Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title picture
Game setup
Pick a player
They all have their own stats
Bases loaded
Hit it away
Ready to play
Setup your field placement
Wait for the pitch
Away it goes
Hit it behind this time

SEGA Saturn version

Game Set-up
Team Select
Stadium Select
Loading Screen
Picther's Menu
On the field
Returning a foul
Some warm-ups

SNES version

Cool animation before the title screen
Title screen
Main menu
Hmm, sounds interesting...
Before the game begins...
Getting started
Are you ready?!..
Hmm, guess I didn't throw that well...
Where is the damn ball?!..
What now, what now??..
Do you think the fans will help?..
Contestant roster
Stadium select
What's the matter, tired?!..
Play-off options
Selecting your team
Choosing your kind of defense
Choosing your players
It's dark...