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Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in Electronic Games, November 1984:


    What's it like to have the lightning feet and fatal fists of Bruce Lee?

    You'll find out in this death-defying game.

    You have to kick, slash and punch your way through an array of deadly chambers. Where the brutal Green Yamo, terrible Ninja, exploding bushes and other dangers lurk.

    Even if you survive all that, the Evil Wizard is waiting to do you in with an arsenal of flaming fireballs.

    Destroy him and his fortune is yours.

    Now, have you got what it takes to play Bruce Lee?

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Oct 27, 2001.

Back Cover:
    In Bruce Lee(tm) you will experience the power and the glory of Brice Lee, one of the greatest masters of the martial arts. As Bruce Lee, you will confront a barrage of vicious foes. You must penetrate the fortress of the Evil Wizard and claim his fortunes. Destroying the Wizard will earn you immortality and infinite wealth!

    As you enter one of the many secret chambers deep within the fortress, you are pursued by two of your most fealess enemies: the Ninja, a skillful fighter with an arsenal of deadly weapons, adn his partner, the massive Green Yamo, who can deliver bone-crushing blows. Added threats awair you in the Evil Wizard's chaimbers where you become the target of deadly fire from the eyes of the wizard. Only you possess the strength and ability to conquer these enemies and survive.

    Now you too can experience the excitement of Bruce Lee... The legend still lives on.


    • twenty secret chambers to explore
    • dazzling graphics and animation
    • unique multiple player options

    Contributed by Donny K. (453) on Aug 09, 1999.