-to-head modes and you can't help but love this classic reborn.
PSPLawrence (Nov 20, 2007)
Fans of the Playstation Final Fantasy Tactics game were somewhat torn over the Game Boy Advance incarnation that was released a few years back. It was essentially the same chess-like strategy game, but with a controversial new "Judge" system that sent your warriors to jail if they violated certain rules. Thankfully, FFT: WOL brings back everything that was great about the PSX original, and even adds a few more classes. The translation from PSX to portable is great, as the sprites are sharp and the widescreen conversion is a nice change. It's worth giving a try even if you don't like RPGs, as it's actually more of a strategic experience. It still offers dozens upon dozens of hours of gameplay, and I know I'll be playing this game for a very long time.
PSPAtomic Gamer (Oct 18, 2007)
For anyone that is either waiting for a certain remake of another popular Strategy RPG, I can't recommend War of the Lions enough, especially if you missed Final Fantasy Tactics the first go round. Even if you didn't, you should still pick this up.
PSPGameTrailers (2007)
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a rare breed. Despite being a veritable grandfather of console RPGs, a galvanized retranslation and timeless gameplay make for a feline that simply refuses to age. If you missed it the first time, don’t miss it again. War of the Lions has waged war on portable RPGs, and it is victorious.
PlayStationNetjak (Nov 20, 2002)
While it may be dragged down somewhat by the brief running time, Tactics has the wonderful gameplay that makes it worth that replay or two. Several classes, magick, and secret characters that you didn't even know existed might be unveiled in a replay. Cloud Strife is in here, if you need an example, and the "Mime" Job class has several requirements most may not get the first time. At the current price, Tactics is a must-buy.
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a true PSP system seller if ever there was one. The sheer amount of content coupled with the in depth battle system and epic story provide a game that will keep you busy on-the-go for months. If only the game had spent a few extra months in development, it could have achieved the perfection the original never managed. The improvements warrant a purchase for fans and newcomers alike, but it could have been so much more.
PlayStationJust RPG (Jan 28, 1998)
Just as the line "To be or not to be" captures the essence of Hamlet but fails to convey the depth of the character, so does a review of each piece of Final Fantasy Tactics fail to capture the whole. The fun of teaching a learning priest Holy, of flanking a vexing Legendary Demon, and watching each betrayal unfold into the greater plot is something that you have to experience for yourself before you understand them.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Jul, 1998)
Final Fantasy Tactics is a completely engrossing strategy / RPG style game. After getting over the rather huge learning curve that this title has, you can really settle in and begin to enjoy all that this game has to offer. The graphics are very good for a game of this type and the sound effects and music are top notch, but the real catch is the story and immersive gameplay elements. Once you start playing the game really hooks you and starts reeling you into the war torn world of Ivalice. You feel that overwhelming need to continue further into the game to progress the storyline. I certainly would not recommend this game to someone just starting out in the strategy / RPG world, but for intermediate and advanced players of this genre you can't go wrong here. Just make sure you have plenty of time on your hands...
PSPGaming Age (Nov 09, 2007)
Overall, the port from PS1 to PSP has been handled exceptionally well. The redone translation adds a new layer of detail to an already deep experience, and it's definitely enough to bring the old school players back into the fold one last time. If you've never played Tactics before, than this is definitely the version to check out.
PSP1UP (Oct 09, 2007)
War of the Lions is good enough to make these little more than minor complaints. Its intricate gameplay isn't for everyone, but there's a reason it commands such deep devotion among its fans -- and this definitive version of the game is the perfect place to learn why.
PSPRPGFan (Oct 13, 2007)
With vibrant visuals, excellent music and voice acting, a deep and complex gameplay system, and one of the best storylines ever to grace a RPG, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions is one of the few must-have titles on the PSP, not only for the RPG aficionado, but for any gamer in general.
90 (Aug 25, 2011)
While the price is certainly high on this iOS game, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a fun and faithful port of the original game as re-envisioned on portable systems. The storyline is just as engaging as ever, the gameplay is involved and addictive and the addition of cutscenes and other little surprises for original PlayStation version fans make it well worth checking out. It’s the first game to date on the iOS that makes the iPhone and iPod Touch feel like a mini gaming system instead of just a fun with some toys to pass the time.
PlayStationMega Fun (Mar, 1998)
Final Fantasy Tactics, diesen Namen muß man sich auf der Zunge zergehen lassen. Dieses Game ist das beste was ich seit langem im Bereich Strategiespiele gesehen habe. Besonders begeistert hat mich das Job/Ability-System, welches es dem Charakter ermöglicht, neue Fähigkeiten zu erlernen, die eigentlich nicht seiner Kaste entsprechen. Der Spieler ist dadurch viel flexibler und nicht mehr an eine bestimmte Fähigkeit seines Charakters gebunden.Weiterhin ist es positiv, daß man die Möglichkeit hat per Videosequenz auf frühere Ereignisse zurückzublicken und so nie den Faden in der Geschichte verlieren kann. Das einzige Manko das ich entdeckt habe ist die komplizierte Steuerung im Equipmentmenü. Hier blickt man erst nach einem ausführlichen Exkurs durch das Hilfemenü durch, was insgesamt zu umständlich ist. Aber trotz dieses kleinen Fehlers kann ich Euch dieses Spiel aufs Wärmste empfehlen.
PlayStationEdge (Mar 25, 1998)
In the end, a Final Fantasy tag on something as unfashionable as a console wargame is a real blessing for Square and Sony. They can be sure that many will pick up Tactics purely on the heritage of its name alone; but it could easily mislead unsuspecting Western gamers whose only experience of the series is FFVII. Still, even without the FF brand behind it, the game more than stands on its own. For those who enjoy a more cerebral videogame challenge, Final Fantasy Tactics delivers exactly what it sets out to with considerable aplomb.
PlayStationRetrogaming History (Dec 23, 2008)
Final Fantasy Tactics è uno dei più grandi titoli strategici di stampo orientale mai prodotti con l’unica pecca di non essere mai stato pubblicato sul suolo europeo. Stategli alla larga solo se non digerite il genere mentre nel caso contrario correte a procurarvi l’edizione statunitense o il remake per la console portatile Sony PSP.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Sep, 1998)
De som gillade Vandal Hearts hittar sitt Mecka i Final Fantasy Tactics och Final Fantasy VII-fans kan även de upptäcka någonting speciellt i Final Fantasy Tactics. Det här är ett stort, välsmakande äventyr som håller mycket länge.
90 (UK) (Oct 04, 2007)
Gorgeous, complex, well-written and beautifully presented, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions has been polished and refined to make it into the best version of one of the best games of the 1990s. For old fans, it's a welcome return for a beautiful game that's been gone ten years; and for those who didn't import, all those years ago, we can only say we're jealous that you get to experience it all afresh.
PSPGamesRadar (Oct 08, 2007)
The PSP takes a classic and polishes it with new sound effects, animations and dialogue that really make this gem shine all these years. The only drawback is that it may be too time intensive or difficult for many gamers. Our advice is to suck it up and get this game anyway.
90 (Nov 14, 2007)
Despite these flaws, FFT remains one of my favourite games on the PSP. It might not have the best in-game graphics we've ever seen on the handheld, or the best multiplayer options, but few games have as much charm and tactical depth. It might not be for everyone, but for those of you with a sweet tooth for turn-based RPGs it's essential.
PSPGameZone (Oct 05, 2007)
Whether you have the PSone original or have just begun to appreciate the value of a great strategy/RPG, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is not a must-play release – it is a must-own.
PlayStationThunderbolt Games (Feb 06, 2009)
With several unlockable job classes and even more awesome abilities, it’s possible to meld your characters into ultimate fighting machines. While there is an overemphasis on such abilities, you’ll at least have plenty with which to work. It’s a fun, absorbing experience that keeps you hooked from its first cutscene. There’s a reason why so many other Square titles have incorporated it into their canon. Why so many other games emulate its design. Why gamers remember Ivalice. It’s time that you find out why, too.
PSPThunderbolt Games (Apr 15, 2008)
The re-release of Final Fantasy Tactics is a great gift for all PSP owners. It will keep you busy for months to come and is easily one of the most enjoyable games on the system. If it had not been a re-release that so many people have played to death already FFT could have been the PSPs Halo.
PSPLegendra (Feb 04, 2008)
Remake plutôt concluant pour ce jeu qui avait déjà fait ses preuves. Des ajouts très plaisants, un scénario qui tient bien la route et assez mature, des personnages attachants et des musiques inoubliables. Voila ce que ce FFT PSP nous montre comme bons côtés, éclipsant totalement les petits défauts qu’il comporte. Les habitués du genre le trouveront un peu simple et pas assez tactique, mais l'aventure reste à (re)découvrir.
PSPIGN (Oct 01, 2007)
Even with the standard issues returning to the gameplay, and some skewed multiplayer elements, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions stands out as a great remake of a classic title. New story elements and missions, new multiplayer modes and brand new job classes strengthen what was already one of the best strategy titles around. If you're into strategy and you own a PSP, you should definitely check out the second coming of this excellent game.
PSPPSX Extreme (Nov 24, 2007)
In the end, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a must-have game for any PSP owner, simply because it's FFT. It's too bad Square-Enix didn't take full advantage of this opportunity and really go all-out (perhaps issuing expansion-like content), but even so, the gameplay, sound, depth, and storyline are all some of the best you will ever see, 10-year-old title or no. Yes, there are better-looking and even a few deeper RPG or strategy titles on the PSP by now, but that doesn't mean you should deprive yourself of a true classic. Square did just about everything right the first time around, so despite not taking big enough strides with this remake, they can fall back on something that was damn close to perfection in the first place. And that's not a bad way to look at it.
PSPGotNext (Jan 28, 2008)
Besides standard battles, you'll be able to go on errands hosted by taverns in towns. The PSP version also supports Ad Hoc co-op and challenge modes. Newly added cut-scenes and more items and jobs will provide some nice surprises for veteran players. If you're a SRPG fan, or one wanting to get more into the genre, then I suggest picking up the definitive releases for both this and Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. A couple of years ago it was easy to recommend the must-own titles on the PSP, but with so many stellar games these days, I'll simply say that if Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions disappoints you, then maybe this genre isn't what your looking for.
PlayStationGamersMark (Oct 19, 2001)
Overall, Square’s decision to re-release FFT was a very good move. Before many people had to resort to ebay and the very high prices were sometimes not worth it. Now that its part of the greatest hits library expect a whole new coming of FFT Fans.
PlayStationGameSpot (Feb 23, 1998)
Everything fits into place perfectly. The pacing of Final Fantasy Tactics ensures that there's never a dull moment, and building experience is a real treat - whereas doing so is a chore in most other RPGs. Its outstanding symphonic score delivers an epic feel, while the stylized character designs add charm and personality. The challenging nature of this game allows for a much more serious story than most other RPGs, and the ability to customize each soldier to the extreme ensures superior play life. Role-playing games don't get a whole lot better than Final Fantasy Tactics.
PlayStationOriginal Gamer (Jan 18, 2009)
In summation, Final Fantasy Tactics tries out a new type of genre for Final Fantasy, and succeeds rather well. It should be said that the "Tactics" aspect of this is a bit misleading, due to the way in which you can build your characters. If you use the right combinations, very little tactics or strategy is necessary to win battles, unlike say the Fire Emblem or Shining Force series, this game's genre predecessors. Final Fantasy Tactics is really more like a different take on Final Fantasy than an evolution of the Turn Based Strategy genre. But it is a very enjoyable mod of Final Fantasy.
PlayStationRPGFan (Apr 09, 2000)
In the end, Final Fantasy Tactics is an immensely entertaining game. It's got flaws, particularly in respect to difficulty and the limited battlefields. Still, it's a joy to play - I've played 3 times, and each time I've used different strategies, found uses for new abilities, and had a blast each time. If you want a game that's pure strategy, you may want to pass on Final Fantasy Tactics. If, however, you don't care so much about the somewhat limited scope of the game, or just want to have a really fun time, pick it up. It's worth it for the plot alone.
87 (Dec 19, 2007)
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions was a brilliant game when it hit our shelves 10 years ago for the original Playstation. Surprisingly, the game seems to have only gotten better with age. Sure it might not be entirely suited to the mobile nature of a handheld console, but this is still one of the finest releases for the PSP thus far and deserves a home in any gamer’s collection. Final Fantasy fans and newcomers alike are going to find an incredibly engaging and rewarding experience with this one.
PSPPlayFrance (Nov 04, 2007)
Enfin. Après 10 ans d'attente, Final Fantasy Tactics est, officiellement, à la portée de tous les européens. L'anglais utilisé pourrait en rebuter certains mais l'univers enchanteur et la richesse du gameplay méritent amplement qu'on s'y attarde. A faire si vous aimez les jeux de stratégie, à faire si vous aimez l'univers d'Ivalice, à faire pour succomber aux charmes des musiques et des cinématiques, à faire pour les bonus non négligeables de ce remake, à faire pour combler ce vide présent au fond de vous depuis une décennie.
PSPTotalPlayStation (Nov 08, 2007)
This game is a must have for any RPG-fan out there past and present because we still know Cloud make you guys cream your silkies.
85 (Oct 15, 2007)
Solid tactical adventure with an amazing storyline. PSP owners should check this title out if you missed out on the PSOne original.
PSPDeeko (Oct 18, 2007)
The Ivalice Alliance brings us the ultimate version of the popular Final Fantasy Tactics title, this time in portable form for those that need to satisfy their evil enemy slaying needs on the go.
85 (Oct 03, 2007)
Bien qu'on soit conscient des problèmes de gameplay, de navigation, d'IA, de ralentissements et de vraies innovations, Final Fantasy Tactics s'est trouvé une place de choix sur PSP. Si on eut aimé une traduction française ainsi qu'une optimisation de la portable de Sony, comment bouder ce RPG tactique qui fascine et façonne un univers subjuguant par l'entremise de personnages au coeur d'une histoire de religions, de passions, de guerre. En l'état, voici un soft qui, sans vraiment se bonifier avec le temps, conserve cette aura de magie qui lui vaudra encore cette adoration de millions de joueurs dans les années à venir.
PlayStationIGN (Jan 27, 1998)
All in all, Final Fantasy Tactics has so many strengths it's not even funny (like me). It's the best turn-based strategy game on the market. And if you're a fan of the Vandal Hearts-like genre, I recommend this game to you.
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions es una ligera puesta al día de uno de los grandes clásicos de los RPG tácticos de PSOne, con algunas escasas novedades y mejoras pero igualmente con sus fallos, tales como una dificultad bastante elevada, un repetitivo desarrollo y, principalmente, el hecho de requerir altos conocimientos de inglés para entender totalmente su complejo argumento. Cierto es que muchos usuarios europeos agradecerán enormemente que por fin llegue a nuestro continente pero no es un título muy recomendado para los pocos asiduos al género, ni tampoco para los que no sepan inglés.
83 (Oct 26, 2007)
Zuerst die Ohrfeige: Hält man sich den Produktionsstandard fast sämtlicher Titel aus dem Hause Square Enix vor Augen, ist The War of the Lion eine ungewöhnlich lieblose Emulation des großen Klassikers. Ganz ehrlich, eine Hand voll Gegenstände, diverse Kämpfe sowie zwei Berufe füllen für eine Auferstehung nur das Mindestmaß an Neuerungen. Doch so sehr man dem Oldie sein Alter auch anmerkt, er spielt sich immer noch hervorragend! Kenner moderner Titel werden einige Möglichkeiten missen, aber Final Fantasy Tactics bietet genug Tiefe, um auf Tage zu fesseln - nicht zuletzt, weil die Mehrspieler-Partien neue Herangehensweisen fordern. Ausgeglichene Partien sind wegen des fehlenden Handicaps allerdings selten. Sei’s drum: Sobald man sich in die vielen Berufe mit ihren gefühlt endlosen Fähigkeiten und in die fordernden Gefechte auf den abwechslungsreichen, sinnvoll gebauten Schlachtfeldern vertieft, weiß man, weshalb Squaresofts Feldherren-Epos einst wegweisend war!
PSPGame Revolution (Oct 26, 2007)
Althought wrapped in a mediocre package, Final Fantasy Tactics is a stellar game. If Square Enix had spent just a bit more time on the in-game graphics, writing, and user interface, this could have been one of the top titles for the PSP. As it is, we’ll just have to wait for an improved, more final, sequel.
For anyone that is either waiting for a certain remake of another popular Strategy RPG, I can't recommend War of the Lions enough, especially if you missed Final Fantasy Tactics the first go round. Even if you didn't, you should still pick this up.
PSPAllRPG (Jan, 2008)
All in all, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a good RPG, and definitely deserves its place on the PSP. Anyone who is into RPGs, if you have a PSP, should go out and purchase it as soon as possible. But throughout all of its hype and the console iteration’s previous achievement and standing in the RPG industry, I do not believe it is a game that should entice someone to purchase a PSP simply for it. But if you have the pockets for it, then absolutely don’t mind that previous statement. But as a fan of the series, I felt that the game was simply missing its “umpth” simply because of the dialogue being changed, characters names changing and all of those other frustrations I previously laid out. Jeanne d’Arc still holds its place in my heart as the best tactical RPG on the PSP today, and it may or may not be something coming from someone whose top 2 tRPGs on the console included Final Fantasy Tactics.
PlayStationLegendra (May 09, 2006)
Loin d'être un simple jeu portant le titre FF, FFT est un véritable chef-d'œuvre grâce à son scénario dantesque et ses nombreux jobs disponibles. Doté d'une durée de vie plus qu'honorable et de sidequests, le jeu vous plongera directement au coeur d'Ivalice et vous ne serez plus tenté d'en sortir.
iPhoneMacLife (Sep 06, 2011)
Lions is not without its issues, but this is still one of the finest strategy-RPGs ever made. Lit majors and armchair generals are encouraged.
iPhoneRPGFan (Aug 06, 2011)
Finally the announcement of an actual release date arrived, as well as the news that the game would cost $16. I can't speak for my fellow fans, but that price point nearly destroyed my excitement about this game. It highlights a clear misunderstanding of the market on Square Enix's part. You just can't charge this kind of money for an iOS port of a PSOne game, especially one that's not graphically optimized for the iPad. What's worse, if I didn't already own this game on the PSP, I could buy it new right now for $10 at and have a better overall experience. I'm sad to say that despite my love for Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and the positive score I am giving this port, I cannot recommend it for purchase at this price point and with these control issues. This game is amazing in many ways, so after a price drop and a patch or two, it will likely be worth buying... but it's not yet.
iPhoneApp Spy (Aug 04, 2011)
The first decision you have to make when considering Final Fantasy Tactics is, "Do I have the spare time for something like this?", if yes then consider yourself lucky to be able to experience such a deep and provoking tactical RPG, if not then you can rest knowing that you can still pick it up for your PS1 or PSP (should you have access to them).
PlayStationRPGFan (Jun 24, 1998)
Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the most beautiful and thought provoking games I've played in a long time. But the actual bulk of the experience, the battle system, left me feeling cheated. I know a lot of people love this game and will disagree with me and I am far from hating the game, but I can't deny that I was very disappointed with the gameplay. I love strategy RPG's, and I love Square's games. Final Fantasy Tactics was one of the most highly anticipated games for me and I had very high hopes. I guess they were just a little bit too high.
PlayStationRPGamer (Jul 23, 2000)
In closing, Final Fantasy Tactics will always have a special place on my shelf, even if it doesn't on yours. While the game does have some drawbacks, it is this reviewer's opinion the good points outweigh the bad. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, good luck finding it. If you do have it, be kind and lend it to someone who has yet to have their eyes opened. Just goes to show you, you don't need noses for an awesome game.
PSPGamePro (US) (Oct 09, 2007)
Whether you've played the heck out of Tactics, or are just being introduced to the game, the PSP edition delivers hours of portable strategy and experimentation. A decade after the original's release, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a faithful improvement on what is still one of the best tactical RPGs around.
PSPRPG Land (Oct 26, 2007)
All that said, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions is a great game that was almost perfect.
PSPSuper Play (Sweden) (Sep, 2007)
Yasumi Matsunos fantasivärld Ivalice har aldrig känts mer relevant än här. Final Fantasy Tactics är ett spel som träffar maggropen lika hårt nu som för nästan tio år sedan.
PSPGames TM (Jul, 2007)
A remake done properly, War Of The Lions introduces crucial new multiplayer features while simultaneously expanding on what was already an epic single-player quest. The only thing missing is an online mode, which would have brought it - and its genre - right into the modern age. Too bad.
PSPUOL Jogos (Oct 16, 2007)
"Final Fantasy Tactics" já era um clássico, mas "War of the Lions" trouxe ainda mais robustez no PSP. O equilíbrio de jogo continua primoroso, e ainda há mais conteúdo: novas profissões, arcos de enredo, personagens e modos de jogo (ganhou um multiplayer) estendem a experiência. A produção também ganhou muito com as belíssimas introduções em computação gráfica. Talvez as mudanças não sejam suficientes uma segunda compra por aqueles que já jogaram a edição para PSOne, mas são bastante interessantes. É uma pena que o jogo seja um tanto complicado para jogadores de primeira viagem no mundo da estratégia por turnos.
PSPGameSpot (Oct 15, 2007)
There are other small annoyances that the new version retains, such as its camera, which can be rotated and tilted, but may not always give you the most helpful view. But by and large, Final Fantasy Tactics remains a great game even by modern standards, thanks to its finely tuned character development system and challenging battles that will have you using every trick in your arsenal. Whether you are a newcomer to Final Fantasy Tactics or an experienced fan, you will lose countless hours falling to War of the Lions' insistence that you take
PlayStationGame Revolution (Mar, 1998)
Yes, there are a lot of small problems with FFT, but it's still a pretty good first try. None of the problems are so hideous as to ruin the whole game. FFT is definitely for patient and strategy-wise gamers who can appreciate the subtleties of the genre. I usually prefer the speed of real-time strategy, but FFT has made me go both ways (you know what I mean). Whatever way you like it, give FFT a try; there's nothing wrong with experimenting (okay, I'll stop now).
PlayStationPGNx Media (Apr 24, 2003)
Square tried to best itself and it tried too hard in the process. The game is overdrawn, boring, and slow. I can only recommend this game to FF fans or strategy fans. The rest of us will be turned off by the abysmal gameplay, which should have turned off a lot more gamers than it deserved to. For shame, Square. This game, more than anything, is either you really like it or you really won't. I didn't care for it, but judge for yourself.
PlayStationRPGamer (Jul 09, 2000)
In closing, Final Fantasy Tactics could have been a great work of art, but it is smudged with some large imperfections. Hopefully, Square will learn from their mistakes, and bring RPGamers everywhere a sequel to be proud of.
PSPPAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (Oct 20, 2007)
War of the Lions is a good game, but players who've never played Final Fantasy Tactics might find it a bit old and cumbersome, while veterans may find the new game a little scant on new content.
PSPGamerDad (Jan 17, 2008)
And that is the main source of the disappointment - some areas feel nicely updated, but they represent less than 1% of the play time of the game. You will spend 95% of your time battling a dated interface and struggling with a system that was neither designed nor optimized for handheld gaming. Making it worse is the recent release of Jeanne D'Arc and Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, two games that show how a game can be deep and difficult to master while simultaneously being accessible and friendly for gaming on the go.
PSPComputer Bild Spiele (Nov 07, 2007)
Hassen oder lieben - angesichts dieses Spiels scheiden sich die Geister. Einerseits finden Taktikfreunde und Fans der Serie eine spannende und anspruchsvolle strategische Herausforderung. Andererseits ist das Spiel für Anfänger schwer zugänglich und ist durchweg sehr schwer. Zudem sollten Sie über gute Englischkenntnisse verfügen, denn die Gespräche und Menütexte gehen oft über das Standard-Vokabular hinaus. Das zum Beispiel ein "Coward" ein Feigling ist, muss man eben wissen. Haben Sie aber die Feinheiten verstanden, werden Sie gewiss mindestens "befriedigend" unterhalten.
PlayStationHonestGamers (Staff reviews only) (Jan 30, 2008)
The PSP re-release does a much better job of giving Ramza depth, but here he's so cardboard that Solid Snake would hide in him. The rest of the game follows suit.

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