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Final Fantasy VII Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Initial title screen with credits
First cutscene of the game... a flower girl?
The title appears at the end of a long pan back
Your hero don't even have a name yet...
Shinra Corporation. Beautiful pre-rendered backgrounds
Lots of different perspectives. Here you see everything from high above
Barret attacks with his gun. The battles use dynamic camera angles
Your best friend in console RPGs: a save point
The first boss battle of the game
One of gaming's classic moments: Cloud meets Aeris. Note the atmospheric and detailed backgrounds
Cloud executes his first Limit Break against a Shinra soldier on the streets of Midgar
In a subway train. Without doubt, Midgar is an incredible location. Pity you are taken to a standard world map with tiny villages on it after you complete this part
Midgar train station. You will return here several times
Typical Midgar district. The city oozes atmosphere
Weapons shop
Detailed locations, emotional story, goofy conversations: Final Fantasy VII :)
Yeah, back then... Nostalgic reminiscences from the past is one of FF7's main plot devices
Outside, on the 3D world map. Beautiful song accompanies the travels. In E Major :)
Battle in a rocky area. Aeris is casting Ice on the enemy. Barret is not sure which Limit Break to choose
Each town in FF7 has its own unique architecture. Beautiful design!
Bartender! Gimme... someshhng... ya know... schizophrenia-curing... Hic!!..
The dungeons in FF7 are usually rather small
The party battles a giant sandworm in a desert area
Cool! Now we've got some WHEELS!..
Ahh, the beautiful Shiva summon. Final Fantasy fans will be disappointed if they find out that the Hinduist god Shiva is actually a man...
Materia management becomes quite complex with the time
Fighting Rudy and Reno, the two so-called "Turks" (nothing to do with Turkey though), mercenaries who work for Shinra. We'll have to battle them several times during the game
Cosmo Canyon, home of Red XIII. Another beautiful, atmospheric location
Corel mine. Poor miners! I immediately think of Emile Zola's "Germinal"...
Ancient temple. Clock puzzle
Date with Aeris
Enemy house
Cloud has trouble
Buried district
Don Corneo
Beautiful disc-switching screen
With this chocobo, you can travel anywhere! Let's see if there is anything on those secluded islands
Exploring the fascinating underwater world with a submarine!
One of the game's many dramatic angles during exploration. Witness the smooth integration of FMV into pre-rendered backgrounds
Fighting soldiers and a turret. Two of my people are dead. Note the interesting commands you acquire if you find specific materia
This is the Emerald Weapon, one of the game's two hardest optional bosses
Stylish retro design of my trusty airship, the Highwind
Cruising the world in the airship! Ahh, the freedom!...
Neo-Bahamut summon is one of the most powerful attacks you'll have at your disposal
Eerie atmosphere in this late-game dungeon
This is Behemoth, one of Final Fantasy's trademark late-game tough regular monsters

Windows version

First battle
Mako reactor
Just a scratch
Inside mako reactor
Aeris' house (spinning questions marks are saving points).
When Cloud plays a football, innocent hurts, hehe.
Chocobo race is your only way outta prison (trust me when I say I have no idea how I won).
Shot down by the Shinra soldiers.
You need to warm up every now and then if you don't want to become a solid ice cube.
When president Shinra died, his son tookover. Seems this one actually has an idea.
Battling the water creatures.
Main map (you can save at any position while on this map).
Navigating a sub.
After several final battles, the ultimate one will be a knock-out easiest.

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