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First Samurai Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
The story so far...
Starting the game
That's some serious firepower
That's an ugly rock... or something
I died
Game over

Commodore 64 version

The Beginning
A bat went past
Sword! That's a personal weapon
Climbing a pole
Get the #@!% off my face!
Behind a waterfall
Flamed by a dragon
Using logs to cross the waterfall

DOS version

Vivid Image Company Logo
Title Screen
Look at those muscles!
Intro sequence
Opening credits
In the transition from travelling in the past to the present future
Voila! That's you! Now where's did I put my katana?
Throwing knives are whole lot better than punching those monsters
Now I have my sword and found a new axe!
This mission starts atop a subway train.
Yes, you can fall off of it.
Trying to punch a bat in the face.
Wielding my sword against some street thugs.
This level is reminiscent of Neo-Tokyo.
Sneaking up on a mercenary.
Fighting in the sewers.
High scores. Hey look at all those Turkish names!
This level takes place on a neverending elevator.

SNES version

Title screen
Intro to stage one
Fighting against a giant stone head
Bells can be used to summon ghosts that help you in different ways. In this case it starts raining which puts out the fire on the platforms.
Fire-breathing enemy