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Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main menu
Options screen
Lightning is a woman of little words but a lot of action.
The first enemy always feels like some sort of boss battle.
Jumping grade, Sazh 3, Chokobo 9.
The enemy is firing some beam weapon that hits multiple targets at once.
Battle results will depend on speed and the way you handle yourself during the fight which will bring you more or less experience points.
You start your exploration after the train crashes and you deal with the invaders.
Access savepoints to buy/sell or save your progress.
If the enemy sees you coming you will lose the element of surprise.
Lightning is very agile, anytime, anywhere.
Loading the game will provide you with the info on the story thus far.
Snow in a rather touchy moment with his girlfriend.
Choose your target and the way of attack each turn.
Checking the map.
There is a vast number of options, adjustments, documents, upgrades and whatnot.
Upgrading your character's class and skills, if you have enough experience points to spend.
Sazh is always showing off even though his attacks aren't that powerful.
Entering the battle with the local bestiary.
Lightning and Hope fighting a pack of Lobos.
After staggering the enemy, they will be much more susceptible to any type of attack.
Arriving at the Hope's hometown.
Snow and Fang switching sides... or do they?
Serah has picked a wrong place to land on.
You will often switch teams as the story progresses.
Approaching the enemy from behind is a good thing to start the combat.
Flandragora is susceptible to a certain elemental attack.
During combat you will often switch paradigms that will define how your characters will fight.
Paradigm shift
Lots of floating elevators... finally reached the exit.
In Gestalt mode you'll be able to deal massive damage to the enemy, but only for a limited time.
Snow is showing off against superior enemy... luckily he took its energy down while in Gestalt mode.
A boss battle in the game as usually hard and prolonged for a Square title.
The city of Cocoon
Introducing Lightning, the game protagonist
Main title
Enemy soldiers
Traveling in disguise
Secret Chocobo companion
Up close on Lightning, it's CG though
Warmech is fighting back
Enemies aren't random and you can clearly see them and try to gain advantage in combat by surprising them
Romantic ride
Surprise, surprise...
Traveling through some kind of jungle
Soldiers are attacking with everything they got
Fang is joining the team
Badguys entering the scene
Snow can use this bike for special attacks

Windows version

First fight!
Two of the main characters.
A strange portal-like thingy.
Looting a chest-like thing.
This guy looks dangerous.
The game displays some impressive architecture from time to time.
She's right.
Fighting a dangerous looking... locomotive?
You can even ride the dangerous looking locomotives.
The game has some nice lighting effects.
Inside a facility.
Intense fighting with a difficult boss.
Mutant tomatoes!
The game has its emotional moments from time to time.
Beautiful scenery

Xbox 360 version

Main menu.
The Purge train heads toward its destination.
Lighting helps the other passengers break free.
Traveling in exploration mode.
These kiosks act as both save points and stores.
Snow journeys with the group to save his cursed fiancee.
No more random encounters. You can see and avoid all battles.
Party screen.
Inventory screen for each character.
The Crystarium is where you direct each character's RPG growth.
Boss battle.
Chain hits to stagger enemies, making them weaker to further attacks.
Call up learned info on enemies during battle to refine your tactics.
Paradigm shift during battle to change each fighter's specialty on the fly.
Sneak up on enemies to get a preemptive strike.
Standing atop a lake flash-frozen into crystal.
Party allies auto-use learned magic when appropriate.
Snow in the seaside town of Bodhum, where the whole tragedy begins.

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