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Still the BEST Super Hero simulator out there. Dwango (300) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars
Great sequel lacks original's punch. Terrence Bosky (5463) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.1
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
(required for every game entry that isn't a compilation or special edition)
Overall User Score (31 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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This game is almost impossible to resist. If you love comics, then you will love this game. If you love great, stylish gameplay, then you will love it. If you love to laugh, if you love a good story, or if you just love to have a really good time, then you will love it. Like a great movie, Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich is the rare product that leaves you glowing with delight long after you’ve finished it. Twice.
94 (Mar 14, 2005)
Irrational had a hit on their hands with the first Freedom Force. They were smart and kept things mostly the same in this sequel, only making tweaks where needed. The result is a game that is another winner. Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich is tremendous fun. The graphics, sound, story, and customization are top-notch. Most importantly, however, the gameplay is amazing. Everything else just comes together, and it turns out terrific. Try it out, if for no other reason than "For Freedom!" (I couldn't resist working Freedom Force's battle cry into the article.) Comic lovers and game lovers alike will be entertained for hours by this super hero-themed title. Definitely pick this one up.
ActionTrip (Mar 08, 2005)
In short (for all those who didn't bother to go through the entire article), Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich is an excellent game that retains all the qualities of the original while managing to polish some of its minor flaws and build on the technological aspect of it. I am sure that this game isn't perfect, only I cannot think of any possible flaws that could significantly mar my overall impression. Furthermore, even once the single-player campaign is over, you'll be able to play online or via LAN with your friends and therefore extend the life of this excellent product.
GameSpy (Mar 11, 2005)
When the original Freedom Force came out, it broke a long "superhero videogame curse" that once plagued this industry. With the sequel, Irrational Games once again proves that they're a developer to be reckoned with. Are there deeper, more complex strategy games out there? Sure. There are very few games, though, that manage to take great gameplay and merge it with the kind of sheer exuberant style that brings a big goofy grin to your face that never leaves you while you're playing.
90 (Jul 06, 2005)
Style over substance? Certainly not. Although the game's visual style is a major part in its brilliance, the gameplay is also so enjoyable that it's an all-round high quality title that should appear in every PC gamer's collection.
IGN (Mar 03, 2005)
In the end, I can't really complain that the sequel is pretty much just like the original game. Though I'd love to have seen a few more gameplay innovations and some minor changes to the story, the fact that Freedom Force is still pretty much the only game of its type around encourages me to be a bit more forgiving. Though we complain a lot about copycat development, I'm honestly surprised more developers haven't tried to tackle this type of game. It's not like there aren't other comic eras that are crying out for this kind of treatment.
GamingExcellence (Apr 03, 2005)
Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich is a great addition to any gamer’s collection. Despite a less than stellar multiplayer mode and only a few serious enhancements from the original, Third Reich does a lot right. The ability to interact with objects in the world to inflict damage, or watching the destruction of buildings after a heated battle with a boss will keep players coming back for hours. With such a vast collection of villains and heroes, combined with a superb storyline, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich offers a great comic-book experience.
GameBanshee (May 02, 2005)
Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich is a terrifically unique game. As with the first Freedom Force title, FFvsTR successfully portrays a comic book theme and allows the player to assume a superhero role against classic arch villains. The superheroes are all wonderfully unique and the game possesses a great deal of replay value because of it. In addition, the skirmish mode is truly one of the best skirmish mode experiences I have ever had in gaming, making it hard to step away from game after game of random skirmish. If you're a comic book or RPG fan, this game is definitely worth checking out for a refreshing gaming experience.
87 (May 06, 2005)
Freedom Force vs The Third Reich ist für mich bisher eine der positivsten Überraschungen dieses Spielejahres. Der eigenartige Mix aus Strategie- und Rollenspiel im Zusammenspiel mit der Comic ähnlichen Präsentation ist allerdings auch eines jener Spiele, die erst nach ein wenig Einarbeitung in das Charakterdesign auf den zweiten Blick begeistert. Wer lediglich das Tutorial und die erste Mission durchzockt, wird kaum verstehen, weshalb ein Spiel mit solch einer abgedrehten Story und unbekannten Superhelden eine so hohe Wertung erhält. Fans von Rollenspielen wie Kotor oder Strategiegames wie Warcraft sollten dem intelligenten Mix auf jeden Fall eine Chance geben. Kenner des ersten Teils werden dagegen leider nicht allzu viel Neuerungen entdecken und Fans von realistischen Spielumgebungen machen ohnehin lieber gleich einen weiten Bogen um die hübsche Spieleschachtel.
GameSpot (Mar 09, 2005)
Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich is absolutely worth playing if only for the story. Fortunately, the action itself is plenty entertaining, too, and there's lots of it. And while the game's technical aspects haven't been radically revised since the original, they've aged almost as gracefully as the comic books that inspired it. This is all great news for Freedom Force fans, whose ranks probably consist of the vast majority of people who played that game. Yet, possibly the best news of all is that the satisfying conclusion of this second Freedom Force installment suggests that there will still be more where this came from.
87 PC Gaming (Nov 11, 2005)
All in all this was a really exceptional game and it makes me mad as heck that it failed as badly as it did. I'd easily recommend this game for 50 bucks; but unless you just hated the original, there are not many good reasons why I can see to not pay the few bucks that this excellent game will run you. It is stylistically awesome, highly entertaining to play, absorbing--there is also a lot to do--and it's technically polished till it shines. All things considered, one of the best sequels of 2005.
85 (Apr 20, 2005)
In conclusion, Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich takes the original game, and adds to it. I admit that the changes to the game were pretty minimal, so it feels more like a well-done expansion pack rather than a totally new game. I did get hooked again with this game, just as I did with the original. The few drawbacks are easily forgotten as you get drawn into the silver-age. The combat and interface are great, and you do feel like you are in the comic books. It’s a failure and far too much effort in the character creation department, especially when compared to systems found in other games such as City of Heroes. That being said, it’s a fun game, and the multiplayer aspects really add to the replay value. I recommend you pick this up, although you may want to wait for a slight price drop since it’s not really a complete new game, it feels more like additional missions for the original game.
PC Games (Germany) (May 06, 2005)
Als Kind wollte ich Laserstrahlen aus den Augen schießen und die Faust gen Himmel strecken, um wie Superman abzuheben. Schön wären auch Fanfaren gewesen, die während meiner darauf folgenden Heldentaten patriotische Melodien spielen. Daraus wurde nichts. Aber Freedom Force erfüllt mir diese Wünsche nachträglich, weil es die Atmosphäre der alten Groschenhefte restlos einfängt und alle Klischees wunderbar verarbeitet. Das bedeutet: Wenn man Superhelden toll findet, klappt´s auch mit dem Spielspaß.
Het verhaal alleen al maakt deze Freedom Force vs The Third Reich de moeite waard; gelukkig zorgt de actie ook voor het nodige spelplezier. Op technisch en grafisch vlak is er niet zo heel veel veranderd ten opzichte van het origineel, wat op zich zeker niet slecht is.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 30, 2005)
Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich borduurt verder op het concept van zijn voorganger en biedt nog steeds knappe gameplay in een humoristisch comic book jasje.
FiringSquad (Apr 12, 2005)
Freedom Force vs The Third Reich polishes up some outstanding issues from Freedom Force, gets to the action faster and makes it better. Though the Third Reich occupies only about one third of the timeframe, we can forgive that - since the ending is pretty spectacular and the beginning is a fight with good old Nuclear Winter. It's set to an excellent soundtrack, as always, and nicely sets up the illusion of a silver age comic with its artwork and dialogue. There are areas it could be improved - the fights could be bigger and more involved, and the game could be longer, and the powers have a little more oomph - but it's really just a series of minor nitpicks that tug away at the whole experience. Nothing to point a finger at specifically.
PC Action (May 20, 2005)
Ich stehe ja nicht auf Comics, aber das gesamte Design des Titels hat mich wieder genauso umgehauen wie schon beim ersten Teil. Vor allem die Charaktere sind genial trashig und mir allemal lieber als ernsthafte Helden à la Batman, Spiderman & Co. Gut, spielerisch ist das Ganze nur eine gehörig aufgemotzte Variante des Vorgängers, weswegen gerade die Fans des Erstlings sicher nicht drauf verzichten möchten. Doch auch Neueinsteiger mit einem Faible für das Besondere sollten dem Titel eine Chance geben. Der Erstling ging in Deutschland unverdienterweise unter. Dem grandiosen zweiten Teil darf dieses Schicksal nicht widerfahren!
84 (Jun 14, 2005)
We, the editing staff, frequently consider ourselves to be heroes, nay, superheroes. We literally pour water out of every hole when we try to make our deadlines at incredible speeds. Add to that, the obligatory flying lessons that follow each visit to our editor-in-chief's office and you won't be surprised when you see one of us diving of a building, thinking he's superman.
83 (May 20, 2005)
Ganz klar, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich ist ein Geheimtipp für Comicliebhaber und Freunde ausgefallener Ideen. Die Präsentation ist über alle Zweifel erhaben, so dass man gerne über eine technische Umsetzung hinwegsieht, die mit dem Ideenreichtum der Entwickler nicht ganz mithalten kann. Nüchtern betrachtet muss sich Irrational Games jedoch eine Reihe kleiner Kritikpunkte gefallen lassen, die den Spaß ein wenig trüben. So kommt der Spielfluss dank des häufigen Anhaltens nur zäh in Gang und die fehlende Übersicht sorgt für einigen Frust. Nicht zu vergessen auch die Tatsache, dass Teil zwei des Abenteuers nur eine unwesentliche Weiterentwicklung des Erstlings darstellt. Aber sei es drum: Alles in allem bekommt ihr spannende und vor allem witzige Unterhaltung präsentiert und macht Bekanntschaft mit der momentan außergewöhnlichsten Protagonistentruppe. Alle, die über den Tellerrand schauen und ein einfallsreiches Konzept entdecken wollen, werden hier bestens bedient.
RPGFan (Oct 20, 2005)
It is a nostalgia trip, a salute to the Silver and Golden ages, and a wonderful piece of whimsy. It is at the same time humorous and heart-warming to see all these familiar and old concepts. And, above all, it is great fun to lead a superhero team to go duff up some bad guys and save the day. Consider picking up FF:TR if you're looking for an unusual, quirky strategy RPG for your PC; don't miss it for a second if you at all enjoy old comics and good old 60s supervillains.
GameStar (Germany) (May, 2005)
Stimmt schon: Freedom Force 2 ist toll; Heldenklischees und Patriotenpathos schlagen jeden Batman-Film. Trotzdem gibt’s was zu meckern: Die Missionsziele sind oft eintönig. Zudem vermisse ich einen Koop-Modus à la Soldiers, der den Mehrspieler-Part aufwerten würde. Und im Namen der Freiheit: Warum ist die Sprachausgabe nicht übersetzt?! Wer mit englischem Wortwitz nichts anfangen kann, darf fünf Punkte von unserer Atmosphäre-Wertung abziehen. Alle anderen sollten sich Freedom Force 2 anschauen. Es lohnt sich!
Impulse Gamer (Aug, 2006)
All things said and done there is not a lot to fault with this game. There is enough action for non comic book fans to just get into and enjoy and for those of you who love comics, then you are going to have a blast with this reverent yet fun electronic look back at a paper age.
PC Powerplay (Apr 27, 2005)
Wenn die ultra-heroische Freedom Force zur Hatz auf bitterböse Nazis bläst, lache ich mich schlapp und erinnere mich an meine seligen Tage als treuer Marvel-Fan. Schwer zu glauben, dass diese Truppe von Superhelden "nur" für ein PC-Spiel entwickelt wurde und nicht schon seit Jahrzehnten als eigenständige Comic-Serie an den amerikanischen Kiosken zu haben ist. Trotz zahlreicher Detailverbesserungen und neuer Charaktere hat sich seit Teil eins spielerisch nicht wirklich viel getan. Sobald ich genug Prestige auf dem Konto habe kann ich noch immer mit meinem übermächtigen Custom-Charakter "Elvis" durch Horden von Gegnern marschieren und so die (ohnehin recht kurze) Kampagne in der Rekordzeit von etwa 9 Stunden beenden. Abhilfe schafft hier wohl nur der Verzicht auf allzu potente Kreationen aus dem Superhelden-Genlabor. Macht aber nix, denn als Comic-Fan vertiefe ich mich dann halt in den megakomplexen Editor.
Absolute Games ( (Mar 09, 2005)
Два с половиной года назад Irrational Games разрушила проклятие "игр-по-комиксам" и открыла поистине золотую жилу, но все еще не стремится разрабатывать ее дальше. Ждем истинную Freedom Force 2, а в качестве утолителя жажды пока довольствуемся Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich — захватывающей экскурсией в фантастический мир, где живут злобные инопланетяне, накачанные мистической энергией фрицы, роботы-убийцы, колдуньи с партбилетами и оглушительные оперные певцы. Не пропустите рейс до Патриот-сити!
80 (May 09, 2005)
Vous souvenez-vous de la Freedom Force, cette équipe de super héros hétéroclites et bigarrés qui a sauvé le monde d’une tentative d’invasion alien ? Mais siiiii, faites donc un effort, bande d’ingrats ! Minute-Man ! Man-Bot ! Alchemiss ! Bon, bien entendu, ce n’est pas Spiderman ou Batman, mais ce n’est quand même pas très correct d’oublier ses sauveurs. Freedom Force avait, à sa sortie, en novembre 2002, réconcilié les joueurs sur PC avec les vengeurs en costume moulant. Ce par une approche à mi-chemin entre le jeu de rôle (pour la gestion des personnages), le jeu de stratégie (pour l’interface) et le jeu d’action (pour l’échelle et le côté cartoon).
75 (Apr 27, 2005)
Un univers délirant inspiré des comics, un gameplay à la fois simple à prendre en main et riche, un éditeur de super-héros complet et des modes multijoueurs sympathiques, Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich cumule les bons points. On peut cependant émettre deux petits bémols. Tout d'abord au sujet de la campagne solo qui s'avère être un peu trop linéaire ce qui entraîne une certaine répétitivité. On aurait aimé avoir une plus grande liberté d'action. Enfin, il est dommage de ne pas avoir accès en solo aux différents modes multijoueurs : l'escarmouche se limite de fait à du deathmatch.
Video Game Talk (Nov 20, 2005)
The Freedom Force series is a wonderful experience for any fan of superheroes or comic books. That being said, it's a tough game for a novice to jump right into due to a lack of understanding the combat system or the RPG-style of leveling. Also, if you haven't played the first Freedom Force game, do not pick this sequel if you want to understand the story details. The original game can be found for 10 bucks at most stores. As for what this game is worth, look for it when it hits the $25 range.
With its decent graphic enhancements, fun new characters, maps, and single player missions, Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich is a solid title, though I question the fact that it is being released and priced as a full-blown sequel. Its additions are fine and I enjoyed the game overall, but too many elements are the same as its predecessor, giving the program the feel of a very-polished expansion pack. Perhaps if Irrational's handling of multiplayer and the new modding tools were improved, my outlook would have been different. Ultimately, gamers who never had a chance to try Freedom Force may feel they're getting their money's worth with this release, but owners of the original may want to wait for the price to drop before heeding the call of freedom once again.
JustPressPlay (Mar 10, 2005)
I tried to sit down and give this game a second chance but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I will be uninstalling this as soon as I’m done writing the review and hopefully will forget I even played it.If some one is craving a game with super heroes, tell them to try “City of Heroes”, I know it has a monthly fee, but it’s better to pay for quality monthly then new garbage.It's possible that this game just wasn’t for me, but try it, I DARE you.Oh, and if your looking for top notch graphics to save the day. I’m sorry my friend, this is a comic book game. Good graphics might take away from the novelty of it all.