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Atari Gravitar

Football Manager Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Game introduction
Title screen
Enter Your name
Select team
Select level
Main menu
Sell list players
Manager rating
Request loan
Repay loan
Changing names
Changing team names
Change skill level
League match introduction
Teams summary
Select squad
Counter attack
Weekly bills
Transfer market
Player joined the team
Ball in the net
Match result
League table

Amstrad CPC version

Choose your team
Main Menu
Next match
Both teams stats
Your squad
Match highlights
Having to defend
Final Score
Weekly Bills
Buy this player?

Atari ST version

I hope this is the last guy in the job
I was lucky to have a 12-character name really
Yes, Luton and Oxford were top-division teams back then
Skill level choices
Main menu
Squad screen
Financial status
This week's fixture
Tale of the tape - you can adjust the team to hopefully improve them
That shot's missed
He's through on goal
And he gives Preston the lead
Oh dear
The full results list
Weekly financial outcomes
This week's available player
Another match
Slight kit clash here
Signed a new player
And adjusted the squad to allow for him
It's all come good now
Which moves us up the table
Game status
Selling a player

Commodore 16, Plus/4 version

Team Selection.
Your squad.
Next game.
Match in Progress.
Finished a draw.
Buy this player?

Commodore 64 version

Your name please.
Choose the mighty Halifax Town.
Skill level.
Main menu.
Your first game.
Good stats..
He's through.
Blackpool attack.
Good result.
Final scores.
Top of the league.
Buy him?

DOS version

Loading Screen.
Choosing our team.
Options menu.
The match.

MSX version

Title Screen
Options screen
Hope the goalie is ready

VIC-20 version

Title screen.
Pick your team.
Main menu.
League match versus Wigan.
Team strengths compared.
Wigan wins the match.
Other matches results.
League status.
Weekly bills.
Player auction.
The bid was accepted and Burns joins the team.
Team roster.
Taking out a loan.
A match goes badly.
The team is out of the cup!

ZX81 version

Team selection
Main menu
Player list
Selling a player
Asking for a loan
First match is against Wigan
Game in progress - The commentary is limited to showing the score
Game finished
Other results
League table after first round
The finances
Trying to sign a player
Offer accepted
Manager status

ZX Spectrum version

How long did this loading screen take?
Choose a team
And a difficulty level
Using the Spectrum codes for the colours there
Main menu
Pre-match screen
Team ratings
Team selection
The in-match highlights
That shot missed
Punded into the back of the net
They've equalised
Bit of a high-scoring match this
Final score
And the complete divisional run-down
Followed by the league table
Tiny sums of money in football in those days
For that price he'd be Robson with violence
There are cup matches too