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MegaMorph Credits (FM Towns)

MegaMorph FM Towns Title screen


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MegaMorph Credits


Designed & Produced by thePsygnosis London Studio
GraphicsMichael Haigh, Chris Petts, Rogan MacDonald, Liz Sculley, Jeff Ferguson, Wayne Kennedy, Jim McMorrow, Nikki Bridgman, Perry Cucinotta, Alessandro Tento
ProgrammingJohn Gibson, Russell Bartley, Illya Rudkin, Ayo Orimoloye
SoundKevin Collier
Project ManagementMike Simpson (Psygnosis), Nobuyuki Ide (Fujitsu), Yasunori Matsudo (Fujitsu), Koji Kawano (Lanpro Corp.)
PackagingPhil Graphics
CDROM PremasteringFujitsu Multimedia Art
TestingClive Galway, Adrian Curry, Mike Simpson, Greig Brown, Mark Inman, Lee O'Connor

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (228692)