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Bubble Bobble Credits

35 people (28 developers, 7 thanks)


Game Design & CharacterFukio Mitsuji (MTJ/Mitsuji)
Software ProgrammersIchiro Fujisue (ICH/Fujisue), NSO/Nishiyori
Sound CreatorTadashi Kimijima (KIM/Kimijima)
InstructionNaoko Yoshida (YSH/Yoshida)
HardwareKatsujiro Fujimoto (KTU/Fujimoto), Seigo Sakamoto (SAK/Sakamoto)
And Special Thanks to All Other People!Yojiro Suekado (TOP/Suekado), HED/Ueno, RYO/Yuki, SKE/Nakamura, K. Sanbe (SAN/Sanbe), Kazuo Nakagawa (PAN/Nakagawa), Yoshio Imamura (OTO/Imamura)
CharactersBubblun, Bobblun, Zen-chan, Monsta, Skel-Monsta, Maita, Pulpul, Banebou, Invader, Hidegons, Drunk, Super Drunk, Rascal, Bobby, Betty, Bubby, Patty
Produced byTaito
©Taito Corp. 1986
© Ving 1990, Licensed from Taito Corp.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (363511)