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Great Caesar's Ghost! Windows Terrence Bosky (5463)
An action-packed romp through a 1960's comic book world. Windows Droog (522)
Best interactive comic game ever! Windows Terry Callahan (63)
If Jack Kirby had been a programmer, this would be his game... Windows Dr.Bedlam (56)
An Amazing, Incredible, and Smart Way to Play the Comix! Windows Dwango (300)

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Platform Votes Score
Macintosh 5 2.4
Windows 69 3.9
Combined User Score 74 3.8

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WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jun, 2002)
I have huge problem with Freedom Force: I don’t have any notes. Every time I sat down to play it for this review, I got completely lost in the game, totally involved in the deceptively deep tactical combat, engrossed in the delicate juggling of RPG character development, and utterly swept up in the giddy, overwhelming sense of fun that permeates every 1 and 0 burned onto the game CD. So here I am, one week later with a scrap of notepaper reading “This is too much fun” and a reminder to myself to “Save up for Hellfire.” That is some kind of incredible professional game assessment.
WindowsTechtite (2002)
The first comic book inspired superhero game that doesn't dumb down the concept into some mere one-on-one "Mortal Kombat" clone. If you ever wanted to hit a villain with a street light, here's your chance.
WindowsWithingames (Apr 23, 2002)
Wie Anfangs des Reviews erwähnt halte ich Freedom Force für ein sehr zwiespältiges Produkt. Die einen werden es lieben (so wie ich) und andere werden es links liegen lassen. Ob daran das sehr ausgefallene Szenario oder die, wie ich finde, sehr anteilslose Berichterstattung der Medien Schuld hat, vermag ich nicht zu sagen. Wünschenswert wäre meiner Meinung nach auch eine stärkere Bewerbung des Produktes seitens Electronic Arts. Ich persönlich habe seit längerem kein ähnlich gutes Spiel mehr gespielt und kann es jedem Spieler wärmstens ans Herz legen. Des weiteren wünsche ich mir mehr Toleranz der Spielergemeinde gegenüber hervorragenden und zugegebenermaßen ungewöhnlichen Produkten, damit der Spielemarkt weiterhin mit frischen, unverbrauchten Ideen wie bei Freedom Force belebt wird.
WindowsGamerDad (Apr 10, 2005)
The World's Greatest Comic Book Game "For Liberty!" – Freedom Force liberates the role-playing game from the chains of fantasy and the strategy game from the stranglehold of post-apocalyptic sci-fi. "For Freedom!" – Freedom Force leaves the player free to choose their own heroes, their own powers, and lets them toss a car at nefarious and cleverly named super villains. "For Justice!" – Freedom Force does justice to the love millions of true believers hold for the super-corny conventions, quirks, clichés, and characters of Silver Age comic book heroes. It's a clever homage to the super hero comics of the ‘60's lovingly wrapped around a solid tactical strategy game. It's fantastic, amazing, incredible, and above all, it's charming, even for people who didn't grow up reading comic books.
WindowsActionTrip (Apr 10, 2002)
This game does the same thing that comic books do - it grabs your imagination by the short and curlies and doesn't let go until the ride is over. It is the total package. It has excellent gameplay, lighthearted humor, and flawless graphic and audio execution. The only thing this game needs is the multiplayer expanded and it is perfect.
WindowsIGN (Mar 26, 2002)
Even conquering the universe and all of its dimensions eventually grows tiresome. It's like eating peanut butter everyday. Sure, it's good at first, but after a month or so the word chunky is no longer synonymous with delicious. Lord Dominion and his armies of evil, their rampage fueled by the mystical source of power known as Energy-X, have stepped on pretty much every plane of existence from here to Nebraska (a dreaded realm on the other, far darker side of the cosmos). Only one last shred of untouched astronomical real-estate remains, the lovely celestial body that is Earth.
WindowsPC Gamer Brasil (Oct, 2002)
O combate é mesmo o forte do jogo. Freedom Force possui um valor de replay. Cada luta é única. Os ambientes são em sua maioria destrutíveis, o que ajuda ainda mais o gamer a dedicar-se ao jogo. O jogo multiplayer de Freedom Force é limitado, oferecendo apenas o modo deathmatch para até quatro jogadores. Cada um deles pode ter sua equipe de quatro heróis. A trilha de Freedom Force é muito parecida com músicas que embalam filmes de espionagem dos anos 60.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Apr 26, 2002)
Freedom Force oozes polish and personality from every pixel. Even if you’re not a comic book fan, you’ll find yourself enjoying the game immensely. It stays true to its roots, but it’s not ashamed at poking fun at itself either. The gameplay is highly accessible and a ton of fun. The myriad of possibilities for custom-designed heroes, fully destructible environments, and engaging storyline and characters all make for a release that stands out from the crowd. Problems in the areas of interface and artificial intelligence keep it from being an instant classic, but in spite of that, it is still one of the best games released this year. The title takes great pains in the area to provide an experience that doesn’t lose its luster a second or third time around. Even the most jaded gamers will find something to smile about in Freedom Force.
90 (UK) (Aug 02, 2002)
Freedom Force manages to blend action, strategy and RPG elements fairly seamlessly into a consistently interesting and entertaining game. The future looks bright for the title with a burgeoning community behind it, and although it isn't really a factor in this conclusion, it will seal the future of an already enormously fun and deserving game.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Mar 30, 2002)
Freedom Force kan waarlijk een unieke en originele spelervaring genoemd worden. een absolute must voor fans van superhelden!
WindowsGameSpy (Mar 15, 2002)
The curse of the superhero games has finally been lifted. After a string of superhero-themed titles were canceled or lost in limbo, Freedom Force finally made its way to the shelves. Not only did it make it, but it's a super game with a consistent appealing tone, solid gameplay and a beautiful engine.
WindowsThe Age (May 09, 2002)
With an extensive plot and some solid game play, Freedom Force makes for an impressive reinvention of the superhero for PCs. It is a roleplaying game with a big strategic element. Missions are played on freeroaming environments and your characters can interact with a huge range of objects - boulders can be thrown, trees can be uprooted and used like clubs, and your superheroes can level buildings. This environment gives you plenty of scope in which to vary how you play a mission or approach a fight. As such, it helps prevent the game from becoming too linear and plot driven. The game's graphics are OK but not sensational, and trying to control and coordinate up to four characters simultaneously can be near impossible. However, Freedom Force is a nice twist on the superhero genre.
MacintoshMac Gamer (Feb 14, 2003)
Despite a few flies in the ointment, Freedom Force is an extrordinarily fresh and enjoyable game. The overall tone keeps things light but the clever gameplay concept makes it engaging. Action fans may tire of the cerebral, one-step-at-a-time gameplay, but don't let those adrenaline-junkies sway you: Freedom Force is original, fun, witty and exciting and a great title for the gamer who's tired of the same-old.
WindowsNetjak (Jun 03, 2002)
I heard about the game last year, but nearly forgotten about it in the onslaught of console games. The barely unrecognizable developers, Irrational Games, put on quite a show; yet lacked the publicity and advertising needed to flood the market with propaganda. Unfortunate.
WindowsGamePro (US) (Mar 27, 2002)
This game is every young man?s dream: to be a superhero, tossing cars, swinging lightposts like baseball bats, and fighting evil wherever it appears. Luckily, not only is the concept perfect, but the gameplay?s pretty close to perfect as well.
WindowsGameSpot (Mar 29, 2002)
Freedom Force isn't the first eagerly awaited superhero game, but it is the first to actually be released. With the cancellation of Hero Games' Champions, Bullfrog's The Indestructibles, and MicroProse's Agents of Justice in previous years, it seemed as if there would never be a decent superhero game for the PC, or any superhero game for that matter. But Freedom Force saves the day. Irrational Games has combined the surface elements of a role-playing game with a tactical combat engine, creating a hybrid that isn't very deep but is totally satisfying in its breadth. And, perhaps more importantly, Freedom Force has a winning personality and a developed style that's as good as PC gaming has ever offered--it joins the ranks of games like Interstate '76 and Grim Fandango.
WindowsRPGFan (Dec 10, 2002)
Overall, Freedom Force is yet another excellent RPG in a year when there have been many. It manages to stand out from the pack with its unique setting and engaging gameplay. If you've ever enjoyed comic books, or if you're just in the market for a good combat-focused RPG, you owe it to yourself to check out Freedom Force.
WindowsGameZone (Apr 10, 2002)
Freedom Force – Crave Entertainment, Irrational Games and Electronic Arts – is the kind of game that makes you glad you are a kid, despite whatever age you may be. This is comic book superhero stuff come alive, and the result is an enjoyable escapade into campy humor, with the flags of right fluttering in the background.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (May 16, 2002)
It certainly is a good time to be a fan of superheroes. Not only are we seeing a resurgence of quality superhero films (X-men, Spiderman, Ang Lee’s Hulk, League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and The Watchmen all here or coming soon), but, finally, the videogame industry has managed to put together some excellent superhero themed games. Most superhero games past and present are based on the major licenses – Superman, Batman, Spiderman – but the best of the current crop is a tactical RPG that features a completely original creation (though they are certainly based on easily recognizable types). That game is Freedom Force (FF), and it is a wonder to behold.
87 (Mar 31, 2002)
Fazit: Freedom Force ist ein echter Knaller. Die starke, reichlich abgefahrene Story und die stimmige Umsetzung der Comic-Vorlagen, die Freedom Force immer wieder gekonnt auf die Schippe nimmt, sind für sich genommen schon ihr Geld wert. Die erfrischend witzigen Charaktere, das einwandfreie Kampfsystem und die frei manipulierbare Spielumgebung machen Freedom Force schon jetzt zu einem der Top-Titel des Jahres.
WindowsGame Over Online (Jan 28, 2003)
Freedom Force is a tactical role-playing game involving superheroes and super villains. That means, right away, it has two things going for it. Very few tactical role-playing games are published each year, and almost no superhero games have been published -- ever -- and so Freedom Force is about as unique a game as you?re likely to find. But developer Irrational Games didn?t stop there; they didn?t make Freedom Force a gimmick game and then hope to cash in at the bank. Instead, Freedom Force has entertaining gameplay and a nice graphics engine, and it?s even well written and well acted. In short, Freedom Force was one of the best games of 2002 (it was released way back in March), and it?s even better now that it?s seen two patches and Electronic Arts has lowered its price to under $15.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (May, 2002)
Heeft het spel minpunten? Maar natuurlijk. Een van die minpunten is de lineaire verhaallijn. Je wordt op missies gestuurd met je helden, maar kunt niet kiezen om bepaalde missies over te slaan of later te spelen. De velden zijn bovendien klein en je krijgt je ervaringspunten voor heel specifieke objectives. Geen zones uitkammen voor extra xp dus.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Apr 08, 2002)
Freedom Force ziet eruit, klinkt en speelt zoals we alleen maar durfden te hopen. Zelfs wie niet zo 'in' deze comic-striphelden is, vindt onder de capes en andere exotische kostuums een heel afgewerkt en meeslepend game.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2002)
Ich habe ihn erschaffen, den Mega-Redakteur: Körper aus Stahl, dumm wie Brot, aber so kräftig, dass niemand etwas an seinen Texten auszusetzen hat. Solche Fantasien bedient Freedom Force perfekt: Bunt, schnell und ohne viel Tiefgang hält es mich mit coolen Helden in absurden Episoden bei Laune. Kurze, knackige Missionen (je fünf bis 15 Minuten) mit klar definiert Zielen machen Tempo; das Kampfsystem ist so einfach wie effektiv. Viele der Spezialfähigkeiten sind dabei allerdings Makulatur. Auch das Rumwerfen von Gegenständen wird schnell zu mühsam, weil die Standardangriffe ausreichen. So bleibt Freedom Force ein fröhlich-bunter, leicht verdaulicher Echtzeit-Spaß.
81 (Aug 13, 2002)
Obwohl Freedom Force zunächst wie ein Commandos- oder Desperados-Klon im Comic-Szenario wirkt, entfaltet sich nach einigen Missionen mit den coolen Helden eine einzigartige Atmosphäre. Die total unterschiedlichen Spezialfunktionen ermöglichen vielfältige Taktiken und die interaktive Umgebung erweitert das Gameplay ungemein - auch wenn es oft ohne Ampel-Baseballschläger oder Briefkasten-Wurfgeschosse geht. Die Missionen sind durchweg gelungen und spielen sich im Vergleich mit den oft mehrere Stunden dauernden Commandos-Einsätzen sehr flott und spritzig. Grafik und Sound leisten einen enormen Beitrag zur Atmosphäre und bis auf den Mehrspieler-Modus ist das Taktikspiel absolut gelungen.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Apr 08, 2002)
Freedom Force lebt von seiner genialen Comic-Atmosphäre. Vom Mauszeiger über die herrlich klischeehaften Dialoge bis hin zu den abgedrehten Charakteren haben die Entwickler das Szenario perfekt eingefangen. Gegen Commandos 2 und Desperados kommen The Bullet, Man O‘ war und Liberty Lad allerdings nicht ganz an. Die beiden Genre-Kollegen sind in puncto Missionsdesign und Spielbarkeit einfach ein Stückchen besser und haben nicht mit den hohen Zufallsfaktor und manchmal chaotischen Einsatzverlauf zu kämpfen. Mit seiner coolen Story, den stilechten Zwischensequenzen, den Rollenspiel-Anleihen und den vielfältigen Spezialfähigkeiten der Superhelden macht Freedom Force das aber beinahe wieder wett.
MacintoshMac Addict (Apr, 2003)
The missions and battle sequences are such fun that you'll want to try missions again with different squads just to see how they turn out. You'll fight a wide array of creatures and robots, and you can use all manner of interactive objects in the fray. Need a club? Uproot a lamp post. Want to throw something? Pick up the nearest car. This game rocks. 'Nuf said.
MacintoshmacHOME (2003)
Gamers looking for something a little different from the standard shoot-em-up fare out there will revel in Freedom Force. Succeeding in both style and substance, it's a fun diversion with a great sense of humor.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Feb 17, 2003)
Freedom Force sits somewhere between absolutely amazing and making me want to bring in a team of priests to exorcise the impurities from my Mac. This is, of course, if holy water and hand grenades prove ineffective. Yes, the game has its incredible moments, tells a good story and does it extremely amusingly, but a program that drags the latest version of OS X to its knees and crashes it needs a fair amount of work. Fix the bugs and there's an amazing game to be had here, otherwise procure the title with caution and show the game's creators that a few additional hours of QA testing wouldn't have been such a bad thing.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Apr, 2002)
Designdelen i spelet är kanske det bästa jag någonsin sett. Du kan välja en modell samt ett skin till din hjälte, och dessa kan användare skapa själva. Därefter ger du honom eller henne grundegenskaper som styrka och smidighet och börjar sedan skapa krafter. Du kan köpa färdiga sådana, men vill man så kan man skapa helt egna krafter i den enormt flexibla editorn (se ruta) – bara detta är nästan lika kul som att spela för en serienörd som mig. Bäst av allt är att detta är det första spelet i en trilogi som kommer att ta upp seriernas Guldålder såväl som den moderna tiden, och, och jag kan knappt vänta på nästa spel.
WindowsStrategy Gaming Online (May 30, 2002)
It’s not a Truly Great Game, but it’s still a lot of fun, and the design team has been offering excellent support, including answering tech and design questions on the game’s website forum. With that sort of continued support, it may yet attain Greatness. In the meantime, if you’re feeling interface-patient and you’re not looking for more than one ride per ticket, then by all means get this game. The designers have studied: comic book fans that want to see their favorites come to life should get this game. Fans of Sanity who didn’t feel that that game was “superhero-y” enough will probably like this game a great deal, as well. But for those who aren’t especially interested in the genre or (worse yet) those who think that this might be X-COM: Day of the Mutant or Crusader: Now He Flies, do yourself a favor and skip it.
75 (Nov 16, 2003)
Honnête travailleur dans un laboratoire américain, à Patriot City, vous surprenez un collègue en discussion avec un espion soviétique dans le parc municipal. N’écoutant que votre courage et votre sens du devoir, vous tentez de l’empêcher de divulguer les plans de l’arme atomique aux Rouges. Las, vous êtes abattu comme un beau blaireau. Au désespoir, vous vous accrochez à la vie et au monument du Minute Man, le défenseur de l’indépendance. La statue vous transmet alors une énergie nouvelle, vous rendant votre jeunesse et faisant de vous le nouveau super-héros local : Minute Man !
MacintoshMacworld (Jul 01, 2003)
Oozing both charm and cheese, Freedom Force is an incredibly fun and well-executed game that's sure to appeal to strategy gamers, role-playing fans, and lovers of classic comic books.
70 (Jul 25, 2002)
En clair les amateurs de comique devraient donc trouver de quoi se faire plaisir avec ce Freedom Force. Le fait d'incarner des super-héros et même de les éditer s'avère assez sympathique et on se félicitera de la foule de possibilités offertes au joueur au moyen des interactions avec les personnages ou les décors. Il n'en demeure pas moins que tout ceci devient rapidement très répétitif de par l'action que propose le titre en multipliant des missions aux enjeux bien trop souvent identiques. On passe donc un bon moment pour peu que l'on adhère au style, mais Freedom Force avouera très rapidement ses limites même en multijoueur.
WindowsNerikes Allehanda (Aug 24, 2002)
Trots en närmast perfekt serietidningsatmosfär är det svårt att få den där en-gång-till-känslan och det beror mycket på den stela och förutsägbara handlingen. Då är det desto roligare att skapa sin egen hjälte och prova den mot andra spelare via nätverksspel.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Feb 09, 2003)
Freedom Force ends up being a game full of missed opportunities. This is too bad, as I've always wanted an RPG such as this set outside the realm of wizardry and dragons. Perhaps I'm being overly critical because I wanted so much more from this...expected so much more from this. What I got was action that doesn't flow well driven by characters who are mostly annoying engaged in a script that's completely uninteresting. If that's what the silver age of comics was all about, then I'll stick with Son of Ambush Bug.