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The vampire lord Kairn has murdered his father and brothers so he could inherit control of the valley. Ever since he's used his powers to cut off contact with the outside world, Kairn has been living it up, torturing the villagers with madness and death, feeding off of them like livestock and turning the village women into his personal vampiress servants. Meanwhile, the villagers are miserable, as every day they face the possibility of either being devoured by werewolves, gnawed on by zombies, driven into stark raving lunatics, or turned into vampires by Kairn and his posse.

A cargo pilot's plane is shot down by a mysterious force while flying over a remote valley in Romania. A helpful village girl named Deirdre rescues him from the crash and takes him to her father Kiril, who informs the pilot that his arrival via plane crash marks him as the chosen one who is prophesied to destroy Kairn. Since Kairn has cut off all ways out of the valley, the only way he is going to leave is, as the old saying goes, over his dead body. That's not going to be very easy, however. Wild animals and unnatural creatures roam the countryside. While some villagers will help the hero to rid them of Kairn, others have been driven mad with despair and by the valley's oppressive aura, causing them to commit unspeakable acts or otherwise act in an unhelpful manner. Even the most trusted allies may turn out to have a few skeletons in the closet...

Veil of Darkness is an isometric adventure game with action-based combat and light role-playing elements. Most of the game is dedicated to exploring the game world in a fairly open-ended fashion, gathering information and items. Puzzle-solving is conversation- and inventory-based; many battles are also designed in a puzzle-like manner, with the hero being able to defeat certain enemies only with specific weapons. Heavy inventory management and status ailments to take care of contribute to the game's RPG angle.


Veil of Darkness FM Towns Out and about
Veil of Darkness FM Towns What big eyes you've got... bla bla. Now seriously, stop looking at me like that kid!
Veil of Darkness FM Towns Even though I can't remember my name, I'm rather sure it wasn't spelled with kanji
Veil of Darkness FM Towns Rough night, eh?

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A small bug in the game makes it possible to kill just about anything, including the "unkillable" entities and those that should only succumb to particular weapons - perhaps with the exception of Kairn and the living statues (activated if the vampire isn't killed), and even that, I believe, due to their extremely high rate of hitpoints rather than to their actual immortality. How to do it? Simply by throwing objects at the enemy! The heavier or sharper the object, the more damage it will do. In this way you can, e.g., kill Andrei the Zombie and spend all your silver instead of having the silver sword (the only weapon to whose hits Andrei reacts) made of it! :) This bug is present in all versions of the game that I've played (that is, two versions ;)
Terok Nor (26757) added Veil of Darkness (FM Towns) on Mar 09, 2011
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