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The Legend of Kyrandia Screenshots (FM Towns)

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Though on CD this version doesn't have any voice acting
Start of the game
The FM Towns version can be played in English as well (see hints section)
Meeting the evil court jester Malcolm for the first time
The Birthstone puzzle, the first gem & the last gem are always the same, it's only the gems in between that change with each new game
At Zanthia's place
Here at the crystals of alchemy you mix potions together
One of the ways to die is to burn alive
You brought some flowers, the chalice and the key didn't you? Otherwise you're stuck here and no way to go back get those items
Death by sawing... Ouch!
Geddit? granted-granite... yuck yuck. Brandon and his terrible rock-based pun
The final showdown with Malcolm