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Forza Motorsport Reviews (Xbox)

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Overall User Score (23 votes) 3.9

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I can't add any more other than to say if you like racing games, Forza Motorsport is a must for your library. It is not only the best simulator on the market; it is the best racer period. Just remember to be a good sport and give a friendly wave to Gran Turismo as it rapidly recedes in your rearview mirror.
Video Game Talk (May 29, 2005)
Standing out as one of the best titles to play on Live that isn’t a first person shooter, Forza is easily a must have for any Xbox owner. It’s a game like this that proves there are still developers out there who make games as a labor of love instead of just for a paycheck. Watch out Gran Turismo, you’ve got some stiff competition on that race track.
Forza Motorsport could be described as one of the first fully-integrated gaming experiences. Everything builds on itself and adds something to another part, making no part greater than its whole. As a pure racing game, Forza is not only one of the best available on the Xbox, but with its added depth of options and additions, it could lay claim to being one of the best racing titles available on any system.
GamesFirst! (Jun 20, 2005)
In the end we have an amazing game that has done something other racing games have ignored: it innovates. Microsoft has achieved something no other company has done in the racing genre since 1998: it has topped Gran Turismo.
Game Shark (Jun 23, 2005)
I have to admit that in this review I have only begun to tell you about all the features Forza Motorsport has to offer. The depth of the game is quite impressive. There are so many little side roads to the game that I have just started to scratch the surface of all Forza offers. It is definitely the best racing game that is ever likely to see release on the Xbox, with the Xbox 360 now fast approaching on the horizon. And while it does not have superior numbers of cars and tracks to Gran Turismo 4, this baby really has it under the hood and, since this is Microsoft Game Studios’ first Forza game, we can probably expect something closer to parity once the franchise makes the jump to Xbox 360 and a couple more editions of it come out. As likely a perfect racing game as you’ll ever find on the Xbox, so a perfect 5/5.
Gameplanet (May 25, 2005)
It's been an awesome time reviewing this game due to how deep it is. After a couple of days of playing there was something we felt that wasn't right in the performance of the cars then, when we started to tinker a bit more the cars just started to perform and handle so much better and really came into its own. This is not to say that those without knowledge won't have fun but for those that do have an idea on how to tune a car will get so much more out of it. If you want the best experience with Forza then we recommend you look into trying out the Speedster 3 Forceshock wheel because together this game is fantastic.
There is simply so much to do and see in this game that me listing all of it wouldn’t do it justice, and it’s good for people to find some things out for themselves (like the great “car customiser” section). This game is good for all skills of players (except the really crap ones because it get pretty tough the higher you level-up), and after playing this game for hours online and in career mode I find it nearly impossible to find things wrong with this game. When I do, I usually rationalise by “Oh, that’s not right….but look at ALL the other things they’ve included!”. All is forgiven Microsoft, you have created the real driving simulator. Now stop reading this and go buy Forza, or I’ll come after you with my pink and yellow-spotted Enzo Ferrari…
Even though the graphics aren't quite as sharp as in Sony's motoring classic, the wealth of online options available to Xbox Live subscribers make Forza the most engaging driving sim around, allowing you to buy and sell vehicles in virtual car lots, establish exclusive driving clubs with your friends and race rival petrol-heads from every corner of the globe.
Operation Sports (May 24, 2005)
This is the best console racer of it's kind and one of the best games the Xbox has to offer. If the competition is Gran Turismo, there's no contest here. The complete integration of online play, full vehicle customization, better racing AI, and many other features raise Forza above the pack. It advances the genre in many ways both big and small, and deserves a place in the collection of any Xbox gamer with even a passing interest in sim racing. Even people like myself who don't count sim racing among their favorite genres should at least give it an open-minded try, as it's a game that is so rich it transcends genre.
AceGamez (2005)
Forza Motorsport puts a strong, confident tick in each "Requirements of a great driving game" box, raising the bar for realistic racing simulators. It looks and sounds great, plays like a dream and it's massive. It can be tough, hard work and tiring though. I'm not condoning adultery with the following analogy but it's the best way I can think of getting my point across; Forza Motorsport is like a wife - it looks pretty, you know what you're getting, you're in it for the long haul but it can become a little irritating and boring at times. So what you need to complement it is a bit on the side, something a bit more edgy and dangerous, something that'll provide you with some quick thrills for when the monotony sets in. And with Midnight Club 3, Burnout 3 and Project Gotham Racing 2 all giving a great arcade fix, there are plenty of Xbox mistresses to choose from!
Gaming Age (Aug 18, 2005)
There are very few negatives when considering Forza. Sure, the damage modeling isn't too convincing, the frame rate isn't 60 per second (but still is darn smooth-looking), and the career mode isn't as revolutionary as some may have hoped, with its basis still being "buy car, race, upgrade, repeat." With every minor shortcoming, Forza has a positive to counteract it: Damage doesn't look incredible? Well, at least there's actually damage, and penalties for incurring it. "Buy, race, upgrade, repeat?" Microsoft has implemented a class restriction system that minimizes this repetition greatly. Online play is innovative and extends the replay value to virtually infinity, the control is up to standard, and the physics engine is impressive to the point that Microsoft almost seems to be showing off. Forza has turned out to be a true force to be reckoned with, and hopefully the next game in the series will uphold the original's legacy of realism and online innovation.
1UP (May 03, 2005)
How have videogames changed your life? In 1998, Gran Turismo inspired me to empty my savings account for an Acura Integra GSR. Up until that point, I saw cars as polarities of fantasy versus reality; there was, of course, the everyday vehicle I drove for the daily grind (a completely unremarkable Civic), and then there were the exotics you saw only on the covers of car magazines, or on faded dog-eared posters in auto garages everywhere. But Gran Turismo was different. Here was a kick ass game that celebrated the ordinary by putting everyday cars I saw on the street -- real cars for real people, if you will -- onto my PlayStation and into my heart. Gran Turismo awakened within me a car lust I didn't know I had, and showed me to the path of being both a pretentious couch-mechanic and an avid armchair racer.
GamePro (US) (May 06, 2005)
Until now, Gran Turismo's comfortable pace of sequels kept its competitors at bay, lapping the futile efforts from the likes of Toca Race Driver and Project Gotham Racing. That's all set to change, however, with the emergence of Forza, a Gran Turismo killer that will send Polyphony Digital sulking back to the pits.
Game Chronicles (Jun 05, 2005)
Forza Motorsport might not have the most but it has a little bit of everything and it accomplishes everything it set out to do with flying colors. No other Xbox racing game can touch it on the Xbox and only GT4 is worthy of being mentioned in the same review as competition for your racing dollar. If you love racing and you own an Xbox then Forza needs a permanent parking place in your gaming library.
TeamXbox (May 03, 2005)
Purposeful. That’s the one word that comes to mind when I think about my time with Forza Motorsport. If you strip away the bright colors coming from a race car body’s ads (these are only there to pay for the important stuff anyways), you have the synergy of parts which are designed to do a very specific job, and do it well. Forza Motorsport is similar to a race car in its design. It was made to do a job and do it better than anything else out there. There’s no waste, yet the technology has been used to its fullest in order to squeeze maximum performance out of the hardware. Forza Motorsport has taken the current Xbox to the edge; a fitting farewell to a system that has seen its share of laps.
GamersMark (May 14, 2005)
So there you have it. Forza comes flying out of nowhere and delivers the most realistic sim racer on any console, ever made, hands down. I could go on and on about every last detail really, but I think this has gone on long enough so let me leave you with this: Since I began playing sim racers with Gran Turismo, I have been making a silent list of features in my head that I have wanted implemented, and Forza has them all. Just thinking about what the next installment of Forza will bring in all of it’s HD glory and *fingers crossed* a real force feedback experience, it just brings a tear to my eye. you like driving fast, get in your car now and haul ass down to the game store. Give this game a chance - you won’t be disappointed, and you won’t be going back.
Gaming Target (May 31, 2005)
I can’t add any more other than to say if you like racing games, Forza Motorsport is a must for your library. It is not only the best simulator on the market, it is the best racer period. Just remember to be a good sport and give a friendly wave to Gran Turismo as it rapidly recedes in your rearview mirror.
TalkXbox (May 10, 2005)
Forza Motorsport is like a dream for car lovers. Not only does everything play fantastically, everything looks and even sounds first-class via the custom soundtracks feature. Seriously, what more could you ask for? Additionally, Forza Motorsport offers a unique online experience, where you can buy and sell cars for a profit that you obtained in career mode. If racers are your thing, then you must buy this game. Even if you don’t, you are sure to find some enjoyment here. Give this one a whirl, otherwise you'll be missing out on one of the best racing experiences ever captured through a video game.
97 (Jun 12, 2005)
When Forza was announced, many people had their sights very high for its future. Many called it the 'GT killer' while many other called it a hoax. Games today run the risk of being over-hyped in our current gaming community, but thankfully Forza was one of those rare games to supersede its hype. Forza is an amazing game, and is an easy winner, thus far, for racing game of the year.
97 (Feb 04, 2006)
What else is there to really say about this game, except I can’t wait to see what’s next? Simply put, it’s the most comprehensive racing simulation game on the market today, and it’s almost two years old! The kids can have their Need for Speed 17: Street Racing Pedestrian Killers—I’ll take my Forza and settle it on the track.
Microsoft finally produces a racing sim for the Xbox that could possibly wipe out any memory of the Gran Turismo series on the PS2… Forza Motorsport brings forth the thrills and spills of realistic driving, almost real graphics and plenty of very real car models and boy does it succeed in doing so. Although the Xbox contains a long list of driving sims, most of which are highly entertaining and fun, Microsoft decided it's time to take out the big guns and give GT something to compete with. Not only does it complete this task, but Forza sets new standards above any that has been witnessed before probably sending the GT team running crazily around their office to remove this young threat.
GamePro (Australia) (Jul 12, 2005)
Indeed Forza is a worthy challenger for the PS2's Gran Turismo series. Perhaps it could've built on a few features found in V8 Supercars 2 to make it a more complete package, but it still makes great strides for the genre with smart gameplay ideas, great graphics and pitch-perfect car physics ensuring countless hours of enjoyment for genre fans.
Extreme Gamer (Jun 07, 2005)
Forza is the type of driving game that will suck you in no matter who you are and it won't let go for a long, long time. A fully fleshed out multiplayer, realistic and fun driving, tons of variety, and an interesting drivatar feature Forza has everything you could have asked for in a racing game and is bound to please anyone who was looking forward to it, or anyone who likes driving games at all.
GameZone (May 03, 2005)
For far too long, Sony’s Gran Turismo series had held the throne at the top of the driving sim heap. Granted, the series has offered a meticulously realistic driving experience coupled with tons of drivable vehicles and tracks as well as phenomenal graphics. However, the series does have some glaring flaws, like no car damage or online gameplay. Enter Forza Motorsport. Forza solves both of these issues by having the vehicles take on realistic damage and offers full Xbox Live support. Plus, the driving physics are very sharp and the graphics take full advantage of the Xbox's hardware. Xbox gamers take note: your quintessential racing game is here.
IGN (May 03, 2005)
Once upon a time, racing simulation was an evil word. Gamers who ground their teeth on Daytona USA, Ridge Racer, and Pole Position were convinced that nothing could really beat flexible, forgiving AI, instant gratification and quarter-slot gameplay. In 1998, Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo series changed everything. Kazunori Yamauchi and company created a true car-lovers' game built on the idea of collecting an unprecedented amount of officially licensed cars, delivering real-world physics, training players to improve and upgrade their vehicles with dozens of parts, and backing it all up with shockingly good graphics for the 32-bit PlayStation.
If there is a knock against Forza Motorsports it’s that the game does not have much personality. The racing is great and the cars look sweet, but there’s not much going on in between. The game is exciting race excitement punctuated with uninspired menu browsing. It would have been nice if the game could have got you pumped up about the entire Forza experience rather than leaving it entirely to the racing to bring you in and immerse you in its world.
Wham! gaming (May 12, 2005)
Overall, Forza Motorsport is a thoroughly engaging racing game with high production value and an extensive amount of replay. From the multiple game modes, to the extensive customization options to finally the numerous online options, there is an incredible amount of game to enjoy. And enjoy it the way you want to, as the optional driving "assists" and various upgrade options allow both the experienced "hard-core" players and general racing enthusiasts alike to experience the game on their own terms. Top it off with gorgeous graphics and stunning sound and you have a truly polished and well thought out racing simulation game to enjoy for quite some time. Or at least until the inevitable sequel comes out.
JustPressPlay (Aug 10, 2005)
This is hands down a keeper. One of those games you can sit downand think you have a few minutes to play, and then get up a few hourslater and wonder how the hell you did that! It's an awesome game andworth every cent you spend on it.
GamingExcellence (Jun 15, 2005)
Forza is the premier racing simulation on console. If you are a die hard racing fan looking for a true challenge; Forza is a must-have title. And with so much to do within the game, even the most short-spanned racing fan will be entertained for hours. You know all your friends own it already, so what are you waiting for?
MikroBitti (Aug, 2005)
Grafiikaltaan Forza Motorsport on korkealaatuinen. Radat näyttävät suurimmaksi osin upeilta, autot ovat hienoja, valaistus ja efektit ovat sekä hienoja että realistisia. Äänimaailma tukee kokemusta hyvin. Renkaat vinkuvat, pelti kolisee asiaankuuluvasti ja jopa autot kuulostavat yksilöiltä. Forza Motorsport on ehdotonta konsoliautoilun kuninkuusluokkaa. Se sopii niin kevyemmistä ajopeleistä innostuville, kuin ultrarealistisesta säätämisestä kiksinsä saaville.
Netjak (Jun 07, 2005)
While I would normally expect to be pointing out areas in a racing game where they fall short of Gran Turismo's greatness, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Forza Motorsport actually stands toe to toe with, and in some areas, even surpasses Gran Turismo in terms of graphics, sound, and most importantly, gameplay. My only real gripe is that it doesn't have the huge library of cars that Gran Turismo 4 is packing. The graphics look excellent, sound effects and custom soundtracks are superb, the gameplay itself is rock-solid, damage modeling is present and accounted for, car customization goes even deeper than any game before it, the menu system is a god-send, and it's always ready to rock out on Xbox Live. How could you NOT fall in love with Forza Motorsport?
93 (Jun 28, 2005)
Forza may sound like an intimidating game, yet while it is deep enough for the petrol heads it's still easy enough to pick up and play that bunch of drunken non-gamers can have a blast trying to out drive each other after a night down the pub. No mistaking though, this is a serious racing game for serious racing fans. If we can ignore the atrocious menus it is also a seriously well made game that should appeal to gamers of all persuasions. If you've held off for this long then you really should do yourself a favour and buy this essential game.
Gamer 2.0 (May 11, 2005)
Forza Motorsport is a truly impressive first effort for MS into the sim racing genre. The game feels good to play, with cars that handle as they should. It's easy enough to get into, but will offer up enough challenge for more advanced players. It has a career mode that manages to be comprehensive without being convoluted. Forza also brings to the table features that other console sim racing games don't have, like the extensive customization, online racing, and Buy and Sell sessions. The game looks great, sounds great, and plays great. There's a whole lot of value packed onto this disc, which makes Forza easy to recommend.
Game Over Online (May 11, 2005)
Regardless of that, Forza remains one of the better racing titles to have come along on consoles in a very long time. Excellent visuals, innovative racing features and accessibility to drivers of all skill levels make this title stand out from its competition, including games with more tracks and vehicles. Put Forza in your Xbox, and watch as it leaves those other racers in its dust.
93 (Jun 14, 2005)
For years, Xbox owners have been a bit jealous on those with a PS2 in their living room. The reason of course being the Gran Turismo series of which GT4 is the latest title. It was therefore with a lot of attention that race lovers were looking at the development of Forza Motorsport. This didn't only promise the same realistic gameplay but also a bunch of online possibilities and of course damage models.
Lawrence (May 18, 2005)
With the current Xbox's life coming to an end in a few short months with the release of Xbox 360, it is surprising to see quality titles still being produced and released for it. This is doubly surprising when a game has been delayed for so long, but thank goodness Microsoft hasn't given up on the Xbox. Its current venture into the racing genre is a surefire success, albeit with some strange A.I. and boring menu, that will only lead to bigger and better products for the next generation.
Jolt (UK) (May 18, 2005)
However, there can be no denying that Microsoft has taken onboard the wants and needs of racing fans in order to strike a blow to one of the PlayStation’s most prominent franchises. Yes, there may not be more cars than can ever be theoretically driven to make it the Xbox’s Gran Turismo, and it’s not the deepest racing game, so Bizarre Creations won’t be quaking in their boots in fear for the safety of their spectacular Xbox 360 sequel, Project Gotham Racing 3, but Forza Motorsport is an essential racing sim for Xbox gamers everywhere. Even if you’ve already got enough of them.
GameSpot (May 03, 2005)
Forza's main success is in finding a blend between pleasing the notoriously fickle minority that likes its driving games consistently challenging and demandingly detailed, while introducing a set of user-friendly assists that will ensure that even those who are new to the racing genre will enjoy themselves. Forza may well be remembered as a title that, through its mix of challenge and control, introduced an entirely new set of fans to the beauty and power of driving games.
91 (May 26, 2005)
Mit Forza Motorsport bekommt die XBox ein Rennspiel, auf das Fans des Genres lange gewartet haben. Die Auswahl an lizenzierten Fahrzeugen ist beachtlich – in Kombination mit umfangreichem Optiktuning und Schadensmodell bislang sogar einzigartig. Zudem fahren und klingen die Boliden realistisch und lassen die Herzen aller Auto Begeisterten höher schlagen. Nie wurden die Möglichkeiten, die XBox Live! bietet, in einem Rennspiel besser genutzt – ein insgesamt hervorragendes Rennspiel! Bravo, Forza!
Xboxdynasty (XD) (May 11, 2005)
Forza Motorsport ist ein geniales Rennspiel geworden. Vor allem die ausgehungerten PGR2 Fans werden sich freuen, dass endlich ein neues und erstklassiges Rennspiel im Handel erhältlich ist, auch wenn Forza Motorsport nicht an die Klasse eines Project Gotham Racing 2 oder RalliSport Challenge 2 herankommt ist Forza Motorsport ein absolutes Muss für Rennspielbegeisterte. Von mir gibt es hier einen ganz klaren Kauftipp!
Worth Playing (May 22, 2005)
In the end, Forza turned out to be a pleasant surprise, and an excellent addition to the Xbox lineup. There is little doubt that it is the best driving sim on the Xbox, and it is definitely one of the best sims on the market overall. The detractions are small but numerous. The poor handling of branded aftermarket parts, lack of real-life tracks, and tediousness of switching from racing to tuning are tops in the small flaws department. On the bright side, very rarely will any more than one flaw bother a driver at any given time, so they have a smaller impact than you would think. Forza is an excellent game, to echo Microsoft's claims, but they didn't quite strike a perfect mint. Even still, if you enjoy driving, you won't be disappointed.
Gaming Nexus (Jun 03, 2005)
With Forza Motorsport, Microsoft Game Studios makes their first entry into the console-based racing simulation genre with what may ultimately prove to be the most realistic, innovative, and downright fun racing title available on the Xbox.
Entertainmentopia (Jun 02, 2005)
Well, that just about covers my thoughts about the game. All in all it IS better than GT4. This is coming from a guy who loves the Gran Turismo series. This is one of those must own games for anyone with an Xbox. It’s loads of fun and I can’t wait for the next installment.
Game Revolution (Jun, 2005)
While it doesn’t re-invent the wheel, Forza Motorsport pretty much perfects it. Its user-friendly options make it great for casual drivers and its generous reward system honors the skill of the experienced racer. Tack on a robust online component and sweet delivery and you wind up with a grand tour indeed.
90 (May 20, 2005)
The driving in Forza is very good and feels very realistic. The cars feel quite heavy and there is not really any floaty feeling when cornering. You have the same driving aids as real cars do these days s uch as traction control, antilock braking, and stability management. Microsoft has taken the driving aid to a new level with their suggested line" feature this assistant paints a line on the track to show you the best line to take around any corner. The line shows in green (this means speed up) and turns yellow (this means come off the accelerator) then red (this means brake) if your speed is too high as you approach the corner. This is equivalent to a major tutorial on each track as the suggested line" assistant gives you all the info you need to put the perfect performance in every time.
Despite not being particularly enamored with cars, I had a blast with Forza. The multiple driving aids allowed me to slowly wean myself off the built-in safety net and tackle the roads on my own. Customization is second to none, and there are so many cars and tracks that racing fans will have a full plate. The clean menu layout makes the game easy to navigate, though I do wish that the easier trials were marked to let beginners know just where to begin. The only thing the game is really missing is something like the rally mode included in Gran Turismo. It isn’t a huge loss, considering what is unique here, but more variety can never hurt. Xbox racing fans should be more than pleased with Forza: Motorsport, as it provides a hearty experience that is both fun and rewarding.
Boomtown (May 27, 2005)
Forza is clearly a very good game and Microsoft has hit the ground running with this one. It's by no means a perfect game - the menu system and car selection screens for example do need some work, and the post race menu system is ugly. But on the whole what we have here is a superb racing game that does actually provide entertaining racing, a convincing handling model and plenty to do and see. I'm a believer and am fervently waiting for a sequel.
90 (May 17, 2005)
There is a load I haven't really talked about in any great deal, but there is just so much to the game. If you want a racing game that models everything down to G-forces and tyre temperatures, then this is for you; equally, if you are new to the sim genre and fancy a go, Forza is perfect - Its helpful racing line will groom you into the race driver of your dreams. If you have grown tired of Gran Turismo's (admittedly excellent) Pokemon style gameplay, where collecting cars is the main focus, give Forza a try. As far as exhilarating racing experiences go, this is hard to beat.
MS Xbox World (Apr 24, 2005)
The first ever true driving simulation to arrive on the Xbox console has achieved the highest standards in terms of graphics, sound, realism and playability. As most people would imagine, creating a driving game on a console that needs to be both compelling and accurate takes a lot of determination, passion and effort from the developer and the end results within Forza prove just that. The developers have without doubt paid a great deal of attention to detail and have put in a vast amount of time and effort to create this game which at times translates to the player putting in equal levels of effort and determination to progress through the extensive world of Forza Motorsport. Forza is without a doubt an essential purchase for serious and perhaps not so serious racing fans, as this benchmark title will probably be unmatched until a successor to the Xbox console is released.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (May 03, 2005)
Along with Halo 2 and PGR2 this truly stands as one of the games to get Live for – it rarely puts a foot wrong but when you consider that it’s the first game in a franchise to be, Team Forza has done an incredible job.
Game Critics (Jul 13, 2005)
Personally, as much as I have been impressed by Forza, I found it to be just a little too much. It's a fantastic game, but one best suited to those willing to invest some serious time into their racing games. Those who thrive on the detailed science of auto racing will find a game that offers tons of interesting and well-done features that will sap away hours of off-the-track time. For those of us who could pass on the tweaking and analysis and want to just get into the grit of the game, Forza is a tall order. But with a little patience (and a tolerance for boring cars), its exceptional attention to detail makes it a rewarding trip.
Bordersdown (Jul, 2005)
With so much on offer in an approachable and sensible way, anyone who likes racing simulators is sure to enjoy Forza Motorsport. In fact, those people with GT4 and a PS2 should consider trading them for an Xbox and this game, it really is that good. Decent physics, clever AI, online racing: this is everything GT4 should have been and wasn’t, and it’s allowed Forza to take the GT trophy away from Polyphony, at least for the time being. Buy it.
90 (Nov 02, 2005)
This is what fans have been clamoring for on the Xbox: a racing sim with (mostly) realistic physics and plenty of licensed cars. Forza's physics and AI models are more satisfying than those on Gran Turismo 4 (reviewed in After Hours, June 1, ), and the online racing feature helps playability. GT4 is more satisfying on a gearhead level, with its legion of licensed bolt-on modifications, more cars, and historical accuracy, but Forza is the playability champion.
GamersReports (Nov 14, 2005)
As for drawbacks there are few, if any. The number of cars springs to mind, the fact that the soundtrack has some tacky covers instead of the real songs, and the loading times here and there are a bit long. Other than those minor issues, the game itself is poetry in motion. All you racing sim fans better get your money together and go pre order this game right now. I can recommend it 100% without hesitation. Enjoy the screenshots!
PlayDevil (Sep 14, 2005)
"Forza Motorsport" is easily the best driving game ever made for X-Box. What GT4 is for PS2, Forza is for X-Box. Forza offers great graphics, music and sound effects. The ability to use your own custom soundtracks (and adjusting volume and track with the d-pad), excellent A.I. and impressive line up of cars and tracks, this is the game that every racing simulation fan has been waiting for. While the damage modeling is far from realistic it still offer one of the best out there. With long career modes, a decent arcade play and other interesting modes of play, other racing titles just can't be compared with 'Forza Motorsport'. The best looking and great to play simulation game EVER for X-Box!
Gamigo (Jun 01, 2005)
Was für eine Überraschung, wir haben einen neuen König... zumindest auf der Xbox, denn hier kann keine andere Rennsimulation Forza Motorsport das Wasser reichen. Aus diesem Grund gibt es nur eine Empfehlung und die lautet: „Kaufen!“.
Yahoo! Games (May 02, 2005)
Customization, handling, presentation, AI, damage, multiplayer: Forza hits the bull's-eye time after time. Although it doesn't have quite the bewildering range of cars as Gran Turismo 4, Forza is its equal in gameplay, its superior in AI, and adds the online play GT4 lacked. In gaming, like in business, innovators rarely dominate the market they create for long, and Sony's got some catching up to do.
90 (UK) (May 09, 2005)
To sum it all up neatly, Forza succeeds by being one of the very few racing games that has the potential to appeal to all driving game fans. It'll unite the action drivers by being accessible and fun, the mod crowd for having a bewildering array of customisation options and after-market enhancements, and the hardcore simulation fanatics by its blistering attention to detail and enormous degree of challenge. With Microsoft's typically brilliant online implantation underpinning everything, alongside its determination to break technical boundaries Forza Motorsport is a quite staggering achievement for a first attempt and is a must have for any driving game fan - even if that means buying an Xbox in order to play it.
GameSpy (May 03, 2005)
For all its technical prowess, the Xbox has never been a contender on the racetrack. I was afraid that wasn't going to change when I played an early build of Microsoft's delayed Gran Turismo killer, Forza Motorsport. The game was buggy, choppy and tepid. But then the final version came in, and the delays have obviously been worthwhile. Forza can't compete on Sony's level when it comes to graphics, but in every other department it poses a serious challenge to the racing establishment.
89 (Jun 09, 2005)
Mit Forza Motorsport bringt Microsoft endlich einen Titel, der es mit GT4 aufnehmen und ohne Zweifel im gleichen Atemzug genannt werden kann. Das Fahrverhalten ist super realistisch und auch die Präsentation mit detaillierten Strecken und Boliden stimmt. Zwar kann Forza nicht mit einem ähnlich großen Fuhrpark aufwarten, doch finden sich dafür z.B. rassige Modelle von Ferrari und Porsche im Sortiment, die im Sony-Titel nicht zu finden sind. Bei der etwas mageren Streckenauswahl und komplizierten Menüführung zieht Forza zwar den Kürzeren, rast dafür aber mit einem tollen Schadensmodell und dem genialen Onlinemodus pfeilschnell an Gran Turismo vorbei. Ich kann Fans von Rennspielen nur raten, sich wenn möglich beide Spiele zuzulegen, da sowohl GT als auch Forza eine ganze Menge zu bieten haben und euch über Monate hinweg beschäftigen werden.
Daily Game (May 03, 2005)
Deep in the halls of DailyGame headquarters, an editor strapped on his flak jacket. “Boss, you haven’t prepared for battle like this since Ninja Gaiden.” “I know,” he replied, “but somebody’s got to do the nasty. It may as well be me.” Out of the darkness he strode, peered into the bright light of cyberspace and let out a sigh that marketing armies hate to hear. “Your game,” he said, “this title you call Forza Motorsport. It is good, quite good, but it’s a young franchise, and there is still room to grow.”
The multiplayer modes are brilliant and really add to the game - playing online should be a dream and the game play is very addictive once the game gets going. Regardless of whether or not you were disappointed by GT4, if you like racing games, then pick this up.
Forza is certainly not a jack-of-all-trades in the bad sense, but instead, a racer that does a lot more than any other and is good, but not great, at most of those ideas. If there's an overall problem with Forza, it's that the game isn't polished into the slick experience that others have recently offered.
85 (May 11, 2005)
Dans le paysage un peu limité des bonnes simulations de courses sur console, et en particulier sur Xbox, Forza fait une entrée fracassante et bienfaitrice. Apportant un souffle de fraîcheur notable et une qualité globale plus que louable, le soft de Microsoft fera date dans le monde de la compétition virtuelle. Pas exempt de défauts, en particulier concernant le manque de qualifications, la pauvreté du mode multi à deux, ou encore quelques errances graphiques, il se hisse néanmoins au niveau des plus grandes productions de la concurrence. Même si GT règne toujours.
Why would I want to give up the wheel to watch the AI race for me? In a great race game, you'd have to pry my cold, dead hands off the steering wheel first. Unfortunately, Forza doesn't inspire such dedication.
MAN!AC (Apr 29, 2005)
Hochrealistischer Ansatz hin oder her: Das driftlastige Fahrverhalten erinnert mich irgendwie ans arcadelastige "Project Gotham Racing". Ihr durchfahrt kaum eine Kurve, ohne Gummi auf der Straße zu lassen. Der Grenzbereich und auch Drifts kündigen sich meist ohne Vorwarnung an. Dennoch lässt sich der Wagen selbst ohne Fahrhilfen schnell wieder einfangen. Die KI-Gegner reagieren zwar aufs eigene Verhalten, fegen Euch aber auch mal gnadenlos von der Piste. Etwas unrealistisch, aber hübsch ist das Schadensmodell - dasselbe trifft auf die Optik zu: Die wenigen Strecken sind mir einfach zu bunt. Deshalb: "Forza" kann dem hohen Anspruch nicht ganz gerecht werden, motiviert dank Riesen-Karriere-Modus und Online-Anbindung dennoch sehr lange.
X-Power (Jun 12, 2005)
Alles in overweging genomen is Forza Motorsport een hele knappe simulatie game geworden. Echter niet zonder gebreken. De brutale A.I. wordt in de latere races behoorlijk frustrerend en de steeds repeterende circuits werken slaapverwekkend. Toch is deze game voor de Xbox autofanaten onder ons het enige toevluchtsoord waar ze tot in de oneindigheid met instellingen kunnen prutsen en hun bolide pas echt uniek kunnen maken. De game is zeker het kopen waard!
GamerDad (Nov 07, 2005)
So Forza Motorsport isn't perfect but it is tremendously entertaining. The driving model is a good one for console-style "simulation" gameplay. You can really feel and hear the limits of adhesion from the tires and there are plenty of driving aids to get anyone into the racing with ease. Early races are easy to win allowing you to build a garage of cars to tinker with. Customization of your cars and online functions really set the game apart from its competition though. While the other guys basically stood still, Microsoft's game has pushed the boundaries of what's expected from the driving game genre and future games will need more than just a few cars running fast to be competitive.
Gamestyle (Apr 24, 2006)
Despite this rather minor flaw, Forza Motorsport really is Microsoft's answer to Gran Turismo. Aside from the custom designed aspect and Drivatar, nothing here is particularly new and the game doesn't really revolutionise the genre; but then nobody expected that, especially those who played the abysmal early code that appeared months before release. Still, Forza Motorsport is a great game and worthy of every racing fan's collection. It's no quick-thrill arcade ride, however, and those looking for something more along those lines should think twice before considering Forza.
Diehard GameFan (Jun 11, 2005)
Forza Motorsport is a good game, even if it is one lacking any real innovation or originality. It’s beautiful to behold, has a great soundtrack, and isn’t a very hard game. All of these aspects should appeal to the non racing gamer. The are some noticeable flaws like the AI and the controls in some circumstances, but in the end these quibbles are minor. I wouldn’t recommend it as a purchase, simply because, from my limited experience with racing games, there are better out there.
Factornews (May 08, 2005)
Forza Motorsport aurait de toute évidence aimé faire aussi bien que Gran Turismo, mais n’atteint pas ses objectifs à cause d’une conduite trop molle, bien qu’assez proche de celle de son modèle, d’un manque de contenu et d’un mode carrière fort mal conçu. Dommage car il tient techniquement la route et se risque à ajouter les éléments qui manquaient à la prestigieuse série de Sony, à savoir le jeu en ligne, la gestion des dégâts et quelques autres nouveautés.