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The PC version of SimEarth took approximately 23,500 hours to program.

Contributed by Echidna Boy (588) on Dec 17, 2007. -- edit trivia

The Amiga version of the game was released in the Maxis Classic reissue box, even though it was a full price title, due to being released nearly 2 years after the PC version. Sim Ant was the same.

Contributed by Martin Smith (79147) on Apr 29, 2004. -- edit trivia

There is actually a theory that believes that the Earth is a living organism. The theory is the "Gaia" theory. [SimEarth is based on this theory. -Editor]

Contributed by Emepol (1558) on Aug 31, 2003. -- edit trivia

The European version of this game is multilingual: Language must be chosen when installing. Choices: English, French, German.

Contributed by Rebound Boy (19578) on Aug 31, 2000. -- edit trivia

You can create a race of intelligent machines by "nuking" appropriately.

Contributed by Mickey Gabel (379) on Jun 29, 2000. -- edit trivia

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