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The best brawler game of all time. Even with the slowdown. SNES scabadoo (38)
What Is With The Developers, And Not Knowing What "Final" Means? SNES MasterMegid (902)
Excellent game, not as good as the original arcade. SNES Majestic Lizard (673)

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SNES 25 3.6
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Combined User Score 25 3.6

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SNESHobby Consolas (May, 1996)
Si Capcom se hubiera esforzado un poco más a la hora de innovar, estaríamos ante uno de los más grandes títulos para Super Nintendo. Sin embargo, no ha sido así y la compañía japonesa se ha conformado con seguir la línea habitual de la saga, lo que provocará que sus seguidores no encuentren demasiados nuevos alicientes. Sin embargo, los que aún no hayan tenido ningún contacto con esta serie, descubrirán un título realmente adictivo, repleto de acción y muy entretenido.
WiiNintendo Life (Jan 06, 2010)
Final Fight 3 is a fitting end to one of the more popular arcade series from the 16-bit era. Sure some of the new additions might rub some gamers the wrong way, but it's difficult to fault Capcom for trying to liven things up a bit with an added layer of depth. The simple fact that Final Fight 3 is quite rare and commands a fairly high price tag on most auction sites makes its 800 Wii Point price tag quite a bargain for gamers who just can't get enough of Capcom's flagship beat-'em-up series. It might not be the massive leap forward that fans of the series had hoped for, but it was definitely a step in the right direction.
SNES16bit (2004)
Non c'è che dire, proprio un bel gioco 'sto FF III (ehi, non è Final Fantasy!). Non ne avrete per molto, visto che probabilmente lo finirete in una volta o poco più e anche le musiche non fanno proprio bella figura. Ma se volete un gioco disimpegnato, veloce e semplice (ma non troppo), una grafica accattivante e un gameplay spassoso e nuovo, questo gioco è quello che fa per voi. Sentite già la voglia di spaccare qualche osso ai cattivoni di turno? E allora via, siori e siore, si dia inizio alle danze!
SNESConsoles Plus (Feb, 1996)
Certes, cela défoule, mais le style (graphismes simplets et action linéaire) est antique. Pouvoir choisir parmi quatre combattants rehausse l’intérêt.
SNESVideo Games (Mar, 1996)
Ein wenig dreist ist es schon, was Capcom sich hier leistet. Im Grunde wird das altbekannte Final Fight-Spielprinzip mit den üblichen Modifikationen geboten, und damit auch der Dreier-Zusatz gerechtfertigt ist, gibt es gleich zwei neue Helden zu bewundern. Ansonsten kann an der technischen Präsentation des Spiels nicht viel ausgesetzt werden: Die zahlreichen Level bieten eine Fülle an abwechlungsreichen Gegnern, die man dank einfacher, aber vielseitiger Steuerung auf elegante Weise vertrimmen kann. Am positivsten überraschte mich die automatische Zwei-Spieler-Option, in der Ihr mit einem computergesteuerten Partner durch die Straßen ziehen könnt. Da verzeiht man auch mal ein etwas ruckliges Scrolling während des Kampfgetümmels.
SNESTotal! (Germany) (Mar, 1996)
Capcom hat wieder einmal ganze Arbeit geleistet. Für Fans der Kult-Beat-'em-Up-Serie st Final Fight 3 ein absolutes Muß, aber auch alle anderen Super-Nintendo-User, die Prügelspielen nicht abgeneigt sind, werden mit diesem Modul eine Menge Spaß haben.
If your sick of the entire "walk right and beat up a few guys" thing, then this game is not for you. If you simply feel the need to kick some ass with a hot chick, then hey, this one has your name on it. As for the moral dilemma mentioned at the start of this review, no, I won't lower the score due to repetition. This is Final Fight and it should stay that way. Don't screw with it. There's a reason this series is popular.
SNESneXGam (2002)
Mit Final Fight 3 (in Japan bekannt als ’’Final Fight Tough’’) hatte ich damals viel Spaß gehabt. Trotz des schlechte Soundtracks und des Geschwindigkeitsverlustes macht der Titel aus heutiger Sicht immer noch Laune. Hat man einen Kollegen gefunden und prügelt gemeinsam, zeigt das Game sein ganzes Potential. Die Neuerungen halten sich dennoch leider in Grenzen, Beat’em up Fans bekommen aber gute Kost geboten.
SNESGame Players (Dec, 1995)
Here's more of the same from the folks who brought you FF 1 & 2. While they've added a couple of new characters and a new play feature, it's still the same old 'Walk from left to right and hit everbody' type of thing.
SNESGameFan Magazine (Nov, 1995)
Well, I can name about 10 other Capcom titles I would like to see on the SNES before this game. For some unknown reason, the Final Fight series have gone from ground breaking action games and degenerated into the lackluster rehash that is Final Fight 3. This game isn't okay, it isn't decent. Actually, it's kinda bad. The animation is choppy, the music hurts and the graphics are below the quality I expect from a company like Capcom. Boring.
SNESMega Fun (Mar, 1996)
Final Fight begeisterte mich schon auf meinem japanischen Super Famicom, als das deutsche Super Nintendo noch in der Entwicklungsphase stand. Doch der Glanz der Pioniertage ist mit der Zeit stumpf geworden: Die einst beeindruckende Grafik ist heute nur noch Mittelmaß, und das damalige Spriteflimmern ist anno 1996 nicht mehr zu verzeihen. Besonders im Zwei-Spieler Modus verschwindet manchmal die Hälfte Eurer Spielfigur durch Spriteüberlagerungen vom Bildschirm. Auch das Waffenarsenal gefiel mir im ersten Teil besser - vor allem das Messer, mit dem man sich (als Cody) so schön als Schlitzer betätigen, aber auch als Distanzwaffe (Wurfgeschoß) einsetzen konnte, vermisse ich schmerzlich. Nur, wer die ersten beiden Teile mochte und des Spielprinzips noch nicht überdrüssig geworden ist, kommt bei Final Fight 3 voll auf seine Kosten.
SNESAll Game Guide (1998)
Final Fight 3 is an enjoyable addition to the Final Fight family, though it isn't without its problems. If you liked any of the previous Final Fight games, then you'll appreciate the additions that this game tries to make to the series.
SNESGamePro (US) (Dec, 1995)
FF 3 isn't a bad game and it adds some innovative features. But you'll quickly tire of battling wave after wave of the same enemies that you smashed to a pulp two screens ago. Maybe a more exciting fight lies ahead.
It's the game that spawned countless imitations, not least Capcom's own sequels that have appeared across Nintendo formats. Now Final fight gets Tough.
The Final Fight series is getting old quickly. Granted, the new features like the Two-player Computer Mode and special moves for the characters are a nice touch, but repetitive enemies and backgrounds plague this game. The game does not have the look or feel of the arcade as the other Final Fight game did, possibly due to the 'blah' graphics. Sorry to say that Final Fight was good in the past, but nowadays, it's just old and boring.
SNESThe Video Game Critic (Jun 01, 2005)
The "Skull Cross gang" characters are completely recycled from previous Final Fight games (including Andore and his ultra-cheap "chest" attack). It's bad enough to beat up the same five guys over and over in one game - but after three games it's just agonizing. But Final Fight 3's worst crime may be the stage locations it shamelessly copies from Streets of Rage. There's the bridge, dock, cargo hold of a ship, and - you guessed it - the obligatory moving elevator. The single stage that's even remotely interesting is the colorful Chinatown, but that's very brief. You'll want to adjust the difficulty to "hard", because at "normal" you can cruise through this game without even breaking a sweat! The shoddy audio features muffled sound effects, and the electronic soundtrack is mostly forgettable, although it does have its moments. A total rehash, Final Fight 3 continued the series on its downward spiral.