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Flashback: The Quest for Identity Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

New CG intro sequence; same as on the Sega CD.
Grabs a bike...
...tries to escape...
CD version title.
The main menu has a rotating model of Conrad.
First screen for comparison. Game art hasn't been recoloured or redrawn.
The inventory menu pops in from below, shifting the screen.
All cutaways (cutscenes, picking up items, etc) are now prerendered CG.
Conrad prepares to "drop in!", complaints to the usual address.
Saving your buddy in Level 2.
Climbing the Death Tower in Level 3.
Back in town for Level 4.

Amiga version

Title screen.
Intro - Trying to escape.
Intro - Got shot down!
Waking up in the jungle.
Level 1 - jungle.
Level 1 - Enemy below.
Level 1 - lifts.
Level 1 - a wounded man.
Aliens have erased my memory...
Level 2 - lift.
Level 2 - Well, at least some people are friendly around here.
Level 2 - Checkpoint.
Level 2 - Future transit.
Level 2 - Shifty business.
Level 2 - Outside the Death Tower.
Level 2 - Work Agency.
Level 2 - Saving game at a save game point.
Level 3 - Death Tower - Reality TV gone bad.
Level 3 - This level has a blue palette for the most part.
Level 3 - Hey, mom! I'm on TV!
Won the Death Tower TV show - next stop planet Earth!
On my way to Earth.
Earth of the future!
The bad guys get tougher to beat as the game goes on.
The bad guys in this level have rocket packs.
Spying on a meeting.
Either that guy is an alien or he needs a serious face lift.
Escaping from the cell.
A maze of sorts.
Watch out for the poison gas traps.
Another world?
Alien planet.
It's kind of weird around here...
A bridge.
Energy generator.
A door stands in your way...

DOS version

Main Menu
Intro sequence
Intro sequence (CD version)
Flashback CD title
Control Instructions
Beginning the game
Jungle - Let's kill the one on the right first!
Jungle - That little robot thingy will be history in a few seconds
A mutant is behind the door!..
Using the zoom option for an up close view.
In a jail cell... It's time for a prison break!
A gun! Now I can fight!
Level 2: New Washington
Level 2: An elevator lift
Level 2: Walking around the city of New Washington
Level 2: The subway will take you to different parts of the city
Level 2: The Administrative Center
Electric death
Subway map
Work to pay for your pass for the show
City - European style futuristic cityscape
City - Shooting the guards while going down with the elevator
TV Show - Don't step on the mines
TV Show - Everywhere is filled with these tiny probe-like things.
Last work
Cutscene, the ship
Cutscene, in space
You have the credits to call a taxi
Last step before the dance floor
Arriving at the alien planet
The alien planet
Some strange dripping substances in the alien world
A scene with an evil Morph
Continue or abort game
Game Over

FM Towns version

Title screen
Intro: Conrad is running away...
...then flying away
Man... such a hangover...
Don't shoot, Conrad. There is no one here... yet
Damn it, I should've known I couldn't handle all that vodka yesterday
Arrrr..... yecchhhh... I will... make it... 50 push-ups every day...
Great. Now I must use items? I thought it was an action game
What a nice TV show, but I've got stomach ache
Look, let's just give him a chance. Maybe he is not a maniacal killer after all
Yuck... what is this place??..
Using generators... how very advanced
Happy talk show!
Man, I wanna go back to Earth...
Conrad, when did you learn Japanese?..
Hey Conrad, I just wanted to demonstrate your smooth death animation. Hehe. Haha. Muaaa-hhahaha!!..
Those pesky aliens... *mumble, mumble*
Finally... a save point!
Conrad, you've been playing too many FM Towns games. Look at your face

Genesis version

Title screen
Options of the Genesis version
What a city...
Is this... a TV show?
Using an item
Those pesky enemies!
Wake up! Wake up!
Guess that's the farthest I can go
Finding an object
Using a holocube...
Some explanation
This guy should be eliminated...
The game conveniently spares you the pixel hunting

Jaguar version

Title Screen
Opening Movie
First Level - The Jungle
Ian' Place in New Washington
Death Tower Game Show
The Return to Earth
Enemy Hideout
The Morph Planet

Macintosh version

Title screen
Intro sequence
Intro sequence
Intro sequence
Intro sequence
Intro sequence
Conrad B. Hart
Level 1 - Titan Jungle
Level 1 - Titan Jungle
Level 1 - Titan Jungle
Level 3 - Cyber Tower
Level 3 - Cyber Tower
Level 6 - Alien Homeworld
Level 6 - Alien Homeworld
Level 6 - Alien Homeworld

SEGA CD version

Title Screen
Right, let's hope this holds.
Finding an item.
Trust me, just jump!
Welcome to New Washington.
Only way a guy can get a drink.
Use the subway to get around New Washington.
Become a contestant on The Cyber Tower game show.
Conrad on his morning constitutional.
One of the game's revamped cutscenes.
Let's see who's the quicker shot.
Try to survive the Planet of Morphs.

SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Hmm, how can I pass through?
Conrad and his bike
Too late, suckers! He's gone!
Good that I can see those aliens from above
From the intro sequence
Fumbling in your inventory
Weirdly beautiful view, like in "Another World"
Hey, where the hell are you?!..
Trying to climb that ledge...
This pesky guy is always after you
Wake up, Conrad!
I think I stepped onto something...
Some in-game actions lead to an animated cut scene
A duel
TV station? What the...
Options menu
A cut scene between levels
I'd better be careful...
Conrad has fell down!
Conrad is dead
Wow, some talking!
Back to the Earth!
Is this the Earth?!..
The plot thickens
This is surely a strange place...
Weird organic growing
Operating a switch

Official Screenshots

  • Flashback: The Quest for Identity Screenshot
    Delphine Software website
  • Flashback: The Quest for Identity Screenshot
    Delphine Software website
  • Flashback: The Quest for Identity Screenshot
    Delphine Software website
  • Flashback: The Quest for Identity Screenshot
    Delphine Software website