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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Screenshots (FM Towns)

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Oh wow, play in English or in Japanese!.. Wait a sec. Why would you want to play an Indiana Jones game in Japanese?..
Oh yeah? And you fight like a cow!
Yup, the Big Apple...
Conversation choices. "Darwinian nightmare"?? That's a good one, hehe
Traveling map
Barnett College
I think I left some old FM Towns games in there
Hmm, now how can I stop this educational lecture?..
Those Germans. They just can't leave the atoms in peace
Iceland. Nice view!
Talking to the unfriendly Mr. Heimdall
View of the Azores
Jungle in Tical
Title screen
Indy holding an artifact, the FM Towns version has English voice acting in both Japanese and English modes
Messing up Sophia's seminar on Nur-Ab-Sal - the last king of Atlantis (Japanese mode)
Atlantean necklace in which Nur-Ab-Sal has transferred his spirit (Japanese mode)
On to the Azores (Japanese mode)
Sophia talking to the old grump Costa (Japanese mode)
Viewing IQ points (Japanese mode)
Monte Carlo hotel room (Team path), Sophia's seance with Trottier
In Algiers (Team path), all it takes is a little push...
Talking to a pissed off Sophia who fell in a hole at a nazi digsite (Team path)
In Crete, seeing Sophia through the surveyor's instrument (Team path)
A fight with Arnold in the labyrinth (Fist path), by far the most difficult fight in the game
Lost the fight so it's Game Over
Trying to maneuver the submarine into the air lock (Team path), notice the sub controls are only in 16 colors in this version
On a boat not too far off Thera (Fist path), controlling Sophia for a change as Indy is in the diving suit
Atlantis lava room, notice in this version the interface is in a different color (grey) than the other versions, also the inventory icons are in EGA (16 colors)
Kerner arguing with Dr. Uberman near the end