Super Street Fighter II Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
Ryu is featured in the short intro
Character selection
Famous match-up
Ken is trying to out-jump Ryu in the American harbor
Chili con carne, anyone?..
Honda does some crazy moves in his homeland
Cammy is tough, and not distracted by the view
Again the famous Ken vs. Ryu match-up - this time in Japan. How are you feeling, Ken? Had too much sushi? Hehehe...
Exotic match-up: the two most populous countries in the world...
Ouch. This is not the way to treat a woman, Dhalsim. What would Ganesha say?..
Busy street in China. Zangieff is no match for Chun Li...
...but he is feeling better in his Soviet motherland, kicking the crap out of Dhalsim. Hindi, russi, phai-phai? Hardly...
I'll beat you up and catch the plane!
Yo man, relax. I and I will praise Ya, man
Hey... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... you know... knock you out. I'll just... sit here
Just a few words before we move on...
Versus menu
Don't mind the statues, hehe...
Note the exotic dancers
You are winner?..