Emerald Dragon Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
This beautiful graphical style of the intro is unique to FM Towns version
Introducing the dragon clan
The little Tamryn is found
Tamryn and Atrushan grow up together
Tamryn departs to the world of humans...
Atrushan starts in human form
Status screen
Atruhan fights some surprisingly strong creatures in a forest
Exploring a dungeon with a semi-side-scrolling view
Assigning commands in battle
This place is... weird
One of the many houses in the game
Visiting a bar
Note the realistic animation!
Town exploration
Let's show those pesky dudes!
Hmm, I wonder if I'm lost?..
Dramatic cutscenes have such portraits
Boss battle against Ostracon
Mysterious temple
This is a really big treasure chest...
Boss battle against a rather out-of-place character...
Oasis in a desert
Using a ranged spell in battle
Warp points. Great
Very high-level enemies