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Fireflash ZX Spectrum Loading Screen.


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The compilation includes 2 games, namely Fireflash and Destroyer. Fireflash which is the lead title, was originally published within this compilation and Destroyer was originally published within the compilation Games Pack 1 also published by Abacus.


Fireflash is a missile defence game where the main goal is to protect a base from continuous extraterrestrial attacks and a subsequent invasion. The base has as defences two turrets located longitudinally at each extremity of the screen which emit horizontal laser beams, and four anti-missile platforms distributed from the centre to the laterals where the laser turrets are located that fire anti-craft missiles. The first ones are specific for short-range defence and the second ones for long and medium-range.

The management of both types of fire-power must be differentiated: the laser turrets shouldn't be excessively used because they might became overheated and therefore temporarily non-operational, and as for as the anti-missile platforms take some time to be reloaded, it might be necessary to alternate their use.

In the subsoil there are respectively four supply channels connected together by a main artery leading to the anti-missile platforms allowing them to be reloaded. If any channel is damaged its respective platform will become non-operative. If the main artery is damaged the dependent platforms could also become inactive.

The attacks either will come from bombs that will fragment themselves in multiples if not destroyed in time; from spaceships that can escape from the range of the laser turrets and may decimate the entire surface of the base; and finally from an atomic bomb that if not destroyed in time will annihilate the entire base allowing an extraterrestrial mother-ship to invade the planet, ending the game. If the nuclear bomb is intercepted the invasion is aborted and the player has passed the level.


In Destroyer, which carries the name of the ship the player commands, the goal is to escort some merchant ships that are sailing from the right to the left of the screen and intercept the enemy submarines with dropping charges before they can emerge and fire their precise deadly missiles against them. Every time an enemy missile is allowed to be fired a merchant ship will be lost.

The player has to destroy 5 enemy submarines before 10 of the merchant ships are sunk. The lower the casualties, the higher the player's score will be.

The destroyer will not be targeted by the enemy, but itself could pose a deadly threat both to the merchant ship and the player if a collision occurs between them. The game is immediately over if that situation occurs, or if the player wasn't able to safely sail away from the blast of his own charge. These two situations are the only direct threats to the destroyer.

The enemy submarines can only fire if they are on the surface and then they are represented by the submarine's periscope. If the destroyer is sailing near an enemy submarine, it will not surface. If the player can't visually observe the enemy, he can instead detect them with his sonar, where a higher pitch indicates a short distance an enemy is located from the destroyer. If it turns green, then a ship is in range to blast an enemy submarine by dropping a charge.


Fireflash ZX Spectrum Just one platform left. Missile intercepting a bomb that just fragmented itself in two pieces.
Fireflash ZX Spectrum Intercepting the last fragmented piece of a bomb.
Fireflash ZX Spectrum Loading Screen.
Fireflash ZX Spectrum Nothing left to defend the base.

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