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Flicky Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Start Screen.
Collect your friends.
Put them in the exit.
You got hit.
Bonus Round.
Round 4.
Watch the cat.

Genesis version

Title screen
Explanations about the game
With a chicken on the back, it's difficult to fly...
Hi there, kitty! Long time no see!
Hey, maybe it is the wrong door?..
A level with an elephant
Come quick, little guys!
This is a bonus round; it appears after three regular ones
Go get 'em!
A fierce battle on the floor
I take some time to smell the flower and to chat with the butterfly
The chickens seem to be in a sort of trouble...
Looking in the mirror, I see a handsome middle-aged blue dude with an attitude
Ultra-futuristic level... or whatever it is
Here I must fly a lot. Not much floor, that's the problem...
Beautiful nocturnal level
The Path to Infinity...
Nice, cozy room... with a weird car at the top
Want to drink some coffee?
Hey, how can I pass? The wall is blocking the way!
Where to go now?..
For Sega fans - beat first 10 stages with a perfect score and you'll see a half-naked girl shake her booty at the bottom of the screen

MSX version

Title screen
Find your chicks...
collect them and return them safely home
First level completed
A bonus round
Catch your chicks for bonuses
New level, collect your chicks again

PC-88 version

Title screen
About to get caught.

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Start of the game, round 1
Striking a pose while being chased by two cats
Bonus round
Bonus round score
If you press the ESC key during a game you can select the round and number of lives, and also tweak the game's physics, like speed, weight, inertia and friction

SG-1000 version

Title screen
The gameplay. I found the placement of the platforms a little off.

Windows version

Title screen and instructions
How to play
Start of the game
Throw things at cats.
Bonus round
Game Over
Many platforms
A small maze

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