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Friday the 13th Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

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Friday the 13th's story
Title screen
Your story
You begin in a church.
Outside the church. I see one of my friends.
In the graveyard with another friend.
A barn
Inside the barn
I found my dead friend.
A house.
Inside the house.
You know, this Jason is not a nice guy.
That is Jason on the right.
He killed me.

Commodore 64 version

Loader Screen
the "intro"
character introduction
Level 1 start
a church
inside the church
nice, a barn
in the woods
in a cabin, already lost 3 friends
victory, jason is history!!
just to start it over again with a different character
Right on time to see your friend beeing killed!

ZX Spectrum version

There isn't any music in the ZX Spectrum version.
The Loading Screen complete with piercing digitized scream.
The story begins.
The characters back stories.
You start off the game in the woods.
Collect these oversized keys.
The archery range is an easily recognized location from the film.
In a cornfield complete with tractor.
You can go inside the buildings.
Jason has already killed one of your friends.
Another friend is found dead at the archery range.
Inside the barn is nothing but straw bails.
Whoops Jason got you, Game Over.
Another death
In forest
Find axe and dead body
In church