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Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (Deluxe Edition) Screenshots (FM Towns)

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Choose to play in English or Japanese
Title screen
Carmen appears in all sorts of locations
Full-screen Chinese town - spot Carmen!
She is near ACME headquarters!..
You receive your mission
World travel screen
You pull out a suspect dossier in Bolivia
You are in Jamaica, but view information about Israel. Why not?..
Evidence report
Questioning people in Peru
A lonely hut in Papua
Iceland looks pretty peaceful
The bus driver doesn't look particularly Thai. They all say the same things
Nice view in Myanmar
This Polish professor looks suspiciously similar to Lenin!
In India, studying more dossiers
Singapore greets you
What are the chances you'll run into a blonde model in Kenya?
Trying to combine some evidence in Honduras
Typical red buses in London
Finally, you visit Israel! Though you are in Jerusalem, you are given information about Tel Aviv for some reason
The sunny Athens welcomes you
In Japan, relaxing a little
Soviet Union! That's a real piece of history
Cool structures in Bamako, Mali
The Great Chinese Wall is actually pretty far away from the center of Beijing
The Cuban artist is not much help