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Dyos, the God of Creation, discovered the world of Eyrda and alongside other gods he called upon while studying a mysterious great star-wheel he found there, turned it from a bleak place to a wonderful, booming world before leaving it to his three children. In turn, Tytan created the dwarves and stonemen, while Illyfue created the humans and elves to populate it. Vyda didn't create any race, but secretly loved and helped the humans. Eventually, Nyos, the God of Destruction, also visited Eyrda, leaving behind his own son, Mylvada, which caused the Great Wars between the gods, the second of which resulted in Dyos' children needing to leave Eyrda.

In between the Great Wars, Shylia, the demi-god offspring that resulted after Mylvada's incarnation seduced Vyda, fled to live among the humans and fell in love with Corvus, who became the first of the kindred after she infused his blood with her godly essence. Later, she would rise to lead all the races against Mylvada's next attack, being badly wounded and disappearing after the battle. Mylvada, also badly wounded, departed Eyrda as well, but not before reviving a giant creature named Dysil and giving him the body of an evil giant dragon. In turn, Dysil formed the Storm Legion and, growing impatient while waiting for Mylvada's return, started yet another war, eventually being defeated by the united races of the world. However, he is now planning a second invasion...

This is the setting the player is thrown into upon starting to play the MMORPG Forsaken World. As stated above, the playable races are dwarf, elf, human, kindred, and stoneman. Dwarves must be marksmen, while stonemen, all of them male, must be protectors, both of these classes also being unique to the respective races. Other limitations are that only elves may be bards and only kindred may be vampires. Elves may also be priests or warriors, while kindred may also be assassins or mages. Humans may be any of these latter four classes. While each race has its own starting location, those are separated into only three areas. Having a common ancestry, humans and dwarves share a starting area, as do elves and stonemen, only the kindred being alone in theirs. However, the story becomes the same for all players at level 10, when they are sent to Freedom Harbor.

As killing monsters offers very little in itself, experience is mostly gained by completing daily quests and in the God's Trial instance, though various amounts can be obtained in more unusual ways, such as praying or drinking certain beverages. Though basic skills are purchased from trainers, players basically have no say in the development of their characters from the moment they pick the race and class and until level 20, when they gain access to talents. The talents interface may well look all too familiar to most people, as each class gains one point per level to distribute among the three possible talent trees. Otherwise, there are group instances to participate in, gear to gather and improve, factions to earn reputation for, mounts to ride, jobs, player-run guilds, etc.

There are less common features as well. While only those with the tamer job can trap the souls of creatures above level 30 and turn them into pet stones, any character can hatch any pet stone and use any pet, as well as get free level 10 pets and trap the souls of certain level 30 creatures. A pet can also be improved by combining it with another. Guilds have their own bases, which can be improved and populated with useful non-player characters (NPCs), the guild even being able to set taxes on non-members' access into the base. A prayer system exists that not only grants the player blessings, experience, and rarely even items, but also helps advance the entire server from one age to the next. There are two kinds of coins used in the game, one being earned normally and spent to purchase items from NPCs, the other being earned by participating in a couple of instances and used to trade with other players.

Perhaps most unusually, the player can only purchase the most basic starting equipment from regular NPC merchants and the crafting jobs only become available at level 40. Some equipment is obtained by completing quests or dropped randomly by instance bosses, but the regular method of obtaining armor is to purchase it from some special NPC merchants in exchange for gem shards dropped by elite enemies and then refine it, as a fully refined piece of equipment will be significantly better than an unrefined one of much higher level and/or base value, not to mention that it will also gain slots to embed gems in and further enhance it. On the other hand, the only way to obtain off-hand items, rings and necklaces is to craft them yourself or buy them from someone who did.

While the game is free-to-play, an item shop exists from which players can purchase items using ZEN, which is the currency used for all of Perfect World Entertainment's MMO games. In turn, ZEN is purchased with real money. Considering the gear and pet systems, as well as the fact that different coins are used to trade with NPCs and players, respectively, the importance of some of the items that can be purchased from this item shop is truly major, though there are still others that are merely cosmetic in nature.


Forsaken World Windows Server selection.
Forsaken World Windows Five vampires and a marksman at the end of God's Trial. Red bats as I was in Vampire Form, healing.
Forsaken World Windows Choosing race, class and sex.
Forsaken World Windows Triggering Vampire Form while fighting a boss all by myself.

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A study of contrasts... The unpleasant colors win. Cavalary (10983) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

Critic Reviews

GamingXP Apr 11, 2011 86 out of 100 86
MMOhut Mar, 2011 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars 80
Ten Ton Hammer Mar 31, 2011 80 out of 100 80
CPU Gamer May 07, 2011 8 out of 10 80
Games Finder Dec 17, 2014 8 out of 10 80
Game Revolution May 11, 2011 B 75
Impulse Gamer Apr, 2011 7 out of 10 70 Apr 05, 2011 12 out of 20 60
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) Apr 21, 2011 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars 60
GameStar (Germany) Mar, 2011 Unscored Unscored


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Country Restriction

IP blocks exist for certain countries and regions that have their own localized versions of Forsaken World, as well as for some others where releasing the international version of the game is impossible due to "administrative reasons" (according to the publisher). As of Feb 22nd, 2011, the blocked countries are: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. Players from these countries will need to look for their respective localized versions, if they exist, if they want to play the game.

Content Updates

Launching with only something like a quarter of the continent of Oeste unlocked and a level cap of 60, despite some content for characters up to level 70 already existing and the talent calculator assuming a level cap of 80, Forsaken World is being incrementally expanded through successive "content updates" released only a few months apart. The "content updates" released so far, which are not officially considered expansions in the general sense of the term, are:

  • The Gaze of Larex (May 26, 2011)
    • Level cap raised from 60 to 70. (Equipment requiring up to level 67 was already available, but obviously unusable.)
    • Significant changes to the skill trees of all classes.
    • A new job, Jewelcrafter, available to players level 45 and over. (Ring and necklace slots already existed on the character screen, but no such items were available.) The listed Arcanist job is still inactive as of this update, however.
    • PvP Arena for 3 vs. 3 and 6 vs. 6 battles, with potentially great rewards for frequent winners.
    • A new level 70 instance, The Ancestral Catacombs.
    • An Advanced mode for the Nightmare Carnival instance.
    • A new Training Grounds map, where players above level 40 can go in order to get experience while they're not actively playing. The map includes NPC merchants, some monsters to kill and even a PvP area.
    • Pet soul transfer, which transfers all of a pet's skills and talent levels to another.
    • Player marriage.
    • Dancing.
    • Some graphics updates.
    • New cash shop items.

  • Chains of Kluer (August 10, 2011)
    • Level cap raised from 70 to 80.
    • Significant changes and additions to the skill trees of all classes.
    • Mounted combat for players above level 45, along with a drastic reduction of the mount level requirements.
    • New high-level instances and events.
    • The pet journey system, allowing players above level 45 to send their pets to complete events or even instances for them and return with the rewards.
    • Experience reward from quests has been tripled.
    • New levels, skills and recipes for all jobs.
    • New guild base upgrades and levels unlocked.
    • New high-level pets.
    • Marriage quests and marriage leveling.
    • A redesigned cash shop featuring new items.
    • ... and various other changes and tweaks.

  • Storms of War (October 28, 2011)
    • New high-level instances and events.
    • Changes to some existing instances and events, such as new times during which they can be entered, achievements, new optional quests, increased experience and, in case of God's Trial, reduced HP for enemies up to level 40.
    • Reduced monster HP in areas meant for players below level 50.
    • New special quests, starting from the Sleeping Jungle and advancing the story line.
    • New daily quests, as well as deferred turn-ins for daily quests that can't be completed on the day they were taken.
    • Shylia Market, from which players can choose rewards in exchange for leveling, logging on every day, participating in events and helping other players. A VIP section also exists, accessible though the use of a cash shop item.
    • Recruit Calls, which allow low-level players to ask for the help of high-level players, which in turn will receive Glory to spend in the Shylia Market.
    • Guild wars, guild alliances and Guild Reserve.
    • New guild buildings and events.
    • Easier mastery upgrading and pet training, inside the Advanced Training Grounds.
    • New mounts, new pets and pet unbinding..
    • ... and various other changes, tweaks and fixes.
    • Note that, unlike in previous content updates, the level cap has not been raised and the skill trees have been largely left unchanged. The listed Arcanist job is also still unavailable.

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