Football Manager: World Cup Edition 1990 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title, credits and loading screen
"Please Press Fire" OK.
Choose your difficulty level.
Select group
Select a team from within that group.
Your commentators.
Next game is against Finland.
I can check my player info.
The commentators are questioning me.
Give your team a pep talk.
The game is on.
A view with letters for players.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Team selection screen
Full time results
An interview before the match
Match settings
This is my team. Morale isn't very high
A view of the game
A closer view of the game
It's a goal!
Team setup
Group one standings
The finalists so far

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen and credits
How tough do you want to set the game?
Pick a group.
OK. Europe. Pick a team.
How do you ant the results, by group or match by match?
Group 1 results, match by match.
Next game is against the Netherlands.
Just one question?
Player info.
Give 'em a pep talk in the locker room.
Playing the game.

DOS version

Title Screen (EGA).
News Conference (EGA).
Locker Room (EGA).
The Match (EGA).

MSX version

Title screen and credits
Select your difficulty level.
Select what part of the world to get your team from.
The commentators.
Europa group 1 stats.
Info about your players.
Give your team a pep talk.
Get your game on.

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
After the load screen comes this. When FIRE s pressed the game takes the player through action key definition
The first game screen defines the difficulty level
In the next game screen the player chooses their team. First the geographic group is selected.
Then the team within that group
The player then has the opportunity to put names against each player or to use the default. There are two screens of team members, 21 players in all
The game gives the option to watch the results at group or match level
After a few screens showing the results of the other groups, it's Australia's turn to play. Before the match can start the player gets to set up the team. This means positioning each player etc
Not all players are selected
Selecting Postion makes the left/right etc keys active and moves the player around on the pitch. Status makes the player a sub or a reserve
Action cycles through Sweeper, Find Space, Positional, Wing Play, and Thru Runs
Then there's the inevitable pre-match banter
The team talk - whatever I chose morale seemed to go down
The match begins with a kick-off. There are no corners in this game.
It plays automatically. The dots move around the pitch and its actually interesting to watch the ebb and flow of the game
An isometric view of the play is also possible.
At half time the player gets to reposition the team, change tactics and give another morale boosting talk. Then the game plays through until full time. Go Australia!
The results for the group are then displayed ...
... and the next game is announced
The results after the second match