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Final Zone Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title Screen
Configuration Screen
Before entering stage 1
You are shown how many enemies of each type is on the stage
You are also shown how many of each enemy you have to destroy
The Green Hornet copters fly above you
Shooting at a Green Scorpion tank
Green Scorpion tank is now destroyed
Choosing which weapon you want to use
Firing off a bazooka
Some weapons can fire in all directions
You have a limited number of continues
Doing battle against a multi-turret tank
the tank is finished
Game Over
Ancient ruins
Enemy tanks are everywhere
Manga's Intro
You shall not pass
Limited view field
Helicopters to destroy
It's very futuristic game
This level is quite weird.
Giant head in water tank

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Configuration menu
Start of the game
Here you can change the main and option weapon, your life meter also represent weapons in stock so when you’re hit, you lose a weapon/life bar
First boss - a military train, you need to take out all its guns (this stage has auto-scrolling)
Stage 2, in all the stages there's a certain amount of targets you need to destroy (like these pesky helicopters)
Second boss fight where you're up against a pair of mechs
Picking up the item on the left restores one life bar
This stage has a limited view of field
Another boss fight
Elevator action
Shooting bazookas
Another auto-scrolling boss fight
Stage with moving floor, dashing (double tapping the d-pad in a direction) is instrumental here
A mech comes charging at me
Some unidentifiable thing in the water tank
Stage 7, that red mech moves around A LOT