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iPhone148apps (Sep 01, 2009)
This game has hours and hours of game play in it. It's also very reasonably priced for what you are getting. The only drawback might be that if you have already played this game to the end on another platform, which means you may be fed up with fish...
iPhoneApp Spy (Nov 23, 2008)
This is a fantastic game to have on your iPhone and is worth the current price, but if you’re not crazy about looking after fish, maybe try the lite version and see if it’s something you could get into.
iPhoneSlide to Play (Feb 11, 2009)
This is a very slow-paced game that you play over the course of weeks, not minutes or hours, and it takes lots of trial and error to get anywhere. Plus, the graphics are very middling. Nevertheless, it's pretty likely that fans of virtual life and business management games will get addicted. Fish Tycoon gets a 3.
WindowsGameZebo (Jul 04, 2008)
Fish Tycoon is a fun and refreshingly different kind of download that folds in a virtual pet game, a business simulation and a mystery. While not for everyone, it's certainly worth playing around for your 60 minutes of free play to see if the real-time game-play is for you.
WindowsOut Of Eight (Dec 05, 2005)
Fish Tycoon has all the heart-pounding excitement of having a real fish. Sometimes, games need to break from reality in order to make a game fun, and Fish Tycoon does not do this. Everything runs in real time, so raising a fish takes the appropriate amount of time. This makes a good pet, but a mind-numbing game. The game had potential to be semi-interesting, if it included 3-D graphics and faster paced gameplay, but Fish Tycoon falls a little short of these goals.
Nintendo DSIGN (Nov 06, 2007)
Fish Tycoon isn't bad, it's just boring. The 3D fish and aquariums are well done, but the gameplay is dull, overly-complicated and everywhere outside of the tank lacks polish. The magical fish story aspect is regularly forgotten and selling a fish is probably more work than it would be in real life. Any aquarium lovers out there that just want to see fish floating around on their DS might get their twenty dollar's worth out of this game. Everyone else should avoid it.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2006)
Die Fischzucht-Simulation Fish Tycoon räumte Preise für Kindertauglichkeit ab. Warum, bleibt fraglich. Immerhin kann man in dem hässlichen 2D-Aquarium sogar zwei weibliche Fische miteinander kreuzen. Der Verkauf der Tiere bringt Geld, das Sie in Deko und Forschung stecken. Investieren Sie lieber in eine Packung Fischstäbchen.
Nintendo (UK) (Apr 09, 2008)
Checking on the developer's forums, I found that there's an effective strategy to follow to win (as well as discovering this is a port of an old PC game, where pottering about in a separate window while you're doing boring office work makes a little more sense), but why aren't there hints in-game? Even if there were, it wouldn't excuse the terrible graphics and extremely limited interaction. Even my girlfriend, who normal gets obsessive about these sorts of pet games, lasted a day before she gave up. "Just let them die," was her uncommonly heartless reply to my query toward her inaction. I'm inclined to agree.