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Combined User Score 6 3.2

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AmigaRaze (Nov, 1990)
Overall, Flight of the Intruder is a tour de force in simulation programming. The program shows that care and attention has been applied to the project. The 3-D graphics have been well programmed, especially considering the amount of info onscreen at once. For the moment at least, Flight of the Intruder is the king of the skies.
DOSThe One (Jul, 1990)
FOTI doesn't just feature everything that Falcon has - it also comes complete with everything you wished it had. The speed of the 3D allows even more complex manoeuvres, and the choice of planes, the variety of options and the auto-intelligence ensure that it far outdoes its predecessor.
Gesteuert wird mit Maus, Joystick oder Tastatur, wobei das Keyboard zusätzlich noch mit allen möglichen Funktionen belegt ist - und zwar beinahe ebenso durchdacht (G=Gear, etc.) wie vollständig! Die Grafik ist schön, detailreich und sehr flott, ab 14 Mhz geradezu atemberaubend schnell. Auch das Begleitmaterial ist über jeden Zweifel erhaben, gleich drei verschiedene Anleitungsbücher informieren auf Deutsch und wahrlich umfassend. Die einzige (kleine) Enttäuschung gibt es beim Sound, der für PC-Verhältnisse zwar nicht schlecht ist, sich unter Adlib aber kaum verbessert. Abgesehen von diesem Schönheitsfehler ist Flight of the Intruder ein makelloses Spiel — die Meßlatte für nachfolgende Simulationen liegt damit wieder ein ganzes Stückchen höher!
DOSZero (Aug, 1990)
It takes a lot to stop me in my tracks, I can tell you. But the game itself nearly did: it's rather fab, you see. The flight sim has been crossed with a tank sim and the result is a winner. Not now the simple 'fly from A to B, blow up B and fly back to A again' scenario. Now you have to adopt a strategy and get involved in some serious map work. Now you have to press even more buttons. Now you need to have three brains and a hundred pairs of arms. Playing the game 'properly' may be absolute murder but it's eminently satisfying.
AmigaCU Amiga (Oct, 1991)
An excellent and classy adaptation of the novel.
Atari STST Format (Oct, 1991)
You'd be forgiven if you thought that all flight-sims are the same - most of them are. FOTI is sufficiently different and has enough new elements to make it an exciting, pulse-heightening experience. With a bit of practice, you'll get a great deal from it and enjoy yourself immensely. You may, however, need to take a spare pair of trousers for the first few carrier landings. [pages 68f]
AmigaAmiga Action (Apr, 1991)
It was a long time coming but it has finally happened. Falcon has been beaten! Mirrorsoft have come up a flight sim so excellent that you could mistake it for the real thing. That will never be a case but this is the closest you' re going to get to reality. The graphics are excellent and the update smooth and fast. Sound is also very realistic. Presentation is superb. Rowan Software have spent a great deal of care and attention in putting the product together. Congratulations to Mirrorsoft for a masterpiece.
Atari STST Action (Mar, 1993)
Confirmed as one of the finest flying games by one and all. Play as either a sim or shoot'em-up. Either way, it's marvellous.
With the exception of the auto-pilot feature and one or two more alternative views, Flight of the Intruder does not really offer much more in terms of features than other recent flight simulators. What it does offer is the chance to fly two planes not likely to be featured in any other simulators. Taking off from and landing on a carrier is a whole different kettle of fish to doing the same thing on an airstrip. Playability is also superb. Flight of the Intruder is definitely recommended if you fancy something a little different.
AmigaAmiga Joker (May, 1991)
Steuern kann man die Kisten aber auch mit Joystick oder Maus, ganz vorzüglich sogar. Die Grafik ist selbst auf der höchsten Detailstufe noch erstaunlich schnell und steht der VGA-Version nicht nach, ein paar der Screens wurden sogar neu gezeichnet. Selbst der Sound ist am Amiga hervorragend, die exzellenten FX erinnern ein bißchen an „F-16 Falcon“. Der langen Rede kurzer Sinn: Wer die Einarbeitung in ein hochkomplexes Programm nicht scheut, findet mit Flight of the lntruder die Simulation seiner Träume!
(page 28)
AmigaPlay Time (May, 1991)
Beide Versionen bieten schnelle Animation und anständige Grafik die an den VGA PC Standart reicht.
DOSPlay Time (May, 1991)
Ich selbst mag ‘Flight of the Intruder‘, da es einen Tempowechsel bietet, zwischen dem militärischen Kampfsimulator der hauptsächlich Tieffliegen und Allwetter-Angriffe fordert und der Phantom, die freiwillige Aufregung und Luftschlachten ermöglicht. Die Landung auf dem Träger ist immer noch mein Problem, aber dies ist ein Spiel, das Sie noch lange, nach dem Falcon und seinen Mission-Disketten der Sprit ausgegangen ist, spielen werden.
Atari STAtari ST User (Oct, 1991)
In conclusion, Flight of the Intruder is a simulator which is much friendlier than ThunderHawk, and is more atmospheric than the hundreds of Stealth sims on the market. One of the best ST games I've played in ages. Love it, love it, love it.
Atari STST Format (Jan, 1993)
An immensely complicated, but very realistic flight sim which puts you firmly in the pilot's seat. It's only real rival is MicroProse's utterly brilliant F19 Stealth Fighter, but at a mere £14.99, Flight of the Intruder makes an ideal introduction to this genre.
Atari STThe One for ST Games (Jun, 1991)
FOTI is a rarity among flight sims: absolutely anyone can play it and enjoy it, no matter how basic or advanced their skill - and for a reasonable £29.99 you even get a copy of the novel thrown in!
Atari STST Action (Jan, 1993)
This is one of the classic flight sims of all time on the ST. It didn't really get the success it deserved first time because of Mirrorsoft's downfall. Pick it up at this cheap rate now while you have the chance though.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Sep, 1991)
Insgesamt ist FOTI fürn ST ein solides Machwerk mit hervorragendem deutschen Handbuch, das schon allein den Stern verdient hätte. Allen „Falcon-Geschädigten“ wird FOTI schlaflose Nächte bereiten!
Entäuschend fielen die FX aus. Das ständige Motorendröhnen wird schnell nervig. Das hat man schon wesentlich besser gehört. Dafür — und letzendlich kommt es ja auch darauf an — stimmt spielerisch alles, so daß Flight of the Intruder auch jedem Amiga-Besitzer empfohlen werden kann.
AmigaAmiga Power (Dec, 1991)
Marvellously absorbing stuff. Not the most accomplished flight sim, but atmospheric as anything. And you can link two computers so one of you can fly an Intruder, the other his wingman in a Phantom. Great stuff.
DOSPower Play (Aug, 1990)
Nach dem Mager-Programm "Tank" hat Spectrum Holobyte wieder einen Volltreffer gelandet. Massenweise Aufträge, Einstelloptionen im Überfluß, ein Missionseditor und ein Fluggefühl, das dem "F-16 Falcon" in nichts nachsteht, sorgen für monatelangen Flieger-Spaß.
AmigaInfo (Jan, 1992)
Flying the game is complicated, and unless you're an old hand at combat flight sims, it will take considerable practice to avoid being shot down immediately. You have your choice of piloting an A-6 Intruder or F-4 Phantom II and you can also have up to seven friendly support planes with you (and you'll need them). There are 13 preset missions and you can also make up your own. The only lack I see in the game is that you can't take the Vietnamese side. Incidentally, FOTI runs fine under 2.0, and there's a menu item supporting ICD's AdSpeed accelerator to speed up the graphics, a considerate touch I'd like to see more often.
Atari STPlay Time (Sep, 1991)
Als Fazit muß man sagen, daß die Grafik zu stark hinter dem sonst vorhandenem Realismus zurück bleibt.
Atari STComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jun, 1991)
A complex simulation of Vietnam air operations.
A complex simulation of Vietnam air operations.
A complex simulation of Vietnam air operations.
DOSCompute! (Mar, 1991)
Players who like uncomplicated simulations that you can simply boot and play or those who like to see a lot of pretty scenery from the cockpit window should definitely skip Flight of the Intruder. On the other hand, serious gamers willing to spend a little more time in flight school should give Intruder a shot, particularly because it covers a major period in U. S. military history that has been largely overlooked by other simulations.
DOSPower Play (Oct, 1990)
(XT version)
Das einstmals flinke Maschinchen bewegt sich in Zeitlupe über den Bildschirm. Um bei der CGA-Grafik einen Feind zu erkennen, braucht man eine Lupe. Spielbar, aber deutlich zu langsam.
On the whole, you never feel the “need for speed” or full throttle mayhem, which leaves the game wanting. There is a fair chunk of variety here and decent presentation, but dull gameplay and lack of focus on any particular mode leaves this pilot missing in action.
Overall, Flight of the Intruder is a tour de force in simulation programming. The program shows that care and attention has been applied to the project. The 3D graphics have been well programmed, especially considering the amount of information on-screen at once. For the moment, at least, Flight of the Intruder is the king of the flight simulations by offering a more varied and comprehensive approach to combat flight.
0 (Jan, 2012)
12 missions of this tripe? No thanks, I’m going AWOL. Had they made a game based on “Flight of the Navigator,” I’d give slightly more of a damn. Flight of the Intruder should be dishonorably discharged.