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Flashback: The Quest for Identity Screenshots (FM Towns)

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Intro: Conrad is running away...
...then flying away
Man... such a hangover...
Don't shoot, Conrad. There is no one here... yet
Damn it, I should've known I couldn't handle all that vodka yesterday
Arrrr..... yecchhhh... I will... make it... 50 push-ups every day...
Great. Now I must use items? I thought it was an action game
What a nice TV show, but I've got stomach ache
Look, let's just give him a chance. Maybe he is not a maniacal killer after all
Yuck... what is this place??..
Using generators... how very advanced
Happy talk show!
Man, I wanna go back to Earth...
Conrad, when did you learn Japanese?..
Hey Conrad, I just wanted to demonstrate your smooth death animation. Hehe. Haha. Muaaa-hhahaha!!..
Those pesky aliens... *mumble, mumble*
Finally... a save point!
Conrad, you've been playing too many FM Towns games. Look at your face