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PSP 13 3.6
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Combined User Score 13 3.6

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Even though I enjoyed this game a lot I still can’t give it a perfect rating, mainly since the GBA did this before and they offered two games for the same price. I enjoy this version of Final Fantasy the best, but I think they could have made this game at least ten dollars cheaper. It’s still work it in my mind, but when compared to the last remake, the price does play a factor.
iPhoneRPGFan (May 03, 2010)
As I said at the beginning, my scores on this review aren't important. If you haven't played Final Fantasy I before, you should play it. Sure, this review is for the iPhone OS version, but at this point, you can play it on a DS (via the GBA slot) or a PSP as well. This game influenced everything that came afterwards, whether the developers were trying to build on what it did right or learn from the few things it could have done better.
PSPGameSpy (Jun 22, 2007)
Anyone coming to this game free of any prior experience with Final Fantasy in its previous incarnations will not be disappointed and longtime fans of the series in general will be gratified by witnessing the roots of such a storied franchise. However, those hardcore fans that have played the GBA version may find little to bring them back except the luscious screen resolution of the PSP. Of course, that's still quite an incentive... it certainly was for us, and we've played more of Final Fantasy than we'd care to admit.
iPhoneApp Spy (Feb 25, 2010)
For fans of Final Fantasy and RPGs, this is a no brainer. A very well made port of one of the defining games of the RPG genre.
PSPPocket Gamer UK (Jun 13, 2007)
When faced with something of this grandeur, it dawns: affording Final Fantasy the chance to shine again for the first time in 20 years is possibly the best anniversary present Square Enix could have given this, its most treasured beginning.
PSPGame Informer Magazine (Jul, 2007)
Here we go again! In case you missed it on your NES, PSone, or GBA, this is your chance to play the Final Fantasy that started it all. With sharp re-done visuals, the PSP incarnation of this classic isn’t quite a port, but it’s not a remake, either. There’s a new end-game dungeon, but the gameplay is the same as ever. Plus, without the added bonus of Final Fantasy II thrown in (unlike the previous versions), the game’s bare story and characters stand out like a Chocobo in the chicken coop. This is the best version of this game out there, and every RPG fan should experience the original Final Fantasy at least once. On the other hand, if this would be your fourth or fifth time through, don’t kick yourself for passing on this gussied-up rehash.
PSPGamigo (Feb 18, 2008)
Es dauert allerdings nicht lange, da macht sich ein Gefühl in einem breit, welches sehr stark verdeutlicht, dass man mit so etwas früher wertvolle Lebenszeit vergeudet hat. Gut, das werden kommende Generationen wahrscheinlich auch über Blockbuster wie World of Warcraft sagen, aber es schmerzt auf eine ungewohnte Art und Weise. Nostalgiker, Retrofans oder aber diejenigen unter euch, die die Wissenslücke im ganz persönlichen Final Fantasy Universum schließen wollen, mögen gerne zugreifen. Wer allerdings modernen Spielspaß erwartet, wird bitterst enttäuscht. Wertungstechnisch treffen wir uns also in der Mitte. Absolute Fans der Serie dürfen gerne gedanklich ein paar Punkte draufpacken. Moderne Spieler hingegen sogar noch welche abziehen. Manche Legenden sollte man einfach ruhen lassen.
73 (Jul 18, 2007)
Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition provides very little updated material for this generation. The graphics have been touched up and there are new CG sequences; but, the overall game is still stuck in the 1980’s. It still shows. I recommend this game a rental. I can’t recommend someone to buy this if they already own the original (updated or not) Final Fantasy. It’s more of the same.
iPhoneThe Review Busters (2010)
Gaming has been a huge part of the iPod Touch/iPhone right now. Original titles are coming out weekly and classic titles are finally making their way onto the new up-and-coming portable. Square Enix has already released a few games but this is the first time they are porting over a true masterpiece, Final Fantasy. RPG fans should buy this right away. It is worth the $8.99 asking price.
PSPVideo Game Talk (Sep 08, 2007)
In the end, Final Fantasy I: Anniversary Edition is a worthy release for role-playing game enthusiasts. Despite the game's simplistic nature and its age, it has and continues to hold up very well as an enjoyable, fun role-playing game. As a person who has played through it several times, this is one of the few games I really enjoy playing again. Newcomers who have never played the original NES release or subsequent remakes (PSX, GBA) will definitely want to pick this game up. For those who already own the game in any combination of NES, PSX, and GBA. The portability aspect of the PSP version is great, as well as the enhanced graphics. On that note, I recommend double-dipping.
PSPWorth Playing (Jul 23, 2007)
Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition is an excellent visual upgrade to the original version with support for the PSP's widescreen enhanced graphics, but it only slightly improves on gameplay and offers just a small amount of new additional content. Final Fantasy is by no means a small game; you can spend well over 60 hours to complete it, thanks to the often ridiculous number of random battles you will be required to fight to slowly advance. Because of its age, Final Fantasy will appeal more to the nostalgic old-school gamers than to new modern RPG fans. Collectors will certainly want to add this bit of gaming history to their libraries, while those wanting the most value for their gaming dollar will be better off looking elsewhere.
PSPIGN (Jun 27, 2007)
If this is somehow your first time ever playing the original Final Fantasy, then you may find its basic premise and gameplay a nice distraction between bus trips. But make no mistake -- the game can't compete with more modern PSP RPGs like Valkyrie Profile or Dungeon Siege, and its decision to use only half of Dawn of Souls' content three years later with a price tag that isn't low, leaves Final Fantasy vets like myself feeling disappointed with the déjà vu.
That seems to be the problem with the title this time around. It is something that is focused on the newcomers to the genre, but neglecting the old veterans of the series. Not saying that veterans can't pick this title up and enjoy it, rather, they will most likely have one of the incarnations of the title previously released. In short, veterans stay clear, unless you are a completionist, and newcomers should be leery because it is not the Final Fantasy you may have fallen in love with first. If you are looking for a title to suck up about 15-20 hours of your gaming life, then where better to look than the title that really sparked the life sucking genre of RPGs.
66 (Jul 10, 2007)
As a whole, Final Fantasy: Anniversary Edition on the PSP doesn’t cater to a huge audience. Diehard FF fans will be disappointed by the lack of extra features, and newcomers can be frustrated by the simple design and overload of randomized battles. Still, Final Fantasy games in general are very alluring and can offer hours upon hours of gameplay, so those desperate for classic RPG action don’t need to look any further. However, on the PSP there are still plenty of other better choices for the RPG enthusiast.
PSPGamezoom (Feb 29, 2008)
Square Enix zeigt mal wieder wie gute Ports funktionieren müssen. Man spielt ein 20 Jahre altes Spiel und weiß das auch, wundert sich dann aber doch warum die Grafiken so scharf und der Ton so klar ist. Schade nur, dass es keine deutschen Texte gibt, weil gerade die jüngere Generation mit so viel Englisch vielleicht nicht klar kommt.
PSPGameSpot (Jun 25, 2007)
Whether or not Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition is worth playing depends on your expectations. Like most anything viewed through the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia, Final Fantasy I was better in the past than it is now. If all you want to do is relive the good old days in widescreen purity, you'll get 40 or more hours of merry reminiscing out of it. On its own, it's all right, but there are more interesting RPGs on the PSP.
63 (Feb 25, 2008)
Zuerst einmal: Gier ist keine Tugend! Okay, beide Spiele kosten jeweils nur 30 Euro, dennoch wäre es nicht nur sparsamer, sondern vielmehr verdammt sinnvoll gewesen, beide zusammen auf eine UMD zu pressen. Warum? Zum einen hat das schon vor gut drei Jahren bei Dawn of Souls wunderbar geklappt, zum anderen gleichen sich die Spiele zumindest technisch wie ein Oldschool-Japan-RPG dem anderen (was übrigens auch der Grund dafür ist, dass wir beide zu einem Test zusammengefasst haben). Beide sind zurecht Klassiker, die dezenten, aber stilvollen Verbesserungen sorgen für einen angenehmen Spielgenuss. Wie allerdings ein zeitgemäßes Remake auszusehen hat, hat erst vor kurzem Final Fantasy III gezeigt - den Anniversary Editions hängt ein unschöner »Jetzt nochmal schnell abgreifen, bevor's keiner mehr haben will«-Beigeschmack an.
60 (UK) (Jun 30, 2007)
In this case specifically though, FFA is much more of an insult than an actual failure. With the RPG situation on PSP as overwhelmingly dire as it currently is, Anniversary stands out as one of the more enjoyable, its simplicity and charm forever keeping it gently compelling, in spite of the irritating throwbacks inherent to its age. Really though, buying this is like only eating vanilla ice cream because the sole other available flavours are stinging nettle, tripe and gravel. Until someone finally comes up with a nice raspberry ripple or chocolate fudge, perhaps you should just go and eat something else altogether.
PSPRPG Site (Aug 23, 2009)
This game isn't perfect - it does feel like a lazy port of a wonderful classic and lacks any really notable additions outside of the pretty new graphics. Almost everything here is recycled and it does have that nasty feeling of being a cheap cash-in. At the same time this is a true classic and is a worthy purchase for anyone who hasn't played FF1 before and even for those who fancy a replay. Just don't go in expecting too much.
60 (Jul 18, 2007)
Overall time hasn't been kind to Final Fantasy, especially being held up to contemporary titles. The game works better as a time capsule, a harbinger from a different world that deserves to be studied and remembered, and played by those who want to know where we have come from, to see where we are going. It is worth playing as a time-waster, it is worth playing for the perfectly balanced updating of the past, but those seeking some mystical glimpse of the beginning of things may walk away less than satisfied.
PSPGotNext (Jun 19, 2007)
Aside the very conventional artwork, bestiary, sound test and one ultra-difficult bonus dungeon, it's the exact same game as Dawn of Souls. If you really wish to play an excellent Final Fantasy and are able to put aside the convenience of portability, Origins is your best bet. Maybe it's the lack of challenge, the visuals, or perhaps even the steep price of admission (well over $30) that will turn you off. But in truth, it's the combined impact of all these negatives that conjure the words "Not worth it." For a 20-year old Anniversary Edition, it's downright disappointing. Let's all hope that after 20 years of Final Fantasy, this PSP update is the final ethereal nail in the Warriors of Lights' coffins.
45 (Feb 11, 2008)
Si on ne doute pas un seul instant de l'intérêt de cette réédition chez Square Enix, le joueur, en revanche pourra se poser quelques questions. Si sur GBA, on avait eu droit à Dawn Of Souls qui proposait les deux premiers opus en un seul jeu, sur PSP au contraire, il faudra acquérir les deux titres séparément, qui plus est en anglais. Bref, cette version aura du mal à mettre en avant ses qualités pour légitimer son existence surtout après les très bons remakes de FF3 et 4 sur DS.