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First Battalion Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu where WWII videos are blurred on the background.
Viewing the action from directly above the turret.
The first mission actually works as a tutorial.
Approaching the first enemy units.
Tanks are built for the country roads, not the highways, note the mines warning signs on the side of the road.
In every war game that respects reality, bridges have always an important role and are guarded well.
Aircrafts have a role in this game, as they either support or attack you. Here a Luftwaffe bomber squad is performing an exciting low sweep to bomb the targets in front of us.
Climbed on the hill and taking out enemy units from a safe distance. Luckily the surrounding vegetation camouflages my tank.
Unless they spot me for being stationary for so long and they begin firing at me. Here I took a good direct hit!
My boys are ready to hit this supply depot. Note the exciting maneuver of the Stuka aircraft on the top left.
This mission requires us to bring the whole fuel depot down, in order to do that you have to shoot and destroy the green gas containers.
Entering Stalingrad... the devastation of war is evident everywhere you turn your eyes on...
Shooting mines that lie on our path with the machine gun.
The green reticule indicates that there is an enemy behind what used to be a window once... A panzer sniper perhaps.
Enemy vehicles are smart and they don't loose an opportunity to surprise you.
They come out of every corner, but once you score a direct hit on the enemy their vehicle bursts metal debris on the air.
The Soviet T-34, they all look like Ladas to me :) A bit low poly for a starring vehicle, thank the texturers for doing a wonderful job, otherwise it would really be a miss.
Yohoho! My little Lada is puffing smoke! But in fact that's the right way of a properly functioning Lada :) but the icon down on the right says that I'm hit.
Time for repairs! Approach the little building with the red cross on and you'll be repaired... if your comrade clears your path, that is.
Taking out watchtowers from a distance.
Some of the important tasks require that you go solo without the help of your squad.
I always thought that tanks can climb every obstacle! But not in this game they don't.
It's amazing what kind of tricks can these Germans do with their vehicles to impress you!
The graphics of the game are very well done, in fact they are so good that compliment well the thought that war is only good for computer games and not reality...
Viewing your tank from a distance.
A panzer squad is attacking us!
Checking out an enemy flak gun with the binoculars.
The welcoming committee of that village is not so friendly to us.
Me and my comrades did that! Well we'd better off head back to the camp and have a few shots of Stalin Vodka.
Sometimes the vegetation is not enough to let you hide from the enemy, you've got to keep moving.
Fighting the enemy while taking cover in the nearby forest.
Your tank can pass through shallow lakes.
Taking out enemy infantry with the machine gun.
The graphical realism is impressive in this game, note the holes of the shells on the wall of that building.
Once you complete a mission it's time for another iron cross for your collection and the necessary propaganda.