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Will: The Death Trap II Credits

9 people (5 developers, 4 thanks)


DirectHironobu Sakaguchi (as H.Sakaguchi)
ProgramShun Saigusa (as S.Saigusa), H. Kato (as H.Kato), Hironobu Sakaguchi (as H.Sakaguchi)
Graphic DesignHironobu Sakaguchi (as H.Sakaguchi), Hiromi Nakada (as H.Nakada), T. Terashita (as T.Terashita)
Special Thanks ToHisashi Suzuki (as H.Suzuki), Miki Yukinoura (as M.Yukinoura), H. Miyamoto (as H.Miyamoto), Takashi Fukuoka (as T.Fukuoka)

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