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Fire & Forget II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Starting out
Shooting an enemy.
I got the first boss.
Starting the next area
I lost all my cars. This doesn't look good.
Enter my initials for high score.

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
On the road
Shooting at enemies.
They killed me.
Game over

Commodore 64 version

Dodging obstacles
Small enemies
Blasting some enemies
Bigger enemies
Title screen
Intro shot

DOS version

A game by Titus interactive (VGA).
Intro shot (VGA).
Title screen (VGA).
The start of the game (VGA).
Firing at some mechs (VGA).
Flying (VGA).
The leader of the first level (VGA).
The mysterious Leader (VGA).
Level 2 (VGA).
Some weird cars (VGA).
Flying enemies (VGA).
As the timer indicates, I have almost reached the leader (VGA).
Firing a rocket while I have a shield power up (VGA).
Fuel (blue, driving) and kerosine (red, flying) (VGA).
The helmet power up gives you an extra life (VGA).
Killed by the leader of level 3 (VGA).
Picking up missiles in level 5 (VGA).
The leader launches a nuke (VGA).
Game Over (VGA).
High scores (VGA).
Titus logo (CGA).
Loading screen (CGA).
Title screen (CGA).
The game begins (CGA).
Wow... Flying with our car (CGA).
Level 1 final boss (CGA).
Our evil enemy (CGA).
Level 2 (CGA).
The game is over (CGA).
Game Over screen (CGA).
High-Scores table (CGA).

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Jumping nasties
Nasties on hover bikes
Taking off
Too late!
Game over
High score list