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AmigaCommodore User (Oct, 1988)
With graphics that have made Magnetic Scrolls adventures unique in their field. Fish is a completely off-beat affair. It will have you gurgling with mirth, until the air-bubbles trickle up your cheeks.
AmigaZzap! (Dec, 1988)
It's getting a bit boring really. Every Magnetic Scrolls adventure gets praised to the skied, wins a thousand (or thereabouts) awards and gets an incredibly high mark in all the magazines. You'd think they could produce a dud once in a while just for variety's sake (what do you mean, you can't imagine that...just use your brain will you?) Well, so far hey haven't, so Fish! is just going to have to get another rave review. Altogether it's slick, subtle and sparkles with subaquatic humour. What more could your average haddock want?
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Mar, 1989)
Although the three sub-adventures don’t take too long to complete (Are you sure about this? — Nick), they do add variety — the game isn’t wholly about fish. The main adventure requires more skill and exploration, containing many red herrings (groan). But if you get stuck, you can always type in special codes for very subtle hints. However, even failure isn’t too frustrating when there is so much side-splitting humour to enjoy. Some adventures use humour to hide a shallow plot, but Fish! combines laughs with thoughtful, challenging problems. In fact, writing this review was made infinitely more difficult by the fact that Nick and Skippy were playing it 24 hours a day! (And they don’t normally play adventures).
More gameplay than Corruption, better game design than Jinxter, and not as quirky as The Pawn. This is definitely MS's best release since Guild of Thieves, even if version 1.0 on the ST is spoilt by some careless programming.
More gameplay than Corruption, better game design than Jinxter, and not as quirky as The Pawn. This is definitely MS's best release since Guild of Thieves, even if version 1.0 on the ST is spoilt by some careless programming.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (May, 1989)
But one thing you cannot say is that Fish! is just another mundane adventure. It's one I've kept loading up, returning to each of the warps in turn and trying to make a bit more progress in the hope of getting through to the following major part of the adventure which takes place in Hydropolis. It's tough going! It's also full of funny finny jokes, leaving no fish unpunned, and no barrel unscraped in the quest for aquatic cracks. Spectrum adventurers seem to like that kind of thing - and they should definitely like Fish! (Can I have that fiver now, Snouty?)
AmigaAmiga User International (Jan, 1989)
This apart, fISH! has all you could want in an adventure, humour, puzzles and the usual Mag Scroll high quality pull down graphics. Now where did I leave my fishing rod, I think after playing this, I have developed quite a liking for fishies.
Here is an adventure full of fishy puzzles and puns, (try playing The Prawn, or Gilled of Thieves on the university mainframe...) that is guaranteed to produce shoals of laughter as you scratch your scales trying to fathom its depths.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Oct, 1988)
Here is an adventure full of fishy puzzles and puns, (try playing The Prawn, or Gilled of Thieves on the university mainframe...) that is guaranteed to produce shoals of laughter as you scratch your scales trying to fathom its depths.
Atari STAtari ST User (Jan, 1989)
Fish! is highly unusual, not to say crazy, entertainment. It has many of the characteristics of Rainbird's previous adventures - excellent input analyser, a wealth of humorous text, pop-down options, plenty of colour graphics. But the best parts are the zany plot and the variety of puzzles. Rainbird and Magnetic Scrolls have pulled it off again. Fish! is a highly amusing and entertaining adventure, well up to the standard set, by their earlier products. Laughter is good for the sole so rays a smile and have a whale of a time playing Fish! Sorry, couldn't resist it.
AmigaAmiga Computing (Feb, 1989)
Another first class adventure from Magnetic: Scrolls, suitable for all adventurers with a sense of humour, Cypheric hints are given for the confused - even if the code does take an age to type in! Great value for 25 squid.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Apr, 1989)
Hang about though, 'cos the gameplay is definitely worth it, and if you haven't got the dosh right now, scrape a lot of slime around in the bottom of your piggy bank until you find it. If It weren't for the shock, horror, hand me a dram of lizard's blood price and the pretty average stone the crows graphics, I'd he awarding this a Sizzler As it is, it's getting a Chuck Vomit thumbs up. And that's not bad coming from me - especially when it's a net full of fish. Gloop, gloop.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Nov, 1988)
The puzzles in the trio of opening adventures are fairly simple and a good introduction to what is to come. Graphics are of a very high standard and the prose is interesting to read. Supplied complete with facts about the Seven Deadly Fins, how to look after your fish and Warping For Beginners, Fish! is a must... even if it is difficult to write about without including a pun in every line.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Dec, 1988)
Das Vokabular der RAINBIRD/Magnetic Scrolls-Adventures ist ebenfalls immer in Ordnung. Das das Ganze jedoch in Englisch ist, sollte man schon über mindestens durchschnittliche Englischkenntnisse verfügen. Auszusetzen gibt es an diesem Adventure eigentlich gar nichts. Allenfalls ein paar mehr Grafiken hätten‘s sein dürfen. Und: Auch RAINBIRD verwendet Sicherheitsabfragen aus der englischen (!) Anleitung, die ebenfalls der Packung beiliegt. Story und Atmosphäre schlagen aber das Gros der Adventures, die zur Zeit auf dem Markt sind. Einen FISH sollte jeder Adventure-Spieler zu Hause haben. Sie können sicher sein, daß in diesem Adventure immer ein Fettnäptchen bereitsteht, in das Sie unweigerlich reintreten werden.
AmigaPower Play (Jan, 1989)
Das neue Magnetic Scrolls-Adventure “Fish“ ist auch auf dem Amiga eine wahre Freude. Außer einer (etwas wäßrigen) Titelmusik wurde nichts gegenüber der Atari ST-Version geändert. Die Story ist klasse, der Parser wasserdicht und die Puzzles anspruchsvoll: Für Adventurespieler mit guten Englischkenntnissen und etwas Fantasie unbedingt empfehlenswert.
Atari STPower Play (Oct, 1988)
Bei Fish stimmt einfach alles: eine aberwitzige Geschichte, spritzige Texte, schöne Bilder, Texte und Parser haben dasselbe hohe Niveau wie die anderen Adventures von Magnetic Scrolls. Fast alle englischen Sätze, mögen Sie auch recht kompliziert sein, werden vom Programm verstanden, was die Laune und den Spielspaß hebt. Vor allem getaut mir die Idee der drei Mini-Adventures: Man kann sie unabhängig voneinander lösen und stimmt sich so prima auf den Hauptteil ein.
Atari STNew Computer Express (Dec, 1988)
Despite sounding as though its authors are severely unhinged, Fish is one of the easier and more user-friendly Mag Scrolls' adventures, and relies on straightforward puzzle solving rather than esoteric inputs. The command system is more than adequate and gameplay is sufficiently engrossing to ensure an enjoyable passage through what could easily be the craziest adventure release of the year.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (Mar, 1989)
It you like the cringemaking MS sense of humour, you'll probably enjoy Fish; but it seems to ms that the plot doesn't hang together as well as previous offerings Worth £16? You'd be shark raving made {Fyak!}
Atari STThe One (Dec, 1988)
Although the parser doesn't seem to have advanced much since Guild or Corruption, the overall game structure Is slightly better than both of these. The graphics are up to Magnetic Scroll's usual high standard (although there are a couple of dodgy pictures in there). There are plenty of puzzles to find and overcome, ranging from difficult to (almost) too difficult. That said, Fish! is quite possibly their easiest adventure to date. It's certainly their most enjoyable.
AmigaThe One (Dec, 1988)
Gameplay-wise, Fish! on the Amiga is identical to it's ST and PC stablemates. Graphically there's hardly any difference at all. and the only enhancements are the addition of speech and some incredibly whacky title screen music including sampled bubbling noises and the occasional cat howl.
Commodore 64Power Play (Mar, 1989)
Die Bilder sind leider nicht so schön wie bei den Vorgängern, aber immer noch sehenswert. Dafür wird man vom Rest des Adventures geködert: eine spritzige Geschichte, wasserdichter Parser und Puzzles, die härter zu knacken sind als Hummerschalen. Man sollte allerdings gut Englisch verstehen, sonst säuft der Spielspaß ab.
Atari STJoystick (German) (Jan, 1989)
Das ganze Produkt präsentiert sich als gut durchdacht. Texte, über die man herzlich lachen kann, auf der einen Seite, gute Ortsbeschreibungen auf der anderen. Abgerundet wird das Ganze dann von dem sehr guten Parser und hervorragenden Grafiken. Zusammenfassend möchte ich Fish! jedem Adventure Freak ans Herz legen. Es ist eine Anschaffung, die sich lohnt.